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PNB Special Meeting

[On-Air notice required on all Pacifica radio stations - details below]:

Notice Of Special Meeting Of The Pacifica National Board
Friday July 16, 2004 via teleconference.
5 Pm Pacific, 6 Pm Mountain, 7 Pm Central, 8 Pm Eastern

The meeting will be webcast and archived on http://kpftx.org

The agenda:

1. Motion regarding establishing additional PNB meetings. Resolved: That the PNB hold regular meetings once a month between quarterly meetings at the five station areas, and that they take place via teleconference every third Monday at 5 pm Pacific Time. (10 minutes)

2. Motion to change date of September PNB in-person meeting in Washington. Resolved: That the PNB change the date of its regular September meeting from September 23-26 to September 10-12, 2004. (10 minutes)

3. Motion to fill vacancy on Technology Committee. Resolved: That William Walker be a member of the PNB Technology Committee. (5 minutes)

4. Motion to establish special rule for PNB editorial resolutions. Resolved: Whereas adoption of any resolution taking an editorial position on an issue by the Pacifica National Board constitutes a statement by the entire foundation, it's radio stations, and local boards and therefore is a serious matter, any such resolution shall require a 2/3 approval of all the directors. (10 minutes)

5. Executive Director report on Airing of Haiti Editorial. (10 minutes)

6. Discussion of A Policy to Implement Public Notice Requirements for PNB Meetings (10 minutes)

7. Report back on three board members elected for FSRN negotiations, and arranging for their involvement in ongoing negotiations (15 minutes)

8. Report back from chair on mediation options at WBAI (10 minutes)

9. Executive session to discuss legal and personnel matters.

Pacifica: 510-849-2590, http://pacifica.org



On-air announcements of next week's Special PNB meeting are required on the 5 Pacifica stations as follows:

The Pacifica bylaws (Article Six, Section 4) require that all PNB meetings are " [...] announced a minimum of 3 times daily on air for five consecutive days on all Foundation radio stations, beginning, whenever reasonably possible, no later than ten days before the date of said meeting. "


"[...] Special meetings shall require only seven (7) days advance notice."


Roger Manning
PNB Secretary


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