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Pacifica Matters airs on KPFT

"Pacifica Matters - a Culture for Democracy", a program addressing Pacifica governance issues, broadcast for the first time today originating from the studios of, and broadcast over the airwaves of KPFT, Houston and netcast to the rest of the world. A main component of the program is live participation by people from all of the 5 Pacifica listening areas. For more information visit: www.pacificamatters.net.

Audio archive of the show in 5 parts:

File1: http://www.pacificamatters.net/mp3/020501/pm020501a.mp3
File2: http://www.pacificamatters.net/mp3/020501/pm020501b.mp3
File3: http://www.pacificamatters.net/mp3/020501/pm020501c.mp3
File4: http://www.pacificamatters.net/mp3/020501/pm020501d.mp3
File5: http://www.pacificamatters.net/mp3/020501/pm020501e.mp3

Interim Pacifica National Board secretary Carol Spooner participated from California and offered the following:


From: Carol Spooner
Date: Wed May 1, 2002 2:24 pm
Subject: Fw: Extraordinary!

The "Pacifica Matters" program on KPFT today -- produced by listener-activists around the country -- was the BEST on-air program on Pacifica's history/present/future that I have heard in my 3 years in this fight. Terrific. The discussion was intelligent, dynamic, passionate & respectful .... Thank you so much! And I will thank Duane Bradley, too, for airing the program and his openness and commitment to democratising Pacifica and KPFT. Extraordinary call-ins from KPFT listeners, too, and discussion of music/cultural/political affairs mix on KPFT. Gave me hope, moved me deeply.

Please let us all know where it is archived so that all who missed it can listen.

This should be done again and again, live, on all five stations.

Blessings on all your good works,
Carol Spooner

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