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Pacifica National Board Meeting Notes
March 12-14, 2004

These are not official minutes.
Official PNB minutes posted at pacifica.org
Audio at www.kpftx.org
- Written by Roger Manning, wbai.net editor

Pacifica National Board Meeting
March 12-14, 2004
King Middle School,1781 Rose Street
Berkeley, CA

Directors present:
Dave Adelson [KPFK], Teresa Allen [KPFT], Henry Cooper [KPFT], Samuel Kiteka [KPFT], Sonali Kolhatkar [KPFK], Ray Laforest [WBAI], Ambrose I. Lane, Sr. [WPFW], Miguel Maldonado [WBAI], Roger Manning [WBAI], Kalonji T. Olusagun [WPFW], Sarv Randhawa, [KPFA], Mark Roberts [WPFW], Gerald Sanders [KPFA], Wendy Schroell [KPFT], Zarinah Shakir [WPFW], Alice Shields [WBAI], Carol Spooner [KPFA], William Walker [KPFA], Donna Jo Warren [KPFK]

One director not present -
Julie Rodriguez [KPFK]

Two directors to be elected to fill the two affiliate seats -
Marty Durlin [KGNU, Boulder], Vicki Santa [ WMNF, Tampa]

Also present as officers of the Pacifica Foundation -
Dan Coughlin -Executive Director(ED), Lonnie Hicks Chief Financial Officer(CFO)

The full meeting was webcast by www.kpftx.org and www.wbix.org


Convene - 6 - 50 pm

Ms. Cagan stressed -

  1. The importance of the Democratization of Pacifica
  2. The new board has been charged protecting with the Foundation and steering it in partnership with the staff. This is completely different with pursing your own agenda no matter how righteous. Governance is completely different than management. The Board can take a look the management structure but this is a far cry from being management.
  3. Power sharing is the key to success that is not one part seeking power over the other parts.
  4. Stressed the other parts of pacifica, the affiliates, and archives
  5. She stressed that it is time to stop; to end, to halt attacks, manipulation that has plagued Pacifica. A different opinion does not mean we are the enemies of one another. Too much disagreement in the past has been couched in personal terms.
  6. We must take on racism and sexism in our own ranks. Otherwise our external work will not be possible.
  7. Pacifica is needed more that ever in our country.
  8. Pacifica is a precious resource and the new Boards must be grounded in the struggles to reclaim and rebuild Pacifica

Ms. Cagan was given a standing ovation and flowers for her service to the Foundation.
The Board, the Executive Director and those in attendance thanked her as well.

Nominations for Chair Pro Tem
Sarv Randhawa
Carol Spooner-declined
Gerald Sanders
Donna Warren-declined
Nominees were then asked to say a few words to the Board about themselves.
Directors then introduced themselves to one another and each spoke briefly.
Results of the Vote announced by Lonnie Hicks
18 votes
7 Sarv
11 Gerald
Gerald Sanders is elected Chair Pro-temp of the Board.

Election of a Secretary Pro-Tem
Nominations -
Roger Manning Declined
Sonali Kolhatkar Declined
Sarv Randhawa Declined
Lonnie Hicks nominated and accepted position for this meeting
Lonnie Hicks elected unanimously


Laforest wants resolution (originally adopted by KPFK LSB) on Haiti introduced.

MOTION - By Spooner.
To add Laforest Haiti resolution to this evening's agenda.

Seconded by Maldonado

Brief discussion

7 votes for

8 opposed

Motion lost

Warren also wants to present an agenda item regarding programming.

MOTION - By Spooner
To replace Saturday’s meeting short break at 4 - 30 pm with Laforest resolution Warren item
Seconded by Miguel Maldonado

Brief discussion.

8 yes
6 no

MOTION - By Manning
To grant Free Speech Radio News requrest for 10 minutes presentation time. Space to be made after present to us after the Archives report Saturday afternoon.
Seconded Carol Spooner

Spooner that FSRN statement be put on agenda at 5 - 45 after the Archive Report.

Amendment - Teresa Allen amends motion that report no longer than 10 minutes and follow archives.
Seconded Carol Spooner

Discussion -

William Walker proposed that other groups also perhaps wanted to present to the board.
Question is called
17 favor
0 opposed
Motion Passed.

MOTION - By Walker

To give any other Pacifica working group that request time 10 minutes following FSRN presentation.

William Walker makes the motion to allow 10 minutes for other initiatives in the Network.
Groups to register with Secretary by Saturday

13 favor
1 opposed
Motion Carries

MOTION - by Allen to pass the proposed agenda as ammended.
13 to Approve
0 Opposed
Motion Carried


Friday, March 12
1. Meeting convened by outgoing IPNB chair, Leslie Cagan
2. Election of chair and secretary, pro tem
3. Review of proposed agenda, adoption of agenda
4. Election of affiliates representatives to the Pacifica National Board
5. Brief introductions of new Pacifica National Board members (2 minutes per person)
6. Public Comment, Part 1
9:30 pm - Adjourn for the evening

Saturday, March 13

9:00 am - Meeting reconvenes

7. Discussion of the roles of the board officers and board committees [coordinating,
finance, audit, technology, programming, governance, management review, election review]
8. Report from Pacifica Executive Director, questions and answer period
9. Finance Report:
- overview from Chief Financial Officer
- explanation of the latest audit, by Pacifica auditor Ross Wisdom
- questions and discussion
10. 12 - 30 pm - Lunch Break
11. Public Comment, part 2
12. Reports from the five station managers (30 minutes per station), questions and discussion
13. Laforest proposed PNB resolution on Haiti, Warren proposal for programming
14. Report from Affiliates Coordinator, questions and discussion
15. Report from Archives Director, questions and discussion
16. FSRN and other possible presentations - 10 minutes each
6:30 pm - adjourn for the evening

Sunday, March 14th
17. Executive Session: report on any outstanding legal matters, settlements of law suits, and any other contract issues
18. Public Comment, part 3
19. Election of board officers
20. Establishment of board committees
21. Review of board meeting schedule - dates/cities
1:15 pm - Meeting Adjourns


Two people nominated by Pacifica Affiliates Association for two seats – Marty Durlin [KGNU] and Vicki Santa [WMNF].

Brief remarks from each candidate.

Both elected unanimously by written ballot.
Warm welcome and applause.


  1. Sonali Kolhatkar, KPFK - host, producer of Uprising, former software engineer , staff/management relationship a priority, workers should have input, supports power sharing and moving Pacifica forward.
  2. Alice Shields, WBAI - WBAI was her true education for world outlook, background in Electronic Music, interested in increasing enlightenment and diversity via WBAI - compelled to serve on board to help serve that goal, experienced in fundraising
  3. Lonnie Hicks, Pacifica Chief Financial Officer, Secretary Pro Tem, CFO report on pacifica.org
  4. Dan Coughlin, Executive Director of the Pacifica Foundation, will be giving presentation Saturday
  5. Samuel Kiteka, KPFT- 27 year old high school teacher, on board to support intellectual, racial, and age diversity, recognized the important of Pacifica and it's journalism
  6. Miguel Maldonado, WBAI - born in Dominican Republic - in U.S 22yrs, labor organizer, former chair of WBAI LAB, experienced in Pacifica issues, will be a guardian of the Pacifica mission - a good guideline for the board
  7. Sarv Randhawa, KPFA - plans to support the promotion of peace via the network
  8. Roger Manning, staff director from WBAI - editor of listener website wbai.net - much inspired by Pacifica, designed wbai.org - now a team effort, past radio management experience, priority is to aid informed decisions and put Pacifica first.
  9. Zarinah Shakir, WPFW - has lived many places , an African American Muslim women, host of TV program - Islamic Perspectives, degree in Broadcasting from SF State U. , radio, arts, marketing experience, a mother.
  10. Kalonji Olusagun, WPFW - son of illegal immigrants, citizen of the Republic of New Africa, with WPFW since it started in 1977, experience in coalition building - in reparations organizing, hopes to lend his experience to helping Pacifica's development
  11. Ambrose Lane Sr., WPFW - political commentary programmer with Pacifica from 1978 during many historical events, married 47 yrs with many grandchildren, wants to stop Pacifica warfare and concentrate on getting a new U.S. president
  12. Ray Laforest, WBAI - much organizational involvement- National Organization for Immigrants, Nat'l Coordinating Committee for Mumia Abu Jamal, sees Pacifica as the prime tool for keeping society going in right direction, a past WBAI LAB member and iPNB member.
  13. Gerald Sanders, KPFA - Chair Pro Tem, the mainstream media didn't properly cover the Haiti takeover - only KPFA reported truth - the mainstream then followed, much more outreach needed - people need to be listening to Pacifica
  14. Wendy Schroell, KPFT - 20 yr listener, - bay area and Houston, didn't expect to on the board, some radio experience, glad to be able to serve
  15. Donna Warren, KPFK - honored to surprised to be serve on the board, "born again" grassroots activist since 1992 L.A. rebellion - formerly worked as Dept. of Defense auditor, ran as Green Party candidate for Lieutenant Governor, has programming concerns - should more closely reflect local communities
  16. Teresa Allen, KPFT - Degree in education and library science, glad to be the board of an educational foundation, the mission is good - not only do people want from Pacifica to be informed, but empowered
  17. Marty Durlin, KGNU, Affiliate rep - in alternative media since 1972 in radio and print, manager of KGNU for 17 years, co-founded Grassroots Radio Coalition in 1996, glad to be on the board and hopes to help.
  18. Mark Roberts, WPFW - found Pacifica by chance and was inspired, listener, MBA in Marketing and finance, founded a successful national jazz/r&b private music label, has a family, is familiar with Pacifica history - very proud, will help keep the foundation strong and moving forward
  19. Vicki Santa, WMNF, - manager of WMNF - 25th anniversary, worked to get representation of affiliates on Pacifica, so much to work to do in these troubled times and it needs to be done by Pacifica and the affiliates together - there are Pacifica communities everywhere, Pacifica on WMNF for 20 yrs - 100,000 listeners weekly, looking forward to helping move Pacifica forward.
  20. Carol Spooner, KPFA- listener representative, KPFA listener for 40 years, started listening since high school - KPFA transformed her life - committed to young people - they need Pacifica, degree in law, has a family, formerly worked on bringing healthcare to immigrant workers, honored to be on board, has been immersed in Pacifica for five years in the effort to reclaim the media and bring about the new democratic model, is committed to making that work
  21. William Walker, KPFA - staff representative, graduate of KPFA’s apprenticeship program, high school activist - interviewed on KPFA a lot, also worked on radio for Clear Channel as administrative assistant - which motivated him enroll in KPFA apprenticeship program, very involved in station operations, 24 yr old - is on board to help reach out to youth, supports more network activity and better staff/management relations, empower locally and strategize nationally
  22. Henry Cooper, KPFT - labor unionist, machinist, worked with immigrant workers, programmer of Projecto Latino Americano - Spanish language community affairs program, is proud of the progressive composition of the PNB and proud to be on it, America has a great future with what Pacifica can do with the network and the affiliates, a new America is just around the corner which will also benefit the oppressed around the world.


