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Interim Pacifica National Board 12-29-01 meeting info

From: Lynn Gerry
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 18:29:38 -0500
Subject: Pacifica Board meeting on Ku Sat. 12/29 12 EST!

The Pacifica National Board's first Board meeting to be broadcast over the KPFA Ku channel

Sat., 12/29/2001, 12:00 noon EST for 90 to 120 minutes (start time is definite, end time is unsure)

Thanks to KPFA, KFCF, and Democracy Now in Exile, the first meeting of the interim Pacifica Foundation Board of Directors will be satellite cast over the Ku band provided by KPFA.

The meeting follows an historic settlement of four lawsuits that forced the embattled Pacifica Board to return control of the Foundation to community control.

The first test of this power transfer will be the telephone conference call meeting of the Board, scheduled for TOMORROW, Sat. 12/29. The meeting will follow the below agenda, and will serve as a test of the willingness of the former majority members to relinquish control.

Gavel-to-gavel commentary is being arranged.

The meeting will also be webcast over www.wbix.org and also via a web facility to be announced at http://pacifica.org

For more details, email Denis Moynihan of the Pacifica Campaign, 303-864-0418 or denis@riseup.net


This is from iPNB member Dave Fertig. WBIX.org and Radio4Houston.org are also hoping to carry a stream.

KFCF has a live stream www.kfcf.org as well.



The Interim Pacifica National Board has been informed by Pacifica Foundation Staff that the webcast of tomorrow's telephonic initial iPNB meeting, scheduled to begin Saturday, December 29, 2001 at 9:00 a.m. PST, will be available at the following url:



From Leslie Cagan:

[Sorry for late notice -- Confirmation of scheduling among all new directors took some time due to Holidays. I just received this & will pass on more info as I receive it. --cs]

The first conference call/meeting of the new Interim Pacifica National Board will take place on:

Saturday, December 29th
12 noon east coast time ( 11 am Texas time, 9 am west coast time)
The call will probably take 1&1/2 to 2 hours.

[The meeting will be webcast -- information on how people can listen will be made public as soon as we get that information. The interim Executive Director -- Joanne Meredith -- is making those arrangements now. --cs]

The suggested agenda for the conference call on Saturday is below. Also, the meeting will be web cast. We are mandated to have meetings that are open to the public and doing the web cast allows people to listen in to our deliberations.

Looking forward to talking with you all on Saturday!

Leslie Cagan

1) Election of officers.
2) Set date and place for full, in-person meeting of the interim board.
3) Establish committee to address issues related to WBAI.
4) Democracy Now!
5) Establish committee to begin process for selected Executive Director.
6) Resolution to lift the "gag rule."

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