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Pacifica Executive Director message to KPFK

To: KPFK LAB, Staff, and Community
From: Dan Coughlin, Pacifica Executive Director
Re: KPFK Transitional Program
Date: October 5, 2002

KPFK 90.7 FM is one of the jewels of the Pacifica Radio network, reflecting a remarkable and diverse community of impassioned listeners, activists, paid and unpaid staff, local advisory board members and station management. At the present time, the station is going through a period of transition and there are sharp differences as to how to move forward. Clearly, we need to find a way to negotiate power, to embrace methods and structures that can allow a common space for different points of view, that allow for principled disagreement without battlefield tactics.

To that end, and with the input of paid staff, the LAB, and station management, Pacifica and KPFK management offer the following points for collaboration that will allow the station to effectively carry out the Pacifica mission at this critical time in world history.

1) KPFK management and staff recognize that decisions around programming at KPFK will benefit from broader input. As such, management and staff look forward to the formation of a representative Program Council as a major priority. Station management, the LAB and staff, will evaluate the Program Council after a 120-day trial period.

2) With input and comment from the Program Council, KPFK management will outline its programming vision and objectives for the station. In the meantime, no major programming decisions will be made, excepting any changes that may be as a result of breaking news and public affairs specials.

3) KPFK management will issue written personnel policies and procedures. Further, there will be a hiring and firing freeze at the station until those policies are issued, excepting essential hires and the existing hire processes presently under way. In the meantime, KPFK management will continue to abide by the terms of the existing relevant union contract. A review of the General Manager's performance will be undertaken in a timely manner, welcoming input, and according to normal Pacifica procedures, and under the direction and control of the Executive Director.

4) KPFK staff and management recognize that timely intervention on issues can eliminate the cause for most grievances. In the event that internal station conflicts cannot be immediately resolved, KPFK management will recognize the existing relevant Union contract grievance process for all staff employed by KPFK for more than four months. Management and staff will negotiate in good faith the status of KPFK temporary staff employed at the station for more than four months.

5) KPFK management and staff look forward to the continued formation of community collectives utilizing the processes outlined by the KPFK Collective Guidelines. Station staff and managers recommit themselves to providing all the support necessary for the nurturing of collectives.

6) KPFK management will develop a plan specifying how communication between KPFK management and each of the station constituencies (paid staff, unpaid staff, volunteers, LAB, listeners) will occur on an ongoing basis, including whatever specific mechanisms by which this communication will occur.

Pacifica is faced with an unprecedented crisis of militarism and fear in the world around us. Let us not forget that in such an environment of state and random terrors, Pacifica shines for many as a beacon of hope. The challenge for all of us to make our way forward is historic, and it is to that challenge we must all rise.

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