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WBAI Local Station Board Meeting notes

These meeting notes are unofficial.
Official LSB minutes posted at wbai.org

Audio Archive at www.kpftx.org. Direct link for this meeting is http://kpftx.org/archive.htm#ilsb050321

To find out the exact words, listen to the audio at link above. Thanks to Patty Heffley and Otis Maclay at KPFT for audio.

Public comment was at the end of Hour 2 and the beginning of Hour 3.

-notes by Steffie Brooks


click here to see the agenda


The LSB approved minutes of previous meetings. A motion was made to rescind the suspension of Paul DeRienzo, which failed.

Justice and Unity sat on one side of the table and all other slates, individuals, and people on the other side (except for Mitchel Cohen, who sat with the J/U people).

20-25 people in audience.

17 people at the dais (including Paul DeRienzo who sat between Patty Heffley and Miguel Maldonado). Paul voted on every motion and LSB Chair Vajra Kilgour ignored him in the count on every vote.

Missing LSB members included Carolyn Birden, Omawale Clay, Sarah Flounders, Mariana Gaston, Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Paul Surovell.

John Riley and Margareth Dominique videotaping; T-Dub and Dalise (sp?) running mics and mixer and recording to minidisk.

Meeting started after 7:30 pm (supposed to start at 6:30 pm) and adjourned a little after 9:45 pm.

The LSB only got through a part of the agenda -- points 1 through 6, of 19 agenda points (see below for agenda) plus public comment, plus last-minute emergency report on hospitality for the PNB meeting by Membership, Outreach, Fundraising Chair Evan Tobias.

Approval of Agenda Under #1, Approve Agenda, Patty Heffley says proper notification of past several meetings not made (7 days notification required). And there was no cart for the last 2-3 mtgs. Meetings are illegitimate w/out notice. Patty moves that that Program Director report on LSB announcements, how they're made / not made.

Berthold Reimers, point of information, meetings illegitimate if not noticed

Vajra Kilgour says she has heard announcements repeatedly. Cerene says cart was on computer, not a physical cart on cart machine, and was played repeatedly.

Vajra moves agenda.

Date of next LSB meeting (Point #2) set for Wednesday, April 13.

(Don't know if Chair made comments or not. If so, I missed them to have a cigarette.)

Approval of Minutes

R.Paul Martin begins to speak about a set of corrections to the 7 sets of minutes still pending that he had handed out at the last meeting.

Steve Brown snaps a picture of the older white guy who is always talking against Gary Null (don't know his name). He speaks again during Public Comment, right before me, and lays out the anti-Null, anti-DeRienzo, anti-List-Prog, anti-Steve Brown crusade rather beautifully ! Paraphrasing here: "we got rid of Gary Null, now we're getting rid of Paul DeRienzo, and Steve Brown is next!"

The man objects to having his picture taken, indignantly.

R.Paul Martin: This is a public meeting and there are two video cameras in the room. Public meetings must permit taping and recording.

Vajra Kilgour: it is different for LSB members, who have given up their right to privacy and audience members. Overrules R. Paul

Back and forth, very amusing.

Ruling: Vajra asks Steve Brown not to photograph during meeting.

R. Paul Martin appeals ruling, citing Article 6, Section 7 of ? on open meetings.

Mitchel Cohen: Motion to move to committee of the whole to discuss future of WBAI.

Chair's ruling on photographs upheld 8-6.

R. Paul Martin: Chair's ruling null and void because it violates federal law.

Back to minutes.

Mitchel Cohen moves to add full text of motion protesting removal of Gary Null from the air to the 1-05-2005 minutes.

Vajra rules this out of order.

In the end, 3 or 4 sets of minutes are approved. The rest are postponed till next time.

It is now 8:20 pm

Motion to Rescind Suspension of Paul DeRienzo (agenda Point #5).

Lots of discussion. Motion fails.

Public Comment.

Motion to censure Cerene Roberts

Mitchel Cohen made a motion to censure Cerene Roberts for her performance on the LSB's radio show. He changed the word "censure" to "admonish." Consideration of the motion was postponed til next time.

Quickie announcements and attempts to move agenda items around at the end.


Agenda as approved:

1. Approval of agenda
2. Date for next meeting
3. Chair comments
4. Approval of 7 sets of minutes
5. Motion to rescind motion to suspend Paul DeRienzo
6. Motion to censure Cerene Roberts for conduct during 3/1/05 LSB on-air report
7. Reading of report of General Manager by Chair
8. Election of 3 members of GM Search Subcommittee
10. Election of 5 members of Interim GM Search Subcommittee
11. PUBLIC COMMENT while votes are counted
12. Committee reports and announcements
a) Finance (including motion to create Station Relocation Subcommittee
b) Membership, Outreach, & Fundraising
c) Management Evaluation
d) Ad Hoc LSB Radio Report Cttee
e) Ad Hoc Community Advisory Board election committee
13. Motion to support Coca-Cola workers
14. Working environment motion
15. Motion to rescind the rescission of limits on powers of General Manager
16. Omnibus motion
17. Motion re Membership
18. Motion re station telephone system
20. Adjourn

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