  1. Richard Moore, one of the co-founders of Pacifica - astonished at the journey that the Pacifica has made from the all white, elitist anarcho-pacifist founders committed to nonviolence and the peaceful resolution of disputes to todays diverse board.. I salute you, this is consistent with what the founders had hoped would develop.
  2. Bill Mandel - If you want to accomplish anything, break the stranglehold that the senior paid staff now have on the stations. These staff caused the new KPFA GM to resign.
  3. Gypsy - 9-11 attacks were an inside job. Disappointed at KPFA’s coverage of 9-11.
  4. Fernando Velasquez - don’t imitate George Bush. FTAA is going to swallow Latin America. Would like to see some Native American people on this board.
  5. Willie Thompson, KPFA board. - Concerned about the successful governance of this network.
  6. Raphael Renteria - A group called the Pacifica Anti-Racism working group set up a series of guidelines. Nothing has ever been implemented from that plan.
  7. Mansoor Sabbagh - As an elected body, the PNB has responsibilities to the Pacifica community. Supports having listeners participate at your subcommittees.
  8. Ann Fagan Ginger - Supports a weekly 30 minutes program to reporting positive appening with international bodies such as the ILO, UNICEF, etc.
  9. Rhyme Khatouda, WBIX.org - is webcasting together with kpftx.org. Also hosting IRCQ.Wants to help set up a real democratic system with participatory democracy.
  10. Leslie Radford - Supports the iPNB’s resolution for a bylaws convention in 6-18 months, setting up sub-committees, the management review committee be renamed the personnel committee to look at all personnel, real commitment to diversity.
  11. John Gomez - staff rep from WPFW LSB. Wants to avoid a conflict of interest so that LSB members aren’t on the board to get their own program.
  12. Unnamed person - according to the bylaws not required to give name. The board should study the bylaws before going about changing them - a good set of bylaws.
  13. Ann ? - Concerned about lack of public notice and broadcast of meetings. Important for the community to be informed and able to come together.
  14. Jake Wasserman, listener - represents younger listeners, impressed with current board members. A bit disappointed the process so far and board lack of bylaws knowledge.
  15. Anell Williams - vastly increased network wide outreach and publicity needed. known in all our cities. Pacifica community needs to get along, be a model for the world. We should study how the UN functions.
  16. Unnamed listener - Embarrassed that none of the meeting was aired.
  17. Bernie Eisenberg - The PNB needs to study the bylaws and get critiques from different viewpoints on them. Diversity was achieved on the National Board, but not all the local boards.
  18. Unnamed listener - Outreach is imperitive for the upcoming presidential election, especially 18-25 years, non-voters and people who are Republican In Name Only. Youth can sway parents. Supports airing Democracy Now! at a time when teachers and students can listen .
  19. Erin Reevin - Disturbed that Pacifica is still in financial crisis. Suggests fundraising in the international community. Supports idea of members being able to come into KPFA and make their own compilations of recorded material as a fundraising idea.

Meeting Adjourned for the day at 9: 30 pm.


Meeting convenes 9:50 am
Kolhatkar accepted as pro tem secretary.

Chair Pro Tem Sanders reads the agenda - accepts suggestions on how to deal with starting an hour late.

MOTION - by Dave Adelson to back by one hour.

Second by Spooner.

10 yes
6 no
- 2/3 required to modify agenda

Pro tem chair announces that meeting room must be vacated by 6:30pm.

MOTION - by Spooner to pick up the hour by taking half hour off the lunch break and extending the meeting at 6:30 pm. Seconded by Addelson.

12 yes
4 no


Board Discussion follows. Roberts - References bylaws. How will the local and national committees meet, function, and coordinate? Spooner - Question of coordination and communication as committees are made up of people from across the network. Certain committees can meet by phone, the LSBs and the Board will have to work in tandem. There can be distribution of materials via email. Hicks/Coughlin - A budget for committee expensed needs to be organized. Phone and email the most economical means by which to conduct committees. Shields - Must be realistic and economical about meeting methods. Laforest - A question of eligibility for committees. Listserves the most economical method of conducting committee work. Adelson - By Robert's Rules of Order (RRO), listserves considered inadequate for meetings. Manning - Supports hearing iPNB members comments and advice regarding conducting committees. Chair gives info on freeconferencecalling.com service supplied by Addelson. Spooner - Question of how to fulfill open meeting requirements with conference call meetings: may have to have LSB branches of committees do bulk of the work and come together in open session prior to the PNB meetings. Maldonado - Committee goals should be clearly defined on paper. Durlin - The role of affiliate members in committees not specified in bylaws, Spooner's suggestion of most work being done in local areas leaves affiliate directors out. Sanders -

Point of order: Chair must hand over chairing of meeting in order to speak to an issue until the vote is on issue is taken. Randhawa temporarily chairs while Sanders speaks.

Discussion continues:
Sanders - Who votes on committees? Important to meet in person. Santa - Committees clearly defined in bylaws. Suggest director signing up for committees today in preparation for committee formation. Affiliates committees would do work on listserves, phone, local meetings and then come together at national meetings for the formal discussion and decisions. Hicks - PNB committee meetings must follow same rules as PNB - Properly announced, minutes taken, quorum/attendance recorded, public comment. Committee agendas set by the board? Spooner -Possible to get advice on committee operation from other non-profits (NFCB). Laforest - Local committees also have specific local duties. Randhawa - Should seek advice from staff and management.

MOTION - by Allen that each director should submit to Randhawa in writing by the end of the day which committees they want to join and possibly chair. Seconded by Shields.

Pro tem chair Sanders unsuccessfully appeals to Allen to withdraw the motion because it will be addressed during Sunday agenda.

MOTION - by Walker to extend agenda item for 10 minutes. Second by Allen.
yes 11
abstain 2

MOTION to ammend Allen's motion by Warren to subsitute "now" for " by the end of the day "
now. Maldonado seconds

Spooner calls the question - 11yes 2 no

Some confusion and additional discussion
MOTION by Warren to amend
4 yes
14 no

Spooner calls the question on Allen motion on committee sign-up
16 yes
0 no

MOTION (restated here) - by Allen that each director should submit to Randhawa in writing by the end of the day which committees they want to join and posssibly chair.
12 yes
2 no

MOTION - by Sanders to move the agenda.
15 yes
4 no

Kolhatkar - notes some gender dynamics on the board. Men are being aggressive and women voices are not being heard.
Shields - Refers board to bylaws Article 8, Section 3 for officer and committee descriptions which haven't been actually covered yet in the meeting.


