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Financial transparency resolutions passed by
Pacifica national board 12/20/04

1. Unbudgeted Interdivision Transfers: The National Finance Committee shall be notified of all unbudgeted interdivision transfers of funds, of the reason for the transfer, and of the repayment or reimbursement schedule, if any is applicable; b) That any unbudgeted interdivision transfer of funds in excess of $5,000 shall require approval by the National Finance Committee; and that any unbudgeted interdivision transfer of funds in excess of $20,000 shall require approval by the PNB. In the event of an emergency where it is not possible to gain NFC or PNB approval in advance of the transfer, the NFC or PNB shall be notified by email prior to the transfer, and the transfer shall be presented to the NFC or PNB for subsequent ratification after the fact.

2. Written explanation of variances: Monthly expense line items that are 10% or $10,000 (not including amounts under $1000), whichever is lesser, over budget for the month shall be explained in written notes that accompany the monthly income statements. the GMs will making the notes for each unit and the CFO make the notes for the national unit.

3. MEMSYS on-air fundraising report: The National Finance Committee shall receive the monthly MEMSYS on-air fundraising report showing the number of days for each fund drive, the total amount pledged, the total amount of fulfilled pledges, and the fulfillment rate, for each station fund drive for the previous 5 quarters, and the LSB Finance Committees shall receive such monthly reports for their respective station.

4. Membership: The National Finance Committee will receive a monthly report from the GM of each station of the number of active members (persons who have contributed $25 or more or who have volunteered 3 hours or more during the previous 12 months)

5. Monthly income statements: That the Station General Managers shall provide monthly preliminary station financial reports (Income Statements) to their respective Local Finance Committees when they close their books each month at the time they transmit their information to the national finance office.

6. Monthly payments to individuals: Members of the National Finance Committee will be provided by their local business manager with monthly headcount reports that show the names of all individuals paid by the station that month, including their positions, hours worked and amounts paid, including all individuals whose earnings are reported on either W-2 and 1099 forms. A similar monthly report will be provided ti the NFC by the National Office. This information shall be restricted to the members of the National Finance Committee and shall be discussed in executive session only.

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