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Upcoming interim Pacifica National Board meetings

[ Info for the Sept. 20-22, 2002 iPNB meeting in Houston at bottom of this page ]

MEMO TO: Members, Interim Pacifica National Board
cc: Dan Coughlin, Verna Avery-Brown and Joyce Snowden

FROM: Leslie Cagan, chair
DATE: Friday, August 23, 2002


This one memo is official notice of each of these meetings.

1) FRIDAY, AUGUST 30th - 2 pm east coast (1 pm Houston, 11 am west coast) Purpose of meeting: "to consider our proposal that the Board instruct the Executive Director to suspend all discussion of such a move [to Berkeley] until the Board has a chance to discuss the timing and conditions of such a move at the upcoming meeting in Houston." This is from the 8/16 memo from board members Rob Robinson, Jabari Zakiya, Teresa Allen, George Barnstone, James Ferguson & Bertram Lee requesting this meeting.

2) SUNDAY, SEPT. 1st - 2 pm east coast (1pm Houston, 11 am west coast) Purpose of meeting: to determine how we will move ahead with the bylaws revision process. More specifically, we will decide how to present the various bylaws proposals for discussion at the Sept. IPNB meeting.

**These first two calls will be webcast.[ wbix.org ]

3) SUNDAY, SEPT. 8th - 11 am east coast (10 am Houston, 8 am west coast) Purpose of meeting: to consider and take action on proposal from DN! contract committee regarding next steps on this issue. Everyone on the IPNB will receive a copy of the report or memo we get from Tim Fox (our lawyer). The committee will meet between now and 9/8 in order to bring a proposal to the board.

**This meeting will be held in executive session and so will not be webcast. [ wbix.org ]


From: TdFriedman@a...
Date: Fri Aug 23, 2002 2:44 pm
Subject: iPNB meeting information

Dave Fertig gave permission to repost the following information:

iPNB BUDGET MEETING: Please note that the interim Pacifica National Board today held a two-hour phone meeting (8am to 10 am Pacific time) RE: the 4th quarter 2002 budget, through September. The proposed quarterly budget was adopted, and it will be promptly posted.

Today's meeting was to have been webcast, but we were unable to make the necessary arrangements with the WBIX people who have helped us webcast in the past.

There will be a full 2003 fiscal year budget presented to the board in Spetember. Approval of that will represent the first approved annual budget in two years.

ADDITIONAL iPNB PHONE MEETINGS: There are now scheduled three iPNB phone conferences meetings coming up which I understand will be webcast. If WBIX does it, it should be available through wbix.org

The current schedule of these telephone conference meetings is as follows:
Fri Aug 30: @11am Pacific time: re: status and issues concerning moving the National Office to Berkeley
Sun Sept. 1: @11 am Pacific time: discussing how to address bylaws issue at the Houston iPNB meeting
Sept 8: @ 8am Pacific time: to review a report on, and to discuss, the Democracy Now! contract

NATIONAL BOARD MEETING IN HOUSTON: Of course the National Board meeting in Houston is set for Sept. 20-22, 2002. The meetings will be held at the Warwick Hotel located at
5701 Main Street,
Houston, Texas 77005
local phone 713-526-1991
Fax 713-526-0359

I am told the conference space is being provided free of charge, and that the rooms there will accommodate multiple people in each room at the discounted room price (under $100), so it should be accessible to many folks. Apparently, then, despite the posh look of the place we are saving thousands of dollars by meeting there.

-Dave Fertig

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