- Thanks national staff.
- Will cover how Pacifica functions and plans for the future.
- Dan Coughlin Pacifica Executive director reports using slide presentation from computer projected on a screen.
- During the period of the Interim Pacifica National Board [the last board] 16,000 people cast their ballots and Pacifica is more democratic than the House of Representatives. Pacifica rewrote the bylaws and had record high fund drives - 3.57 million winter drive - 2nd highest on record.
- Working to rebuild network affiliate relations.
- Pacifica has also settled all litigation.
- Moved headquarters from DC to traditional home in Berkeley.
- Network finances - In FY01, $4.4 million deficit into a FY03 $1.8 million surplus.
- Audit completed on time - a first.
- Some ideas about PNB/staff partnerships.
- The Path to Success - relationship with Executive director is key. - Responsibilities of the Executive Director. ED must keep PNB informed - cannot permit the board to be uniformed on matters that seriously affect the foundation. ED will submit monitoring data, advise board on relevant trends, litigation, changes, advise PNB chair when board out of compliance, provide communications mechanism, get input from staff and management to facilitate more informed board decisions.
- Organization is key - we need clear structural plans, realistic planning. 100,000 members, 1000s of unpaid volunteers. 175 paid staff and very few managers.
- Suggests board retreat at next PNB meeting for board to learn role and responsibilities, establishing communication protocols for delivery of information to board members.
- Officer Roles according to the new Pacifica Bylaws - reads from Article 9.
- Historical role of Pacifica’s Administrative Council: an "operational" body, a management advisory body to the ED. Includes senior national office staff, the station general managers and others assigned at the discretion of the ED. Discusses operational and programming matters, meets around 3 times annually. Reviews and implements PNB policy, facilitates communication between national and local operations, review and implement plans, policies and procedures. Reviews financial, FCC, CPB issues. Recommends action items to the PNB.
- A big year with Presidential elections, civil liberties issues, the war ect. - Pacifica's importance increases.
- Will be direct competition from Air America.
- FCC crackdown is very problematic. The bill currently going through congress rules that indecency violations put Pacifica station licenses at risk - very different from than fighting a fine on free speech grounds - very serious. Creates opportunity for hostile license takeovers. We have two stations up for license renewal next year. FCC may be able to fine individual announcers.
- Looking to the future: building media democracies in practice - 2 main goals have been developed: 1) work on making internal relationships to actually reflect the mission; 2) transform Pacifica into a financially sound, multi-cultural entity that's effective locally and globally - multimedia for the human family
- need a bold new vision in staffing, diversity and training - new initiatives coming. must rebuild cadre of producers
- KPFA's First Voice Apprentice ship program has been established as the national program and is ready for rollout
- Greatest opportunity for expanding Pacifica may be digital - a digital Pacifica, available everywhere. Using digital at all levels of operation. WBAI's online pledging successful with low cost.
- Internet Radio - Shows charts with internet listener streaming data. 15,000 additional KPFA listeners each week via the web - 10% increase. Downloading of archived programs even more popular than streaming. Pacifica could gain substantial increase in audience with minimal effort. There's talk of creating virtual Pacifica stations all on the same stream - Arts, Public affairs, Pacifica History/archives, Spanish language channel etc. Copyright issues being investigated.
- Cross platform approach (radio/web) is powerful, Democracy Now! website registered 120,000 visitors in one day during the Haiti coup story.
- Pacifica Satellite Radio another means.
- Pacifica TV being considered. WBAI has a grant from local cable access and has set up studio.
- Pacifica affiliates network - 100 stations taking DN!, 75 FSRN, 50 affiliates contracted.
- Lower power FM radio is another area for consideration.
- Priority projects: internet radio, top of the hour news headline service for community radio for the elections, producing community events in coordination with community stations around the country, convention coverage,
coverage many conferences around the country , of hip-hop summits, special archives programs, expanding some DN! and FSRN programming.

Q and A with Executive Director Coughlin

MOTION: by Sanders for 5 minute extension on ED Q and A

No objection.
Comments, questions and answers from PNB:
Maldonado - Spanish speaking community is underserved at WBAI. Warren - The ED needs to organize training for the board. Durlin/Spooner - Some exciting proposals, but there is concern about more basic functions and operations at Pacifica. Adelson - PNB needs to be involved in strategic decisions on development. Spooner - More information needed on proposals including a budget before approval. Manning - supports web projects, but concerned about financing and asks who will determine programming. Kiteka - Concern over low public turnout to this meeting. Schroell/Roberts - Concern over FCC regulations. Shields - interesting proposals, when will PNB see budget?, concern over large outstanding legal bills.

MOTION - To extend item until all directors speak who want to but haven’t. No objections.

Discussion continues:
Kolhatkar - Question as to Pacifica Administrative councils role and power under new PNB. Olusagun - What is the plan for implementation of proposals? Walker - national internet radio should use local as source, should be broadcast the PNB meeting and reach out beyond typical audience. Lane - How will the the money be raised?
Allen - announces tech retreat at upcoming NFCB upcoming. Kolhatkar - does the role/function of the administrative council change under the new bylaws? Lane - Still needs to hear a strategical plan

Executive Director Coughlin's answers -
- Digital development ideas currently unbudgeted.
- Administrative Council – this is an internal operational issue, not in bylaws. Is about cross station issues and policy implementation.
- FCC - "indecency" crackdown is serious, the bill are still going through the senate. Individual announcers actions would impact the foundation. Need to be cautious. Will be an educational program implemented.
- Apologizes for low public turnout for this PNB meeting. Publicity problems. Will improve next time.
- National programming – the iPNB passed a resolution for a national programming initiative. Planned for FY05.
- The vision for these projects is coming directly from local stations.

MOTION - by Spooner made a motion for lunch break and be back by 12:55pm.
17 yes

1 no


Meeting resumes 1:00 pm.

- 77% of donations come from listeners’ revenues.
- Salary expenditures are smaller percentage wise compared to other non-profits because Pacifica operates with a lot of volunteer support.
- Administrative costs are 23% - this is within guidelines. But the leanest nonprofits can function on 15%.
- Programming costs only 12.7% because much is volunteer produced.
- Stations project a surplus. National office has no surplus.
- Total projected surplus is $997,451. First time that the network will have a surplus.
- Legal costs are huge.
- Allen asks which stations are costing us the legal fees.
- Board expenses were $65,000.
- Elections cost $140,000 instead of $80,000.
- We must identify new sources of revenue.
- We are wasting too much money.
- Pacifica Radio Archives are critical because they have sales. They also have an inventory of deteriorating tapes which will cost $12 million to restore.
- Administrative Council - The 5 station general managers have made a commitment to increase listener ship and
other things.
- Need to clarify staff/board roles. Financial policies and practices manual exist for all stations to follow. This board needs a development committee.
- Reviews Role of the Chief Financial Officer - Bylaws article 9, section 9:

Report via Speakerphone by Pacifica auditor Ross Wisdom:
Goes through FY2003 audit.
- 1.9 million in current assets
- 1.7 million in current liablilities
- 285k in the black. First positive figure since 2000. A long way from previous 5 million deficit. Well on the way to financial health.
- 15.8 million total revenues, 13.7 year before, 10.9 2 years before
- 14.5 million total exspenses, 13 year before, 15.5 2 years before
- increased cost due to increased program expenditures, premium costs
- legal fees similar to previous year - around 400k
- detail expense breakdown in printed report
- cash flow page breaks down specifics
- prior period adjustments - 545K. 64k to consultant fees, 275k for legal, 206k various vender accounts were written off due to duplicate invoices
- it's taken time to get accurate figures on accounts payable, various expenses were overstated in 2002
- invoices relating to national board and other divisions drive up national office accounts payable amounts
- was originally brought in to comment on the financial crisis - the 2 most important issues were the deficit and the workings of the accounting office.The accounting office should be able to close it's books on a timely basis (monthly) and be able to make regular reports. It's taken time, but is now up to speed. Very commendable.

Auditor Q and A:

Was auditor contracted to do a management letter along with the Audit? A: no. Will be done.
Can index the letter to the actual cost in audit? A: is possible. Spooner - does national offices accounts receivable include pledges receivable (includes non-fulfilled )? A: figures based on historical fulfillment rate(82-84%) per station. Randhawa - which accounting system being used? A: full approved system. Shields - Which new proposals have been budgeted? A: in CFO report
CFO Hicks continues:
The audit covers up to end of FY2003, but many things have happened since.
- Spend too much money on legal. Old board spent millions on legal. Fees have built back up. Currently owe 183k in settlements, total current legal 845k. Station budgets are including funds for paying legal. Fees will be paid over time. Some may not have to be paid. Must spend less on legal. Allen - will we see which stations create which legal cost? A: yes.
- Regarding questions as to how proposed national projects to be funded: Internet radio steaming project - will be able to raise money and it will generate it's own income. Capitol improvements (KPFA) will have to be postponed. First Voices - looking for grant money. WPFW transmitter needs - possible matching fund from CPB. Board expenses - 65K outside of budget. Elections - 82k budgeted, cost 140k - staff costs.
- Need to look at income sources: radio streaming project - self-funding source; website fundraising; event based fundraising.
- Must identify new sources of revenue, can't continue to depend on listeners over and over again. They won’t do it. Pacifica is wasting too much money. Must manage the cash. Must control the legal expenses.
- Archives are critical. Need a solution to the need 12million needed for tape restoration.
- Need to determine staff and technologies needed to move network forward in digital age and who is going to pay.-- The PNB, staff, management will need to come up with partnership goals. Managers goals for year are: 50% increase in listeners and membership, less on-air fundraising, individual board member goals, listener surveys, 100 affiliates, strengthen news, new archives facility, enhance Pacifica living history.
- Happy to get information to board, but need to establish staff/board roles. Board must read network financial policies.
- PNB must have a development committee to move national projects.
- CFO duties defined in bylaws. "Retained earnings" referenced in bylaws in is error. Doesn't exist in non-profits.
- Need reduced local station bank charges, PNB expenses, increase fundraising.

