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World Crisis coverage listings 9-14-01

Pacifica Campaign Crisis Coverage Update
September 14, 2001


BERKELEY (Sept. 14) -- In the aftermath of the Twin Towers and Pentagon hijacking attacks, KPFA's investigative news magazine program, Flashpoints, will be producing a three-hour special Saturday. Called "The Drumbeat Toward War," the program will be aired on KPFA at 9:00AM Pacific Time.

Flashpoints will feature interviews with reporter Robert Fisk of the London Independent newspaper, noted political critic, Noam Chomsky, and constitutional attorney, Francis Boyle on the new war powers legislation. Rania Masri of Peace Action Network will discuss the situation in Iraq and the continuing attacks on Arab Americans. There will also be feature reports on Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, and updates from ground zero in New York City and Washington, D.C.

For information, call 510-848-6767 extension 244.

"The Drumbeat Toward War" will be streamed live at http://www.kpfa.org and will be archived at http://www.flashpoints.net. It will also be available on KU satellite through KFCF in Fresno. Radio stations interested in receiving the program should also call the above number.

Meanwhile, Democracy Now!, the critically acclaimed national news program, is continuing to provide the incisive analysis and independent voices it has been bringing to the airwaves for nearly six years.

Award-winning host Amy Goodman has been broadcasting since Tuesday from inside the evacuation zone--just blocks away from ground zero, what used to be the World Trade Center towers. Amy and the staff have been staying overnight in order to avoid problems getting back inside the zone.

The broadcast is being aired by KPFA in Berkeley and the majority of Pacifica Radio's more than 40 affiliates.

Monday's special will focus on how the anti-globalization movement is turning to organize an anti-war movement. Democracy Now! will aslo feature a live report from Afghanistan.

In New York City, Democracy Now! is also being broadcast live on cable Television-MNN Channel 34 on Manhattan cable.

You can listen to Democracy Now! on the web at:

Democracy Now! in exile archive
radio.transbay.net:7070/ramgen/kpfa.ra ( www.kpfa.org ) 9:00am (pacific(a) time)

Until last month, Democracy Now! was broadcast regularly on the Pacifica Radio network. But as horror spreads from Manhattan to engulf the world, Pacifica managers continue to silence Democracy Now! because it is broadcasting off-site from a Pacifica station. The Democracy Now! staff left Pacifica station WBAI last August because of harassment and violence from WBAI station management.


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