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The great appointed.....(this time anyhow)
Next time? Elected


And the Interim National Board Members (iPNB) members are.......

All were appointed by someone or elected by their group. Some may be tentative until they aren't

LAB Members are:

George Barnstone - kpft
Carol Spooner - kpfa
Dave Fertig - kpfk
Ray Laforest - wbai
Jabari Zakiya - wpfw

Board members:

Leslie Cagan - wbai
Rob Robinson - wpfw
Pete Bramson - kpfa
Janice K. Bryant - wbai
Teresa Allen - kpft

Scary People: (*these aren't positive but assumed by some. I am putting them up for now)

( I am not sure that they represent wpfw as much as the choices of Mary Frances Berry and her successors. Therefore....

Wendell Johns - Wash DC
Marion Barry - Wash DC
Bert Lee - Wash DC
Dick Gregory - Wash DC
James Ferguson - Wash DC

more on this later I am certain.


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