MOTION: by William Walker to move through the agenda as is, and deal with the agenda at 6:15 pm and reevaluate for tomorrow’s agenda.
16 yes
2 no

CFO Q and A -
Comments and questions from the PNB:
Kolhatkar - How to reduce administrative costs from 23% to 15% ? Shields - What about the projected WBAI layoffs - should there be layoffs elsewhere as well to contribute to cost cutting? Roberts - Would like more details in financial reports. A lot of LSB work to do, how do LSB costs get covered? Adelson - Supportive of the use of volunteers. Is there accounting for in-kind donations of volunteer labor from professionals? - would get CPB funds if reported. Santa - Has WPFW transmitter matching fund application been submitted? Do financial reports use actual figures as variances? Supports having auditor present (not on phone). Would like to see membership increase plan. Spooner - Some discrepancies in the numbers in financial report. How far is the national office actually behind on expenses this year?
CFO Hicks responses -

-Administrative costs can go down by reducing bank charges, etc. But not down to 15%.
-Because of decent last fund drive, WBAI layoffs may be avoided. Other stations not looking at layoffs. Shields - wants to see information on employees across entire network in order to find ways to cut cost.
- Depreciation is high. Not ready to write-off any debts yet.
- Will discuss solution for project funding with general managers
-Has never worked for an organization that has as many volunteers Pacifica.
- Will coming out with a budget for a strategic plan.
- In-kind donation accounting is being done.
- WPFW transmitter digitalization application has been submitted
- there is a budget vs. actuals. Pacifica operates with quarterly forecast due to nature of income
- what seems to be discrepancies in numbers is the figures from litigation settlements being added in. Spooner - asside from legal, what are the expenses that make up the 700k national office capital deficit? Normal cost in running an office, will highlight later.

Eva Georgia, KPFK.

- Thanks KPFK listeners and staff for successful fundraisers. Need to have less on-air fundraisersing. Thanks network for the one-day fund drive for the KPFK transmitter. The power has now been increased to 100,000 Watts. Are trying to raise the height of the antenna by 180 feet to overcome the signal from interfering Mexican radio station.
- Have had work shops with programmers regarding FCC regulations on indecency and election year rules.
- Launching a Southern California outreach campaign with the LSB aiming to increase subscribership by 50% - subscribers up from 15,000 up to 24,000 since 2001.
- Web traffic has increased from 12,000 to 50,000 unique hits. 200,000 web hits per month.
- Hiring a development director. Will target Hollywood celebrities. Has been increase in major donors.
- Need to strengthen and expand KPFK local news. Short on staff capabilities. Alternative means - university journalism departments, local news papers filing reports.
- Setting up ISDN lines regionally so that people in the community can do their own radio. Also launching satellite production facilities to train ordinary people to do their own shows.
- Aim to improve on-air production values, letting programmers know what they can and cannot do – to have annual program reviews by the Program Council.

Q and A for Georgia:
From the PNB: Maldonado - What is the time frame for the goals? A: When people are found to do the work. Kolhatkar- Given the strained staff/management over last few years, what is Georgia's current evaluation of staff/management relations at KPFK? A: Incredible relationships with some staff. Different expectations of what management should be. Treats staff with respect, wants to focus on people’s strengths. Kiteka - Disappointed that no black man were elected to the KPFK Local Station Board, what is going to done to remedy this? A: need to review process and find how to move LSB forward. Roberts - Did the major donors come to you? A: GM has been soliciting major donors. Laforest - concerned that Pacifica doesn't overpower the Mexican station considering strained relations. Is GM concerned about competition from Air America? A: yes, needs to be better marketing and promotion of KPFK. Re: Mexican station - there has ample formal efforts.

Motion to extend item by 5 minutes – passed with 13 votes, 1 against.

Spooner - Due to legal requirements/definitions of a "community advisory board" it might be necessary to name proposed Southern California outreach campaign body something else. Adelson - Re: listener diversity – what information do we have on listenership and subscriber ship? Internet subscription service is also an issue of model and ethic - voluntary donation etc. A: haven't had access to the Arbitron ratings, but will. Distributed survey with election ballots. Need to base decisions on real data. Web subscriptions still being discussed. Randhawa - The founding principles of the network were small contributions. What guidelines do you adopt when you solicit major donors? A: Pacifica has guidelines on major donors, and also an ethics guidelines. Seeks out donors who support Pacifica.

Ron Pinchback (Interim GM), WPFW

- After 20 years of involvement, is inspired by the arrival of democracy at Pacifica.
- WPFW doing well - record breaking fund drives - 23% increase in October. Recent d 429k goal, raised 500k. 50% membership goal is attainable.
- Transmitter problems: repairs have been made, new airconditioners being installed, connection to backup generator grid being established.

- Goals:
- $1 million capitol campaign for moving to a larger facility - has been much recent growth - more volunteers, more technology coming in, need room for meetings and public access.
- Hiring a permanent GM - Has been much turnover in GMs - need more stability.
- Digital transmission conversion - grant applied for, need to coming up with matching 75k.
- Training for staff needed - newer technologies being brought in.
- Diversity training needed.
- Greater outreach - more remote broadcasts - benefits the station and community - promotes inclusion.
- improve programming - evalution process. Working on a one year contract for all on-air programmers. There needs to be a process to keep the door open to new people.
- create programs for national/international distribution

- establish tech team and better web facilities
- develop e-commerce on the website. Reduced premium expenditures, Persue grants. Pacifica archives are a treasure.

- New dynamic LSB and PNB - WPFW goals obtainable

Q and A for Pinchback -
Maldonado - likes one year contract idea. How will GM work with LSB? A: keeping open mind. Warren - Why can’t we share more programming from one station to the other? A: must remember that a stations local programming time would be decreased, but that there should be some space made for this. Cooper - How much programming by paid staff compared to volunteers? How many programs covering immigrant issues? A: WPFW has one of the smallest paid staff at the network – about 9. Immigration programs are lacking at WPFW, proposals being worked on. Dave Adelson - Any space in schedule to try new programs? A: not currently, but in the future. Laforest - Is the union involved in one year on-air agreement ? A: no union involved. Outreach targets any particular communtiy? A: no, all groups targeted.What is Arab community presence at the station?
A: Arab community has been very supportive, has been participation. Will only be successful by outreaching to everybody. Roberts - What is the impact of maintaining the one-month operating expense supplus?
A: It is tempting to draw from that money, but it must be maintained. Schroell - Have you opened up your schedule to more public affairs programming? The PA shows are lumped together. Particularly important in D.C. being close to the source of government ect. A: Yes, but our music is very important to us, we will not push that aside - not offered elsewhere.

Duane Bradley, KPFT

- Glad to be part of Pacifica's evolution , proud to be with the democratically elected National Board and glad to see affiliates included.
- A little background. GM since February 02. There has been much change since. Credits volunteers, local and national board working together. KPFT is much closer to Pacifica mission now - had been a locked down radio station through the 90's, new local news dept. Volunteered in the '70s, was program director in mid '80s left over conflicts over vision in '89. KPFT purged most it's ethic programming in the mid-90s. There is now 30 new cultural programs since he's been back.

- Goals:
- Expanding KPFT local news department - almost up to 5 days weekly thanks to Indymedia center and FSRN.
- KPFT is 34 years old. Feels a community radio station again. Lots of work to do.
- Closest station to southern U.S. border - a lot of potential.
- Need facility upgrade. Working out of an old house - doing magic in a box. Need more room. Haven't had proper disabled access. Recently installed ramp. Need security updates and worker safety upgrades.
- Disappointed in lack of diversity in resulting LSB despite a big effort in outreach resulting in many candidates. Doesn't reflect local population. Committed to remedying with Committees of Inclusion.
- Need to reduce days of on-air fundraising. Experiencing donor fatigue. Will fundraising in other ways.
- Staff training continues. Sending staff to community broadcasting conferences. Monthly youth trainings on news gathering etc. Plan to work with First Voices training program.
- Plans for upgrading website. Need to expand Pacifica into digital relm.
- A bright new day in Pacifica, glad to be here and to work with the board.

Q and A for Bradley:

Roberts - How diverse is the programming as a way to attract more diverse listeners? A: A lot has been done, a lot more to do. Need more outreach and cross promotion. Schorell - A lot of great diverse shows but not during prime. A: Looking into it. Randhawa - Describe the "box" [KPFT facility]? A: Two stories old house - about 3200 Sq. Feet. Broadcasting space about 1000 sq. feet. Randhawa - KPFT near Mexico, is there any Spanish language programming? A: A half hour Spanish language news program. Laforest - Concerned that there is only 20% people of color on KPFT LSB. What is being done to increase diversity? A: Are creating a Community Advisory Board to find out how to increase participation. Adelson - Who makes philosophical decision on programming, etc? A: Largely the PD and GM. Mostly conceived locally. Also coordinate with other stations - some program exchange. Maldonado - What is the makeup of the membership for Latino or other ethnic groups? A: No current statistics. Was the outreach to the membership or the broader community/listeners? Need to keep this in mind when coming up with solutions. Spooner - Analysis is the job of the Committees of Inclusion - has it been formed yet? A: Believe COI was formed at the second LSB meeting. Shields - Perhaps outreach could be accomplished by connecting with existing community groups.

