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WBAI: back into the station

[ iPNB chair Cagan message below ]

From: cmbirden To: webmaster@wbai.net
Sent: Monday, January 14, 2002 10:30 AM
Subject: monday info

I called the station at 9:15 - Fred sd Leslie was not there yet, "management" was/were meeting. I asked if Daughtry ws in the station - yes, meeting with Coughlin. Then I tuned back in, heard DN come on - from goodlight board, gathered that Daughtry had told Rile & DiRienzo and Faye to sign off - came onto DN to hear Juan's Jan 2001 speech recorded, then Amy live with Juan.

Interesting that Daughtry is back - any word on his status?

Moore sd she would be back tomorrow.


Posted at the message board at: http://www.goodlight.net/wbai/

DN going on NOW!!!!!!!on BAI!!!!!! Somethings Happening!!!!!!, Mon Jan 14 09:13
  GO AMY!!!! Say Goodbye, Coupsters! Pagan Hippie Freak, Mon Jan 14 09:20
     WE LOVE AMY GOODMAN!!! N/T Ecsatic 60's hippie, Mon Jan 14 09:18
       Juan and Amy - YOU GO!!!!! n/t Penny, Mon Jan 14 09:14
         YIPPEEEEEE!!!! sad, Mon Jan 14 09:21


Stay tuned.!
Sunrise, Whatever, DN!, Caldwell, Null
Mon Jan 14 12:27:27 2002

MM until 7:30 Same as before 7:30-10:00 CR joined intermittently by newsboy, PDR and by DF as engineer around 8:15ish??. They played the portion of the meeting concerning Dan's appointment and then Paulie did the union dance (and I don't menat Union vs. Confederacy). Just as they were joined by Eric Williams (post-coup returnee news reporter) Daughtry came in, spoke to Diabel off-air while Clayton talked and the DF said Daughtry had been properly served and they were switching to DN.

9:10-10:00 DN w/Amy & Juan with Leslie Cagan. Tape of Juan's 1/01 resignation, Fahima Seck (sp) banned/fired WPFW producer on the real fight to save Pacifica, Dan Coughlin's comments yesterday after the meeting.

10:00-12N Caldwell. Earl actually took the opportunity to say goodbye to the audience...although he said he was sure.... (Note to Earl who didn't distinguish between time ending and his show ending: This will not be the last Monday and Wednesday will come even if you're not on.)



Bernard not on this am - instead the morning lovefest
Mon Jan 14 12:20:43 2002

of Marjori & Djabel, Clayton & Djabel & PDR spread their invective and contaminant DNA all over the place. After DN! Earl Caldwell tried to position himself as a reasonable guy.
- Cannibal
Bernard should be on tomorrow. One would ask whether Building Bridges, Tunnels, and Earhorns with and for Mimi & Ken will be on?


Erroll just said on BIX
Mon Jan 14 13:20:36 2002

that the "first of the fired and the banned should be finding their way home tomorrow at 6 AM."

Hope it's true this time! My stomach can't take another morning like this one!


Gleeful 60's hippie
Inside Info!!
Mon Jan 14 10:59:31 2002

Mon Jan 14 10:51:27 2002

Word from inside the station is that Riley, Dirienzo and Faye were totally shocked and terrified by the swift and decisive action taken by Dan this morning. I was told that Jabel practically fainted when Democracy Now went on the air. I think they are finally getting the message. Hahahaha


  iPNB Chair's message

From: Leslie Cagan, lesliecagan@igc.org
Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2002 9:41 PM
Subject: next steps at WBAI

[Please share as widely as possible - especially with people in the NYC listening area.]

First, a big thank you to all of the listeners, producers, LAB members and others from the Pacifica community to attended the meeting of the Pacifica Board in NYC this weekend - and an especially deep thanks for your cooperation which allowed us to move through a very full agenda.

I want to direct some comments to folks in the WBAI listening area.

As you know, one of the items we addressed and acted on at the meeting was a set of proposals related to WBAI. I want to let you know that I and Dan Caughlin (the newly hired acting Executive Director of the Pacifica Foundation) have discussed a range of issues related to the transition that will take place at the station. We have consulted with many of the key players and decided on an approach which we believe will be most helpful in ensuring a smooth transition. More specifically...

On Monday morning Dan and I, along with Joyce Snowden (the Human Resources staff person on the Pacifica staff) will go to WBAI at 8:30 in the morning. We will meet with Bob Daughtry and as many of the staff who are there and explain our commitment to an orderly, respectful transition. The morning crew that has been on air these past months will be on tomorrow, but there will be an important change of programming with Democracy Now! going back on the air at 9 am on WBAI. We will engage in discussions with the out-going station management, as well as some of the previously fired and banned who will begin returning to the station. In addition, I will meet with the building management to make sure they know what is happening.

We urge you to NOT come to WBAI tomorrow - and please do not be upset when you don't hear the folks from Wake Up Call in the morning. The transition is already underway and we ask you to be patient as we work out details that will allow this to go well, even if it is not quite as immediate as we all might like.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation. We will do our best to keep everyone informed with developments as they unfold.

peace, Leslie Cagan
Chair, Board of Directors of the Pacifica Foundation

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