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New e-group on Diversity Resolution


You're invited to join a new e-group to discuss the iPNB-approved "Resolution on Race and Nationality Issues at Pacifica."

thespring@yahoogroups.com --an open unmoderated group

To subscribe send a blank e-mail to: thespring-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

This e-group is dedicated to the renewing power of water. May it refresh and renew Pacifica in the area of race and nationality. May Pacifica break through the crust of old thinking and racism to become a spring of fresh water for those who carry the pain of our divisions. May they drink deeply, leave invigorated and change the world.

Adrienne Lauby
for the Anti-Racism Working Group


For a complete text of the resolution go to:
click on "Pacifica Now! Conference"
Click on "Report of the anti-racism working group of the Pacifica Now! conference."

[resolution also here at wbai.net - ipnb_bkly_doc_pacnow_racism6-32-02.html]

Summary of Resolution on Race and Nationality at Pacifica

Acknowledging the history of inequities in society and the network, the Pacifica National Board commits the Foundation to a policy of network wide equity and inclusion of disinfranchised populations. The policy shall be put into practice at all five stations and the national office as follows:


1. Cooperatively planned and implemented annual or semi-annual workshops on race, nationality, and their connections to class, gender, sexuality, and disability for all people involved with the network.

2. National and local programming - panels, community forums, documentaries - to advance anti-racist awareness and practice within Pacifica. The Executive Director will designate a national staff person to coordinate.


3. The Foundation establishes as a minimum standard a staff that reflects the percentage of peoples of color and immigrants in the population. From these groups, the Foundation actively seeks individuals committed to Pacifica's mission for paid work and advancement.

4. Resources are to be provided to enable participation of disenfranchised people including training and subsidies.

5. All committees, and their leadership, are to be composed of at least 50% people of color and immigrants committed to Pacifica's mission. Currently unbalanced committees must adopt a plan and timetable to meet the goal.

6. Stations should increase local coverage of political issues, empowerment efforts and artistic expressions of underrepresented groups, including bi-lingual programs & cross-racial dialog, produced when possible by the disenfranchised communities themselves.

7. National programming should be developed on race, nationality, class and gender, as well as on empowerment efforts by oppressed groups.

8. Staffs and LABs choose a paid multicultural coordinator to monitor implementation of inclusion policies and to assist in resolution of related grievances. Such a coordinator for the national office should also be collectively chosen. Coordinators work with staff and LAB committees and management to evaluate policy implementation and make recommendations on specific problems.

The Anti-Racism Working Group will evaluate progress on these points by the September Pacifica National Board meeting.

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