Don Rojas, WBAI.
- Congratulations to PNB. A day to celebrate a victory for media democracy. Props to Leslie Cagan and administrative council.
- Past year has been challenging. WBAI is now doing better financially - has restored a degree of fiscal stability. A projected surplus of about $200,000 if next fund drives are successful. Conditions are in place for an ambitious agenda.
- plan to launch major off-air $1 million fundraising campaign to take pressure off on-air fundraising and to build up a 3 month operating expense surplus.
- million listener campaign ongoing. Also plan to double paid memberships in the next 18 months.
- 17% growth in active members from November 03 to February 04.
- Plan to hire full time development director. Will work with LSB and the GM.
- Currently rent is $26,000 a month. Want to move to more affordable and more accessible quarters. Also $20k rent for transmitter space at Empire State Building.
- WBAI went off air in last years blackout. Need $100k for backup units.
- Mulitmedia advances in past year. Website redesign with much content, successful ecomerce section, listener survey. Digital video facility being setup in partnership with Manhattan Neighborhood Network.
- Supports the Executive Director's plan for moving forward with multimedia projects.
- Recent monthly on-air discussion with listeners including callers from England and other out of state people.
- Staff training a priority. Last year trained 45 mostly young people in news.
- Plan to improve programming. Need to expand Latino, youth and women's programming.

Q and A for Rojas:

Maldonado - Difficult to understand projecting a suplus and investing in technology but considering layoffs. A: The digital divide is shrinking - will soon be able to listen to the web on cellphones. The issue of layoffs is still open. Hopefully not necessary. Spooner - Does projected reserve include laying off staff? A: no. If goals are met, layoffs can be avoided? A: yes. What is your spring fund drive goal? A: $1.1 million. Warren - It is dishonest to say you expect a $200,000 surplus and in the same breath say expected layoffs. You skirted around the question twice. A: will skirt around it a 3rd time. Adelson - Is space in the WBAI schedule to try out new programs? Pacifica articles of incorporation define us a radio broadcasting operation - how does that apply to spending money on Pacifica TV? A: Yes, there is space to try out new programming. WBAI TV is to be funded by a grant from a Manhattan Neighborhood Network.. Laforest - only 25% of the LSB were women - what is being done to expand outreach? A: Working on outreach – hopefully improve representation in the next round of elections. People of Color are well represented – in line with listener ethnicities. Sarv Randhawa - Have WBAI explored options for relocating? A: Yes, in the mid-town and upper-west side because Manhattan is the most central location for the listening area. Manning - One of the concerns with layoffs is that the station is understaffed as it is. Any news on restructuring the station for better efficiency? Any thing to report after the recent AFTRA [union] meeting? A: Nothing to report from AFTRA meeting. Restructuring still in progress. Hoping to avoid layoffs. Some feel the station is under staffed, but some feel that it is overstaffed. Kiteka - asks for more explanation of relationship of surplus, layoffs, and $75,000 slated for training. A: $200,000 is a projected surplus - if a high fulfillment rate and fund drive goals are met, layoffs will be avoided. WBAI is moving toward a climate of unity and healing - a new energized LSB. Kiteka - Followup question - WBAI is the only station that considering 25% layoffs - how is $75,000 justified for training? A: It is an extimate for a plan that will take a year. Roberts - How large is WBAI paid staff? A: 34. Allen - How many staff when you started as GB? [one year ago] A: 33. Allen - What happened to last years plan to digitize WBAI. What happened? A: Deadline missed for application for CPB grant Allen - concerned about how Coughlin and Hicks referring to the value of volunteers. A: 70% of WBAI on-air programmers are volunteers. Allen - why is there no music library at WBAI? A: WBAI doesn't have a library or plans/space to build one. Spooner - WBAI's full time staff comparable to KPFA. How many hours a day of WBAI strip programming (more costly - requires paid staff)? A: 6 hours a day.

KPFA report will not be given because General Manager Jim Bennet is ill. Report is in the binder distributed to directors.


Motion to extend time allotted for this public comment period by 15 minutes - 13 yes, PASSES

Public Comment:

  1. Len Vucci - A problem with balancing long and short term goals. If truly dedicated, the PNB should start meeting on time. Will film beginning of tomorrow meeting to see who's on time
  2. Annie Hallatt, KPFA LSB - it’s been frustrating and exciting to be in the audience. Supports organizing listeners to make meeting more attractive - to meet tomorrow and practice RRO. Supports more of connection between listeners and management/board.
  3. Bill Mandel - 1992 the crisis began when the national programming director began her plan to sell stations he denounced on air, breaking the gag rule. Today’s meeting supposedly represents an end to that crisis with the exception that of all the people fired from KPFA, for violating the gag rule, he is the only one that hasn't been reinstated.
  4. Myla Reson, KPFK- Recalls last summer KPFK expenditures treating LAB members to valet service for a station party - creating a separate class of treatment. Is there more such expenditures, abuse of listener funds?
  5. Tom Gomez, WPFW - Pacifica needs to invest in order to produce. We only invest 7% in programming development, but NPR spends 40% on its programming.
  6. Muntu Masimela, WBAI - gives his speaking time to others.
  7. Linda Edwards - Suggest programming exchanges between stations. A reluctance for paid staff to relinquish territory. It is very difficult in getting PSAs on the air.
  8. Deena Kolberg, WBAI - Announces Technology retreat at the NFCB conference.
  9. Patty Heffley, WBAI LSB- WBAI listeners are burned out by extended fund drives. WBAI layoffs are targeting engineers and tech support who are necessary - need to look at paid consultants - hires without process. Flexible time in air schedule was often filled by the Program director himself. Programming needs to change. Who is responsible for this historic meeting not being broadcast?
  10. Steve Conely, KPFA LSB- 450,000 people who hit the Democray Now! site for the Haiti report. Should be getting contact info on site visitors. Hasn't heard anything about the 55 year KPFA anniversary. Has questions about the digital development. Should be locally driven.
  11. Jeffrey Blankfort - Was one of the co-founders of "Take Back KPFA" in mid 90s. There is a junta at KPFA of people who supported the purges of programmers in 1995 and is still running the station. They never show up at meetings, are contemptuous of the listeners and the board and they need to be removed.
  12. Chandra Hauptman - Is proposing that the PNB not elect a permanent chair until having time to get to know each other better - there is no retreat planed etc.
  13. Ted Friedman, KPFA LSB - The national and local boards are beginning to find their stride. Contrary to a sense of frustration regarding resulting board diversity a thorough analysis shows 48% women, 56% men, 40 something percent people of color. We are getting there.
  14. Chris Collins - Supports a woman to be the PNB chair. The leadership of Pacifica has a strong gender imbalance.
  15. Mike Lubin, KPFA LSB - The reason for KPFT LSB lack of diverstiy is not the bylaws, but rogramming. KPFT GM usurps program decisions and runs a top down station. Listeners need input into programming.
  16. Stacy Davis, KPFT - We've heard from the Executive Director's vision for the future of Pacifica and we need to hear from the rest of the Pacifica community. Supports political satire like on WBAI and expanded vision on non-news programming. Check out wfmu.org for fundraising ideas.
  17. Matthew Lasar, Pacifica Historian - Pacifica Radio Archives is remarkable. They create programs. Please support the archives.
  18. Mansoor - There are simple solutions. It is common to emphasize outreach when we need focus on programming - then money will come in. We can do better job with less expenses regarding digital development.
  19. Nancy Delaney - thanks to Addelson for questions about program schedule space. Supports more sharing of programs. Ask Don Rojas incident of the Freedom Ride coverage team not being received by WBAI.
  20. Harrison Weil gives his time to Bill Mandel - there were two strikes at KPFA. Second strike earned union recognition for unpaid staff. When the old PNB took over, the paid staff cooperated with the massive purge of programs and changed to a new union but still couldn't get a contract with Pacifica. He pointed out their violation of labor solidarity and likely failure of tactics, and so has never been rehired. Will be giving PNB copies of his autobiography
  21. Leslie Cagan, former iPNB chair - Concerned that not all station general managers are at the meeting.
    Agrees with the concerns of reducing number of days of on-air fundraising, but we need to re-dedicate ourselves to the notion that the listeners are the backbone of the foundation. Two key areas: 1) expanding the number of listener-donors 2) evaluating and improving the programming - the reason people listen and give
  22. Maria Galardin, KPFA - Agrees with Cagan. Was distressed at WBAI's presentation which looked similar to Pat Scott's [old Pacifica board] destructive 5 year plan. We are listener supported. Focus on major donors is problematic. Million listener campaign - looking only at numbers is bad. The development director should be the program director - success should be counted in programming, not money. KPFA paid staff gave up labor rights for personal gain, should of gone on strike, could of saved the station years ago, 160 mostly people of color were allowed to be purged.
  23. Fernando Velasquez, KPFK LSB - Bilingual producer. Capitalists in LA have discovered the Latino population, more Spanish broadcasting happening.
  24. Marg Berg, KPFA LSB - Agrees with Cagan regarding listener-sponsors who are now legal members.
    Supports Pacifica technological expansion, but many people will not have means to access. Where is the support for grassroots media, mico-powered radio. Need to pay disenfranchised and young people so that they can afford to stay involved.
  25. Alex Stienberg, WBAI LSB - How what it decided that most of the coverage would focus on Democratic primaries, then Nader, hiphop convention but ignoring socialist campaigns who have few options for coverage?
  26. Willie Radford, KPFA LSB - Pacifica planning should start at the local level. Pacifica can be a model for the world.

