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iPNB 11-17-03 teleconference meeting draft minutes
[ posted 11-19-03 ]

From: Carol Spooner
Date: Wed Nov 19, 2003 2:29 pm
Subject: DRAFT Minutes - ipnb 11/17/03 meeting re waivers, etc.

Feel free to forward/repost

BUT NOTE: These are DRAFT minutes, subject to correction by iPNB members. So these are for information, only.

[Draft] Minutes

Special Meeting of the Interim Pacifica Board of Directors
November 17, 2003 at 7 PM Eastern time by telephone conference

Eleven Directors Present constituting a quorum: Chair Leslie Cagan, Teresa Allen, George Barnstone, Pete Bramson, Janice K. Bryant, Acie Byrd, Dave Fertig, Ray Laforest, Rob Robinson, Charles Smith, Carol Spooner

Absent: Marion Barry, Dick Gregory, Jabari Zakiya

Also present: Executive Director Dan Coughlin and National Elections Supervisor Terry Bouricius

The Chair called the meeting to order at about 7:10 PM Eastern time. The meeting was webcast via www.kpftx.org

The board discussed the opinion of attorney Kevin Finck that the bylaws only permit the LSBs to grant membership waivers, and that since LSBs have not yet been elected, if we want to grant membership waivers for this election then the court should be asked to permit the LABs to grant waivers in this first election or Pacifica could be subject to elections challenges.

Motion by Rob Robinson, seconded by Pete Bramson:

Resolved that Judge Sabraw be asked to grant permission for the LABs to grant membership waivers in this first election, and to extend the "record date" for membership on the basis of waivers to December 5th for this election. The "record date" for all other members shall remain November 21st -- 45 days before the mailing of the ballots -- in accordance with the bylaws.

Motion passed 8/2/1
8 Yes - Barnstone, Bramson, Bryant, Byrd, Cagan, Fertig, Laforest, Robinson
2 No - Smith, Spooner
1 Abstention - Allen

Motion by Rob Robinson, seconded by Janice K. Bryant

Resolved that waivers may be granted at each station by a 4-person committee consisting of 3 LAB members, elected by the LAB, and the Local Elections Supervisor. Waivers will be granted by majority vote of 3 of the 4 committee members. Waiver applicants may "self-certify" that they are unable to contribute $25 or volunteer 3 hours, and shall submit a statement as to their "sincere interest" in becoming a member. The statement may be oral.

Motion passed 10/1:
10 Yes - Allen, Barnstone, Bramson, Bryant, Byrd, Cagan, Fertig, Laforest, Robinson, Smith
1 No - Spooner

Based on expressed concerns, Terry Bouricius assured the board that it is his intent that the ballots will be counted in the station signal areas. Mr. Bouricius said the only reason that would not occur would be if there were not enough "neutral" volunteers to count the ballots, in which case the ballots might be counted by volunteers in another station area. He does not have the volunteers lined up yet, but does not expect that there will be a shortage of qualified volunteers. The ballots will be counted by volunteers under the supervision of the elections supervisors, to avoid the expense of hiring people to count the ballots.

The board discussed the issue of donors who make contributions over time by EFT or credit card, and the expectation some of them may have that they are eligible to vote if they make the pledge before the record date, even though the station will not receive their $25 until after the record date. There was concern that some donors would be angry if not permitted to vote. There was also concern that if they are granted membership rights on the pledge that they will pay $25 or more over the next year, that they will then also be eligible to vote next year based on the same contribution and will, in effect, be granted voting rights 2 years in a row based on the same contribution.

Motion by Barnstone, seconded by Fertig:

Resolved that a membership "contribution" shall be defined as money received in the 12 months before the record date OR the initiation before the record date of an EFT or time payment of $25 or more, even if $25 will not be received by the station before the record date.

Motion passed 10/1:
10 Yes - Allen, Barnstone, Bramson, Bryant, Byrd, Cagan, Fertig, Laforest, Robinson, Smith
1 No - Spooner

The meeting was adjourned about 9 PM Eastern Time.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Spooner
Secretary, Interim Board of Directors

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