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A great call-in, 7-9-07

[A brilliant and passionate summation - from a listener call-in to the LSB show on WBAI, 7-9-07. Hear it at about 1:42:34 of the stream, on the WBAI archive page, 7-9-07, the 9:00 p.m. hour (mislabeled "Home Fries") at about 1:42:34.]


Caller: So I have something I'd like to address to Sara Flounders, who has a lot of street cred for the national role she's played in various in the marches against the war in Iraq, and the important role she's played in ANSWER ... I just would like to point out to Sara, and Omowale Clay, whom I have a lot of respect for, for their work out in the world, that the implication of what you both have said in different ways tonight, in reasonable tones, is that people who challenge your views, is that their progressive politics is at question.

And I find that very upsetting and concerning, Omowale, because there are people who come to the demonstations you organize, and march next to you, who refuse to listen to WBAI these days, not because they're not progressive political brothers and sisters of yours, but because they think it's lousy radio on a quality basis.

And that Michael Moore, while I think if you got him privately, he might ... I mean, he did beautiful interviews today with Mimi. But if you look how brilliant SiCKO is - we are so far away from that level of political art.

And Sara, for you to kind of sit there smugly and say, calmly and reasonably, "just listen to what you're hearing - there's a divide here." Well Sara, I'm a very progressive activist for my whole life, and the fact is, as you know, in unions, there's corruption. And you know that exists. And when rank and file activists call their leaders on the corruption, the leaders turn around and say, "These are anti-union people trying to destroy the labor movement!" And you know darn well that's not true.

Well I submit that that is what's going on at WBAI, and that you're participating in that masquerade. And that you are not "the left," you are "part of the left." The left is big, and the left should be fully represented on WBAI, not just your faction.

That's it.

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