MOTION by Walker to postone Laforest and Walker resolutions until Sunday because text not available.
No objection

MOTION by Spooner dividing up remaining time amongst remaining reports.
No objection

[William Walker takes over note-taking for Pro tem secretary Sonali Kolhatkar- hand hurts …]

Thanks affiliate coordinators and now disbanded iPNB affilates committees.
A little history:
Pacifica began to get affiliates in early 90s. Peaked at 65. Due to mismanagement - dropped to 13. Pacifica had become unable to deliver.
- Currently 46 stations, with 15 stations actively in process of affiliating. Takes time. Receive approx 2 inquires per week.
- Independent affiliates network can rejuvenate input and vision for Pacifica as well as continue its growth.
-Needs/ability for growth:

Programs already sell themselves due to flagship programming and Pacifica’s ability to champion media. Pacifica needs to continue to demonstrate ability to broadcast independently. Need to create technical and administrative structures, stabilize network, a base to build upon.

  1. position affiliates network so offerings are relevant
  2. ensure we are fulfilling mission
  3. seek out connections to other media networks
  4. reach out to international networks

- Need assess offerings - types of programs, content, technology, administrative and liaison, collaborations, and support for affiliates
2 examples:
- Supporting stations in their own communities – Pacifica Radio Archive has new CDs that can be used in communities
- Successful collaborations on Iraq war, 2004 presidential election primary coverage
- "Sprouts" affiliates radio program collaborative effort between Pacifica stations, affiliates, and other stations. Teaches folks how to produce using the internet. One conference call per month to organize, strategize. Urges Pacifica stations to air Sprouts once in a while.
- Pacifica needs to do more outreach, to advertise the network, partner with other like-minded media groups and media advocacy groups. Crucial in election year that Pacifica rise to the occasion, offer comprehensive coverage – conventions, polls, counter-conventions, grassroots venues.
- Broadcast the voice of community radio during election year. FSRN is an important force in this work, already working in affiliate community, as well as efforts of Democracy Now!
- Other things to think about:
Satellite equipment, ISDN access, internet access
Sharing live events in communities
By end of april, internet distribution system for pacifica programming will launch, will also distribute shows from affiliates, affiliates will upload programs.
- Soundport.org is an initiative that has come out of the affiliate world.
- Technology means growth in size, vision, understanding mission. Stations reach larger cities, affiliates can reach smaller cities and other countries. Pacifica serves global social justice and peace movement, moves Lew Hill’s mission to a new level.
- Affiliates will bring fresh ideas, energy to further explore Pacifica’s mission.
- Reads positive email from new affiliate in Abuja, Nigeria – hot 98.3 zfm.


11 minute audio presentation of historical Pacifica archive material.

Restoration of rare live tape of Lady Smith Black Mambazo is exemplary of the work PRA does. Restoration is expensive - beyond Pacifica's means. Have had to come up with more creative ways for fundraising. Affiliate access to archives a large factor … april 20 at nfcb, 100 cds, 100 tried and true cds, speeches by Malcolm X, MLK, Lorraine Hansberry, Langston Hughes


FSRN reporter Adrienne Lauby:
FSRN is part of unfinished business of old Pacifica board. FSRN was formed by the stiking Pacifica news stringers who created their own news network. With the Pacifica lawsuits settlement the strike stopped, but issues still unresolved. No benefits, no days off, workers working on original strike wages. All Pacifica stations and many affiliates carry FSRN. Cover international and national issues. Affiliates are developing new reporters. There will be U.S. elections coverage - needs to be coordinated with Pacifica.
-Tom Gomez - one of 275 freelance reporters of worldwide. FSRN is a diverse worker run collective, youngest in the network - Pacifica lacks diversity of youth. Anti colonialist vision, cover Haiti/India with residents from those places. FSRN puts people on the ground and has trained folks in these nations. A need for increased domestic reporter pool, personnel manual, anti-discrimination policy, affirmative action policy.
- Monica Lopez, FSRN and KPFK producer:
FSRN relies on network of reporters in U.S. and around the world. Have worked in communities, Pacifica news departments, brings stories that break outside of [DC] beltway. Finds partners to help report on issues in their areas. Hope election focus will help search for more northern and southern reporters, also need more people of color. Working to expand international reporter pool.


Ryme Katkhouda, WPFW, wbix.org
DC radio coop, built in conjunction with Independent Media Center, wbix.org, and FSRN. Based on the grassroots radio project model. Training is skill shared, follows philosophy of revolutionary movements. Ages 9 to 75. Share stories, decisions, dance together. Everyone trained in outreach, outreach intrinsic part of the news, train folks to bring back sound.

David Adelson and Mansoor (KFPK area), Anti Sound Posse
Anti copyright recordings, available via CDs. Sound process does not belong to the person, give it to radio. Doesn’t cost a lot of money to do great radio. Train people to collect, edit, and bring back sound.

Fernando, People Without Borders
Reaches out across borders, trys to reach out to global, local community. Trains youth to to do news for working class. Pacifica needs to reach out to other national communities. Broadcast live from other communities throughout latin America. Extends invite to affiliates to broadcast at KPFK. Join us, we’re here.
Provide alternative for international and national programming. Ask board to look into such projects.

Pro tem chair Sanders revisits issue of this PNB meeting running far behind schedule…

MOTION by Addelson to extend Sunday meeting by 2 hours accommodate for more Q & A with executive director and Chief Financial Officer

Disccussion. Some objections because some directors will not be able to stay. Suggested that no votes be taken during extension, only discussion. Confusion over parliamentary procedure, directors instruct the chair pro-tem.

Substitute Motion by Cooper seconded by Spooner, that Sunday meeting start at 6:00am
yes 4
no 8

MOTION by Addelson restated: to extend Sunday meeting by 2 hours to accommodate for Q & A with executive director and Chief Financial Officer, not to conduct buisiness.
12 yes
5 no

MOTION: to extend time to hear reports from other groups: 17 yes. PASSES
First voices KPFA Apprenticeship program
[First Voices is the 20 year old radio training/apprenticeship program at KPFA that is scheduled to be
implemented though out Pacifica]
- Kristen Zimmerman, graduate - Gives PowerPoint presentation and handouts. [Slideshow from computer.] How long is enough? Women and people of color have been struggling for equity at Pacifica for 30 years.
- Program is 21 years old. Needs to be More inclusion of women, people of color.
-Diversity in Pacifica only way to fight for equity everywhere.
- The Apprenticeship program goal is to nuture generations of producers, media activists, folks coming from communities. Establish equity through access to resources and not through the politics of crisis and confrontation against programming turfs and personalities. The enemy is not within Pacifica, but a government that is against peace.
- The program is not just a KPFA initiative, is a universal strategy that will work throughout the network.
-Thanks Pacifica national for recognizing effort. Call on national board to continue to roll out first voice apprenticeship though out the network.

Cooper - Wishes to reconsider motion to covene tommorow morning at 6:00am. Ruled out of order by chair pro-tem.

Saturday session adjourns.


17. EXECUTIVE SESSION - Closed to the public (see Article 6, Section 7 of Bylaws).
- Minutes for this section of the Pacifica National Board Meeting are provided in a separate document. This executive session addressed outstanding legal matters and settlements of lawsuits as well as other contract and personnel issues.


MOTION: to set per person time during public comment to 1 minute per person

Question called:
17 yes
1 no

Vote on main motion:
17 yes
1 no


  1. Annie Hallet - Got an overview from Gregory Wonderwheel [KPFA] about parlimentary procedure.Is disturbed that the pro tem chair used terms like "screwed off", "asshole" and "Jesus Christ".
  2. Nicole Milner - I don’t like the corporate style term "Human Resources" used by board. We need to change the language.
  3. Chandra Hauptman - Supports the FSRN resolution on coordinating with Pacifica about 2004 U.S. elections coverage. FSRN are part of Pacifica and needs to brought to the table by the Executive Director. Urges consideration of her resolution on delaying the vote on the PNB. Thanks meeting organizers and sound team.
  4. Jane Jackson -Not going to speak, feels the public speaking session process is unfair.
  5. Paul Surovell - Re: Democracy Now! (DN) contract. Any station that wants to use the resources of this network should air the show during prime time. Need to assess Air America [new liberal radio network - potential competition] coming online. Urges Democracy Now! contract committee works towards developing a joint venture relationship with DN.
  6. John Kakaska - Listener for 10 years. Needs Pacifica to help him communicate to those who hold opposing views as Dr. King taught. Please help beat the conservatives in upcoming election.
  7. Tom Gomez - Community radio requires transparency in funding. We need to disclose all large donations. Personal donors have a right to anonymity but there should be discussion about who pays for community radio.
  8. Stan Wood, former KPFA LAB - No democracy without accountable LSBs. At KPFA, a long debated democratic decision has been suspended. Supports local autonomy but urges PNB to investigate this gross violation of listener democracy.
  9. Richard Phelps - Since you cut my time in half, I’m cutting my donation in half next year. The PNB doesn’t care so why should we?
  10. Riva Enteen - Chair of LSB KPFA. Regarding "democratization" and special programming - how are decisions made? Supports revisiting the issue of special programming and relationship to the election and Haiti.
  11. Curt Gray, former KPFA LAB - Concerned about the KPFA apprenticeship program being taken network wide. Apprenticeship program presentations are always a feel good moment without critical examination, but what is the goal? Need real assessment. Don’t lock us into the apprenticeship program. Not so great role at KPFA

