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Does Pacifica have a new Executive Director?

It appears that Pacifica has hired Greg Guma to serve as Executive Director, the foundation's top management position. However, Pacifica has not issued an announcement, even though the news has been public for over two weeks, which is odd.

On 1-2-06, Danny Schecter made the following brief announcement on his website (http://www.newsdissector.org/blog/2006/01/03/monitoring-the-media/):

Media: Greg Guma, editor of the Vermont Guardian and former editor of Toward Freedom, has been named the new Executive Director of the Pacifica radio stations.

Patty Heffley, WBAI LSB member posted this notice on 1-19-05:

This is a little update on the hire of the ED since I have heard rumors that get things off to a bad start. This is all I can say, being personnel matters and all.

The PNB hires the ED. Not the committee. The committee chose finalists along with a hiring firm that the PNB contracted to help. All candidates were vetted through them and they helped conduct the interview process and background checks. The whole PNB made the decision who to hire as in the Pacifica bylaws.

Greg Guma applied for the job through the proper channels. Anyone [who] does not work for Pacifica would come from out of nowhere. Vermont is actually in the USA though.

Not only PNB members - one from each station but also an affiliates director, 2 general managers and the archives director were on the ED search committee.

[The ED search committee included Bob Lederer (WBAI), Mark Roberts (WPFW), Wendy Schroell (KPFT), Maria Armoudian (KPFK), Fadi Saba (KPFA), and Steve Pierce (affiliates).]

Interviewing the candidates for the ED all happened in executive session. All deliberations were in executive session and majority ruled. there was not one meeting that was not so. again the committee never selected an ED. that was the full PNB.

The interview process was a phone interview and then the finalists came to Houston PNB meeting for in person interviews. 2 in person interviews each, actually. I heard nasty rumors that people think that Guma was never interviewed and the other candidate was a lot. This is bunk.

Someday the Pacifica national office will put forward a press release....

patty heffley
PNB Director

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