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WBAI LSB Resolution on Waivers

In the spirit of the inclusiveness of all people, the WBAI Local Station Board moves that those listeners who cannot meet the three-hour volunteer requirement and the $25 fee requirement but who have shown a sincere interest in becoming a member shall be eligible for a membership waiver.

1. Sincere interest shall be demonstrated by the request of an Application for Waiver of Membership Requirements via an official mailing address or phone number supplied by the LSB.

2. Said application shall require applicant to state briefly why s/he is unable to afford the $25.00 membership fee or volunteer three hours of time to WBAI in lieu of the fee.

3. Said application shall be signed and dated by the individual requesting the waiver, underneath the statement "I attest that all statements in this application for waiver are true."

4. An ad-hoc committee of 7 WBAI LSB members who are not candidates in the LSB election and who are selected by STV shall be assigned to review all requests for waivers on a case by case basis prior to the August 31st record date. All applications shall be confidential and reviewed in executive session only. Approved waiver applications with proper signatures shall entitle applicants to one year of membership.

5. The number of waivers authorized shall not exceed 3% of the total number of valid ballots returned in the last election. Waivers shall be granted on a first come, first served basis.

6. The LSB shall request that the WBAI Elections Supervisor oversee the production and airing of a cart which announces the upcoming LSB elections, the deadline for becoming an eligible member (August 31st record date), the $25 minimum or 3 hours volunteer time (with examples) requirement, and the option of a waiver. A phone number and address will be given for more information and for requesting a waiver application. The cart is to be played on WBAI airwaves a minimum of 3 times daily - once each in the morning, afternoon and evening and a MAXIMUM 1 (one) time during any program. All announcements of this information, be it on cart or read live, shall be limited to 1(one) time per program per day.

7. All applications, including envelopes and any correspondence enclosed with or submitted in support of an application, shall be recorded and both the applications and the records shall be held by the LSB Secretary permanently, and be available for inspection by LSB members and Elections Supervisors upon request.

8. The ad hoc committee shall prepare Application for Waiver of Membership Requirements from the requirements put forth in this resolution and mail out the applications in response to requests received.

All applications for waivers shall be sent to: WBAI LSB P.O. Box 881 New York, NY 10268-0881

For applications which the Committee votes to reject or deems incomplete as per the requirements above the Committee shall immediately notify the applicant in writing (and, when possible, by phone), including a short statement of the reason for its rejection or the finding of incomplete information. Such notification shall offer the applicant the option to appeal the decision and/or provide additional information in writing, and shall include the terms and deadline for appeals. The applicant may choose to supplement their appeal by appearing before the Committee in person or via telephone conference call (if requested, at the station's expense). The Committee will then reconsider the application and make a final decision.

By September 30, 2004, the Committee shall provide a written public report to the LSB specifying how many applications were received, approved, rejected or returned due to incomplete information, as well as any recommendations to improve the process. A confidential section of the report shall include an accounting of all rejections of applications and the reasons for those rejections.

The LSB requests that the station immediately send letters to all people in the WBAI database who have donated between $10 and $24 between September 1, 2003 and August 12, 2004 informing them of the waiver option and enclosing a waiver form.

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