  12. Brief director responses:

    MOTION: by Schorell add public comment period at end of meeting - passes

    Public comment continues:

  13. Steve Zeltzer - Supports more labor coverage. We can develop a labor channel [on the planned Pacifica Internet radio stream.] There is a plan for a million workers march and Pacifica should help mobilize for this march. Pacifica should look at digital radio satellite. It would broaden the outreach.
  14. Janet Evans - Apologize for dismal attendance - suspects that it is due to KPFA staff not airing it. Distressed the KPFA GM aired his program during the GM report part of meeting. PNB needs to give more respect to the public
  15. Ivan Olson - [get up on stage and shouts comments]We have got to work together. Listen to others ideas. Pacifica has the power to affect the future of the country.
  16. Adelson - The LA Sound Posse will record three minutes of comments from everyone who wants to make a statement – we will make a CD and distribute it and hope that the listener [Richard Phelps] will give back his donation.
  17. Stacy Davis - The PNB is responsible for the vision of Dan Coughlin, not the ED and CFO. If the PNB doesn’t include tech crew/volunteers, then there’s something fishy going on. The PNB needs to make the decisions.
  18. Steve Conely - Apprenticeship graduate. Outreach is important. Important to work from the ground up with committees - LSBs should be consulted first. . Supports rethinking the national website in order to better be able to know what's going on around the network - we should be able to pull up the programming…
  19. Luis Garcia - Former KPFK lab member. Pacifica has 10% representation Disenfranchised Latino community. It is wrong that membership fee waivers were not allowed in the first Pacifica elections. KPFK approved his petition on the broadcasting needs of Mexican-Americans, didn’t make it through the iPNB. Pacifica has disrespected Chicano community for many years, needs to bring in as many communities as possible. Will bring petition to national board.
  20. Sofia Quinones - [speaks in Spanish, then English]Pacifica doesn’t reflect community. Poor folks, no access for the communities. Representation of Mexicans and Chicano in California, aren’t heard, aren’t included. Community isn’t represented in the audience or on the board. My community is not represented, it is systemic, it cannot continue, because it is supporting white supremacy. We aren’t at the table. My people are in the fields, in the prisons, are disenfranchised. The legal battle is not over. Pacifica promotes hegemony. Latinos not having access.
  21. Mansoor - The digital divide is still great only about 5,000 people listening on internet. Need to put the information on the radio, missing bigger picture. Need to use power to create an alternative. Problem is that we use enemies methods to achieve goals. Need to replace management at Pacifica - they are taking us down.

    KPFA General Manager Jim Bennett is present. Will submit written report to board. Spooner ask PNB not to judge Bennett on without the facts.
  22. Barbara Deutsch - Beware of using marketing approach to achieve goals. Matthew Lazar [Pacifica historian and author] warned the demands on Pacifica are far too large to support, that they have to be made on media at large. Beware when the victors become the factions (from Bob Fass). Compliance with censorship will further tighten a stranglehold on content. Compliance with censorship prevents open questioning.
  23. Fernando Velasquez - Check hierarchical structures at the stations. More equality and respect. Take time to get to know each other and postpone the election of the PNB chairperson.
  24. Rafael Renteria - it's great to hear Luis, Sophia and Cooper … lonely to not hear voices/Spanish language programming at KPFK. The General Manager is getting death threats. These bylaws were forced on us by a white judge, a colonial court on his land. Bylaws not legitimate. That’s why only 20% of the KPFK is people of color, 1 of 16 people of color were elected. 1 of 10 Latino men were elected. KPFK demographics … 2/3 people of color … board 1/3 people of color, half of them are green. Need to deal with reality of colonialism.
  25. Jan Goodman - One suggestion is to let audience vote on how much to divide up PNB meeting listener comment hour. Urges PNB to conduct the business that they were elected to conduct. Do not agree with everyone berating. Supports reinstating the 3 percent of the Pacifica Radio Archives budget coming from national. They also need to receive money from sales and grants, should be higher on the agenda.

Public comment ends.

Five minute presentation by KPFT director Sam Kiteka

Kiteka - It counter productive for Pacifica to do fundraising during black history month in February - shows a lack of commitment and participation with five network stations. February fundraising defeats mission of education and diversity. Many archives of black figures, Hughes, Du Bois, can be easily included in the month of February.


All positions elected using Instant Runoff voting and paper ballots as required by the Pacifica bylaws Article 9, Section 2.

Nominations for chair (person making nomination in brackets)
Henry cooper (Cooper)
Marty Durlin (Maldonado)
Ambrose Lane (Olusagun)
Gerald Sanders (Kiteka)
Dave Adelson (Adelson)

Nominees make brief statements. Ballots distributed and collected.
Clarification of voting process.

MOTION by Walker to discuss Haiti resolution while votes being counted
4 yes
8 no

Breakdown of votes for Chair (certified by CFO Lonnie Hicks) 2 members of public as observers for the count.

Adelson – 1
Durlin – 11
Sanders – 1
Cooper – 4
Lane – 4

Marty Durlin elected as chair of the PNB. [cheers from crowd]

Question - Can affiliate director be chair? A:.yes

Durlin takes over as PNB chair.

Nominations for vice chair (person making nomination in brackets)
Cooper (Warren)
Adelson (Allen) - declined
Lane (Spooner)
Walker (Allen) - declined

Breakdown of votes for Vice Chair -
Lane – 10
Cooper – 11

Henry Cooper elected as vice-chair of the PNB.

Nominations for Secretary -

Roger Manning (Spooner)
Sarv Randhawa (Adelson) – declined.

Breakdown of Votes for Secretary -

Roger Manning – 20 votes
1 abstention.

Roger Manning elected as secretary of PNB.

Secretaries Pro Tem, Sonali Kolhatkar and William Walker now sign off. 12:30 pm.

Allen coordinates. Presents committee signup grid compiled since yesterday.
Spooner- reads from bylaws Article 8, " Other Committees Of The Board Of Directors"
Must be one director from each station on each committee...
Discuss in order to clarify committee formation requirement and procedures.
Discussion of coordinating committee.

MOTION by Kolhatkar that directors to caucus with their LSBs to determine who they want to be on these committees (withdrawn until after after coordinating committed is dealt with - LSBs not involved )

MOTION by Adleson to not modify the bylaws regarding the coordinating committee, that instructions are clear. Not seconded.


MOTION by Roberts, that the 2 WPFW coordinating committee applicants agree which one of them will withdraw and then accept names from sign up sheet as amended. Seconded.
Shakir withdraws. Motion withdrawn.

Coodinating Committee will consist of Foundation officers and one director form each station:
Durlin, Cooper, Manning, Coughlin, Hicks, Spooner, LaForest, Adelson, Lane, Allen

Governance Committee

Shields description of Governance Committee from bylaws.
Hicks raises issue of the need to determine who will be able to vote on the committees - is not specified in the bylaws. Chair rules that body address this later after committees are formed.

MOTION by Walker that each station have only vote on each standing committee


AMENDMENT to the MOTION by Adelson to refer committee voting procedures to the governance committee - withdrawn

Point of order from the floor - bylaws state that these committee members must elected by Single Transferable voting (STV) with ballots.

Vote on Walker motion
yes 3
no 15

MOTION by Spooner to accept names as on signup sheet for Governance committee.
Durlin, Kolhatkar, Maldonado, Spooner, Manning, Walker, Lane, Cooper

Discussion on point of order regarding STV election
yes 16
no 3

Point of order - Walker - we broke bylaws incorrect voting procedure. Spooner - we only need to use STV when there are limited seats on a committee.

MOTION to accept names as on signup sheet for the Technology Committee
Manning, Adelson, Schroell, Randhawa, Shakir
yes 19

Programming Commitee:
Shields reads description from bylaws Article 8, Section 3 (D)

MOTION by Roberts, seconded by Shields to accept names as on signup sheet for the as ammended Programming Committee:
Olusagun, Laforest, Shields, Walker, Shakir, Rodriguez, Randhawa, Schroell, Warren
yes 19

Finance committee

Shields reads description from bylaws Article 8, Section 3 (E). Spooner clarifies that Finance committee is unique, specific to people serving, if more than one person from an area, then election required for that seat. List accessed and adjustments made - one affiliate (Santa). Discussion about eligibility for Finance committee - interpretation of "shall include" discussed.

MOTION: by Shields that "Shall include" is limiting and that
this committee include only the CFO, a director from each station and the
LSB tresurers as specifically stated in the bylaws
. Seconded by Addelson

Call question
yes 12
no 5

Vote on Shields motion
yes 8
no 9

abstain 3


MOTION by Kolhatkar to accept names as on signup sheet as amended for the finance committee

Roberts, Santa, Spooner, Shields, Warren, Cooper

call question
Yes 19

Vote on Kolhatkar motion:
yes 17

MOTION by Spooner to accept names as on signup sheet as ammended for Audit committee seconded by Walker

Kolhatkar, Allen, Walker, Maldonado, Lane

yes 19

Committees of Inclusion (COI)
Point of Order
by Spooner - the COI be elected by the LSBs reads from bylaws Article 8, Section 4.
Some clarification discussion on COI elections...

