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Let's stay cool at the iPNB meeting

iPNB MEETING, JAN. 11-13, 2002

1. It is extremely urgent that the Interim Pacifica National Board be able to progress through its incredibly full agenda in the distressingly limited amount of time available this weekend. EVERY MINUTE COUNTS!

2. It is likely that people will be at the meeting with the intention of engaging in disruptive, possibly even violent, behavior designed to eat up time and derail the process.

3. We must be present in mass numbers to show that the overwhelming majority of people present at the meeting support the progressives on the board.

It is essential that we do not get drawn into arguing or fighting with disruptive individuals or even amongst ourselves. EVERY MINUTE COUNTS!

Let's take the high road. Let anger dissipate. Keep reactions brief. Listen to the meeting chair. STAY FOCUSED ON THE GOAL: EVERY MINUTE COUNTS!

There will be Peacekeepers and security throughout the room. Try to let them handle bad situations so the general body can maintain as harmonious a tone as possible.

This is a historic event at a historic time for Pacifica. Let's stay cool. We're going to have a good time! Pacifica is being returned to the people!

- Concerned Friends of WBAI Outreach Committee

Meeting agenda and info at: 800-825-0055 and www.wbai.net
webcast at: www.wbix.org

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