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WBAI LSB program Network round-up

The "network roundup", a summary of activities around the network, is a regular feature at the beginning the WBAI LSB monthy program.


Here is a round-up of news on radio station and board activities around the Pacifica Network.


Pacifica has been pulling together it's plans for coverage of the 2004 U.S. elections.

In July Democracy Now! will be airing a documentary on Pacifica's Convention Coverage dating back to 1936. Pacifica will cover the Boston Social Forum and there will be live coverage of the Democratic convention in Boston

In August Pacifica will be partnering with the WBAI News Department, Free Speech Radio News, Democracy Now! and others to cover the Republican Convention and protests in New York.

Pacifica will also be hosting and broadcasting 10 Townhall meetings in swing states addressing key issues that are underreported in mainstream media.


The Pacifica local board elections are also gearing up this summer with nominations beginning in July for voting that will take place in the fall. Pacifica recently appointed new National Elections Supervisor Kenny Mostern. Go to Pacifica.org for more information.

Local elections supervisors for each of the five stations are now being sought.


At the June 4 though 6 Pacifica National Board regular meeting in Houston resolutions were passed:

  • reaffirming board members legal rights to financial and other information;
  • for keeping the national board informed on new contracts;
  • forming a board/staff relations committee;
  • adopting an editorial resolution criticizing recent U.S. actions in Haiti;
  • and re-establishing a committee to assist the Pacifica Radio Archives;

The WBAI Local Station board report by the LSB secretary including figures illustrating the station's fundraising difficulties met with protests from the WBAI General Manager and Pacifica National staff. Statements of all parties were entered into the record and will be posted on Pacifica.org.


At a Special Pacifica National Board teleconference meeting this week, the PNB refined and adopted a set of 12 policies developed by the Elections Review Committee for conducting Pacifica elections. These proposals had tabled at the Houston meeting due to lack of time.

The Special Pacifica National Board Meeting will reconvene Friday, July 2 at 8 pm eastern time

to complete the agenda of this week's meeting.

This, and all PNB meetings are webcast on kpftx.org

Minutes of of recent Pacifica National Board meetings should be appearing soon on Pacifica.org .


Pacifica will be participating in The Grassroots Radio Conference being held in California this weekend. Pacifica has helped organized a Tech retreat at the conference for community broadcasters to come together to move community radio forward with broadcasting and web technologies.


For more information on Pacifica network activities, including the many National Board Committee meetings go to Pacifica.org or call 510-849-2590.
Much of this information is also available on Wbai.org




The 5 Local Station Boards though-out Pacifica are busy with many committee meetings and continue to struggle over issues of parliamentary procedure and meeting functionality.


At KPFA in Berkeley:

Upcoming sponsored events include: the 26th Annual San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, 7th Annual Arab Film Festival, and LaborFest 2004.

KPFA Local Station Board meetings have been well attended and lively.

There is an agreement where programming decisions are to be made by the Program Council, with the General Manager's discretion to override being limited to serious legal, personnel or financial issues. The main programming issue so far has been the moving of Democracy Now to what is considered a more accessible air time.

The KPFA LSB begins their monthly one-hour "Report to the Listeners" this month..


At KPFK in Los Angeles:

The station will be hosting a fundraising event In Honor of the Bicentennial of the Haitian Revolution

featuring Danny Glover and others.

KPFK's on-air digital broadcast studio is nearing completion and the station's old computers have been replaced.

KPFK is now broadcasting a total of 15 hours of Spanish language and bilingual programming and continues it's broadcasts from remote locations throughout the L.A. area.


At KPFT in Houston:

The station is co-sponsoring the Local Pride Parade this weekend which will kickoff with a broadcast party to include national and local celebrities and dignitaries.

The KPFT Local Station Board has moved forward with fundraising ideas from their development Committee and the KPFT Development coordinator has multiple projects scheduled.

KPFT has also co-sponsored nine different recent community events and has improved wheelchair access at the station.


At WPFW in Washington D.C.:

The Local Station Board has adopted a policy to prevent LSB members serving on either the LSB Managerial Assessment and Search or on the Program Committees from applying for an on-air programmer Position.

The WPFW LSB has taken an active role in assisting with fundraisers, helping to find a new site for the station, and is developing criteria to evaluate local programming

WPFW LSB Staff representatives recently organized and conducted an all programmers and volunteers to discuss goals and issues.


Here at WBAI:

The many Local Station Board committees and subcommittees have extremely active..

The full Local Station board has been struggling to get through meeting agendas. This week the LSB held an extra meeting in an effort to complete the unfinished business of the previous meeting but

was only able to get through an extended public comment period and a few committee reports. The rest of the meeting was taken up debating a motion to disassociate the board from written statements

of one of the board members. Proceedings were difficult as various attendees were frequently out of order.

The next meeting of the WBAI Local Station Board is scheduled for July 7th


This Sunday from 11:00 am - 7:00 pm WBAI will air a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Special including Bi-Coastal special programming. Listeners are encouraged to join the WBAI contingent in the NYC Pride march.

On Sat., June 26, WBAI will air a 24 hour Hip-Hop Special with coverage of the National Hip-Hop Political Convention, MC and DJ battles, and discussion on many issues.

WBAI's live broadcast from Clearwater Festival Last weekend reportedly succeeded in boosting both festival attendance and WBAI listenership


For more information on these WBAI activities go to Wbai.org

The WBAI switchboard may be reached at: 212-209-2800.

The WBAI Local Station board hotline number is: 212-209- 2919


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