Chair Durlin runs down remaining agenda items and points out time restraints. Adelson requests that KPFK motion for the formation of an Elections Review Committee be addressed.


MOTION: by Spooner to immediately establish Executive review committee
and elections review committees with 1 volunteer director form each station and 1 affiliate director if desired and that the committees are limited to these members. Seconded by Allen


MOTION TO AMEND by Addelson that the elections review committee be formed according to the KPFK motion - that the Elections Review Committee be charged with dealing with the issues for the reasons for the lack of diversity in elections results, and the questions of class and gender in the conduct of the election - withdraws until later.

Clarification Discussion...
Hicks - must determine who is a voting member of any committee, haven't clarified the voting status of additional committee members.

MOTION to AMEND: by Roberts to divide the motion - consider the two committees separately

yes 17
no 2
MOTION divided

MOTION by Spooner part one: Immediately establish Executive review committee with 1 volunteer director form each station and 1 affiliate director if desired and that the committees are limited to these members

Queston called
yes 16
no 1

yes 14
no 5

Kiteka - needs to leave for airport, wants to present motion for committee. No objection , Chair allows motion..

MOTION by Kiteka to create standing committee to organize and develop fundraising for a $64k Pacifica remote broadcast vehicle to travel throughout the country for outreach, promotion and incorporate digital technology

Some clarification discussion - "a billboard on wheels" Santa suggest this would be a subcommittee of the technology committee

Question called
16 yes

4 yes
10 no
3 abstain

21. SCHEDULE NEXT MEETING [moved up in the agenda to accommodate directors having to leave for the airport]

MOTION: by Allen for the next PNB meeting to take place in Houston June 3,4,5,6 - retreat to take place on the 3 and 4th.
Question called
12 yes
2 no

15 yes
1 no

Directors Kiteka and Cooper leave. A quorum of 19 directors still present.


Point of Order by Maldonado were committees formed legally? - supposed to be elected ...
Spooner - yes, and we can say that the PNB chose to elect the people who volunteered.

Point of information by Adelson - the Spooner motion creating the the ad hoc Executive review committee says that it is limited to those directors just elected, aren't there supposed to be LSB members of ad hoc committees? Spooner - yes, unless determined otherwise for confidentiality.
Discussion, clarification…
Point of order by Walker that we've broken the bylaws by not using ballots to form these committees.
Point of order by Spooner - the Spooner motion was out of order because it violated the bylaws.

MOTION by Walker that the executive review committee be elected by STV. Seconded by Kolhatkar

10 yes

Executive Review committee candidates:

Kolhatkar, Shields, Randhawa, Schroell, Laforest, Walker, Roberts

Spooner clarifies voting process.

Point of order by Adleson - a specific motion needed to limit executive review committee membership to directors.

MOTION by Walker that the executive review committee be limited to directors. Seconded by Allen


Question called
13 yes
Vote on Walker motion:
5 yes
8 no

MOTION by Adelson from KPFK LSB that the PNB establish an elections review committee to assess the recent LSB elections looking especially towards the participation of candidates, outreach and publicity, voting and election especially of low income people of color , women, GLBT, and other oppressed or underrepresented communities. This committee should make recommendations to the PNB that should also be reviewed for input by each LSB.

Discussion on time restraints for todays meeting and use of the hall.

MOTION to Amend by to split motion separating diversity issues from specific administrative questions
9 yes
5 no
Motion to amend Adelson motion PASSES

SUBSTIUTE MOTION by Spooner that Addelson motion duties concerning outreach, diversity, inclusion be referred to the Committee of Inclusion as established by the bylaws.

12 yes
2 no
1 abstain

MOTION by Allen establish elections review committee to address the flaws and
problems that occurred in the first election. Seconded by Laforest.

MOTION to amend by Spooner to insert "problems in the administration of the election"
MOTION to ammend by Roberts to give June 2004 deadline for report

MOTION restated by Allen: to initiate an ad hoc elections review committee to determine ways to resolve the problems in the administration of the first election and to report at June 2004 PNB meeting.

Point of order - by Adelson that motions to amend should be voting on separately. Spooner we can vote on the motion as amended, returning to the original motion if it fails

10 yes
2 no
2 abstain

Voting results on Executive Review committee

Kolhatkar 14
Shields 11
Randhawa 11
Schroell 12
Laforest 4
Walker 3
Roberts 14

Winners: Kolhatkar, Shields, Randhawa, Schroell, Roberts

:: Break - 10 min ::

Elections review committee
Candidates nominated: Spooner, Laforest, Rodriguez, Maldonado, Olusagun, Walker, Allen
Ballots filled out and handed in.

Discussion of additional ad-hoc committees

MOTION by Roberts to not form additional ad-hoc committees at this time in the interest of workload
question called
12 yes
2 no
1 abstain

Vote on Roberts motion:
10 yes
5 no
1 abstentions

Order of the day called by Adelson - Q and A with Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer
Seconded by Spooner

Vote on not moving the agenda
3 yes

Agenda moved.


Questions for Executive Director (ED) Dan Coughlin and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Lonnie Hicks:
Sanders- what are the specifics of plans to achieve the ambitious membership increase goals?
ED- streaming listenership has concrete potential, depending on station: possibly pushing lower membership fees. Randhawa - why no funds for KPFA building problems, what ideas to reduce infighting at KPFA? ED/CFO - partnership between staff board and management is important - have talked to the paid staff nationwide to get feedback. KPFA has a reserve, LSB can allocate funds to fix building. Maldanado - what does ED see as Pacifica's current priority? The local stations may be left behind while national moves ahead with various ambitious projects. Supports not competing with NPR and others, but being different. How will we measure success? Supports measuring by accomplishments of benefit to the various communities. ED - agrees, important to get messages out, we want to have that kind impact that Pacifica's Haiti coverage had. Much what he and the GMs come up with is rooted from ground up - from inside and outside of the staitons - wbai.net, wbix etc. Roberts - CFO will be including budgets verses actuals in financial reporting? CFO: yes. Quarterly budgets will not change with income shortfalls? CFO: Who will take the lead on getting the Finance meeting going. CFO: will take lead.
Spooner - in '92 strategic planning was done without input from the stations and with much harm to Pacifica. Pacifica needs to slow down. Not against ambitious projects, but doesn't see a strategic plan that's been developed at ground level that people agree with. Supports going to the basics, dealing with programming and short term needs. Doesn't want national staff to get out ahead of local staff, boards etc. - there is no budget for these items. Supports going to the basics, dealing with programming and short term needs. Shields - request itemized report of new projects cost. What portion of levy on the stations goes to what at national, archives etc. What present needs are being met, real figures? CFO- the archive was not in budget initially, had a plan to self fund...

MOTION by Adleson to extend meeting by 60 minutes and limit questions to 2 minutes each in length

question called
yes 12

MOTION to adjourn
3 yes
8 no

Vote on motion to extend meeting by 60 minutes
7 yes
5 no

MOTION by Walker to extend to 15 minutes so directors may finish their questions.
yes 13

Q and A continues:

Walker - Stations need support. Staff and management issues need to be addressed locally and then brought to national. Lane - who decides criteria for income sources aside from listener support and foundation grants? Who makes decisions on doing national programs? CFO - must be a diversity of revenue streams. Need to try to make every project be self sustaining. Have considered a Pacifica credit card. ED - criteria national programming: will it be carried by all five stations? who will cover the expenses? Roberts - has Pacifica sought loans? CFO: has looked into it, but hasn't been possible with Pacifica's debt and bad credit - this is starting to change. Adelson - The talk of the proposed internet radio project in terms of generating revenue touches on philosophical questions of Pacifica is about.
We're just recovering. Supports more investment in spreading roots in the communities and developing volunteer base as opposed to the presented proposals.Concerned with corporate terminology and outlooks. Supports slowing down on the ambitious national projects until everybody can get behind them which will make them more successful. Manning - We have to remember the main advantage of listener supported radio, having listeners as the main income source, is that we aren't beholden, it frees up the network to do the things we do. Has held off on getting involved in the internet streaming project is that he agrees with Spooner - basic issues and needs need to be addressed first. CFO - Listeners have indicated that they want more of Pacifca and in more ways. It's the job of the ED and CFO to look to the future and come up with direction and projects, important that Pacifica doesn't get too far behind with technology and is able to compete. Santa - need to work both ends, can't get behind. Bottom up strategic planning needs to meeting top down planning. Roberts - agrees with Santa. We need to plan.

MOTION by Sanders - in evaluation to be refered to the appropriate committee:
Given the crippling effect of the numerous legal suits against Pacifica (many of these by former employees).
Be it resolved that all statements or comments regarding personnel be exclusively channeled
through the appropriate existing organizational structures (LSB's first) and then be reviewed
by our attorney's before presentation to the PNB.
Be it also resolved in at the evaluation and review of all managers that each managerial position
includes a contract of not less than one year and no more than two years.

yes 7
no 5

Meeting time has expired.
Meeting Adjourned 3:37pm

Elections Review Committee results read into meeting recording after adjourment:
Spooner 6
Laforest 3
Rodriguez 11
Maldonado 8
Olusagun 11
Walker 5
Allen 11

Election Review committee:
Spooner, Rodriguez, Maldonado, Olusagun, Allen


Roger Manning
Secretary Pacifica Board of Directors

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