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iPNB Personnel Committee Meeting notes

[ Theses notes were posted on the message board at: goodlight.net/wbai ]

Audio of meeting at: http://www.kpftx.org


iPNB Personnel Committee Meeting
Fri Jan 3 10:33:14 2003

1. Network-wide on-air policy:

Disc: Need to keep people's agendas and personal feuds off the air while allowing free speech. Don't want another "gag order."

Action: Leslie C. will write a draft of on-air policies to bring back to the committee.

2. Network-wide search committee policy:

Disc: All mgmt positions have search committee processes, with LAB participation under local GM's direction. This has a liability exposure for the Foundation unless FCC rules are followed, and process is set forth going in. Committees have to make up their own processes and that causes problems. (Fertig cited KPFK PDSC.)

Action: Dave Fertig and Joyce will work up a draft to send back to the committee.

3. Review of Pacifica personnel policies:

Disc: Someone needs to review the Handbook, which was written during the hijacking. The opinion of counsel is that it has many contradictory sections, and it invites costly litigation. Dave agrees. Someone needs to give it a going over (again), but this is a huge job.

Action: A subcommittee will be formed to seek input on the 80 policies in the Employee Handbook. Joyce and Dave will find areas that need the most attention.

4. Race & diversity issues in management evaluation:

Disc: This item refers to filling national positions. Dan has a standard procedure for these evaluations of general managers, which could be made national. KPFA uses goals and outreach to attempt balanced pools of candidates in searches. They still haven't found two finalists for the national diversity coordinator's position that Jim Bennett offered to fund (for 2 months) from KPFA. Grant writing has not been successful in securing further funding for this position. The dreaded F-word ("foundations") came up.

Action: Dan will e-mail his procedure to Committee members. LABs will complete the formation of the national selection committee.

5. New business:

A. Off-air conduct:

Teresa Allen asked Joyce what the procedure should be when volunteers attack people. Cites the disruptive effect of the ongoing negativity and troublemaking in e-mail. Leslie C. notes this is probably beyond the responsibility of the Personnel Committee. Teresa says she's tired of everyone asking her to pass judgment on the latest attacker. Joyce says it is the opinion of counsel that behavior by paid OR unpaid staff is Pacifica's responsibility, and a liability exposure. It is the legal responsibility of the National Board to get this activity under control.

Leslie C. wants it on the record that the board has paid attention to this issue, even if it hasn't done the right thing. Leslie and Dan think there are more important priorities (the old-business agenda) for the Committee. The code of conduct and grievance issues can be in the new Handbook.

Dave wants to focus on agenda items 1-3 as priorities. No objection.

Meeting stands ADJOURNED at 10:31 AM PST.


Audio of meeting at: http://www.kpftx.org

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