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iPNB LA meeting info
Reports and documents from the iPNB meeting
in Los Angeles, March 8 - 10, 2002

Friday 3-8-02
Reports from Board Chair, acting Executive Director, Archives and community comment
Saturday 3-9-02
Station Reports, treasurer fired?, proposed process for writing bylaws/elections
Sunday 3-10-02
PNN stringer strike settled!, affiliates report, treasurer and bylaws items revisited, station manager hiring procedures. national office back to Berkeley!, endorsements -not, future meeting schedule

The notes were typed up in the auditorium during
the meetings in Los Angeles by me, the editor of wbai.net.
Roger M, NYC

Documents presented at the meeting
Executive director's report
Station manager search and hiring procedure
PNN strike settlement resolution
Race and nationality issues proposition
Programming policy proposal - by R. Renteria
Bylaws/election procedure re-write proposal - C. Spooner
Bylaws/elections procedure re-write proposal - 42 signitures
Bylaws re-write issues - P. Surovell
www.pacificamatters.net - national radio program proposal
Green Party message

Another summary of the L.A. meeting is posted at:

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