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PNB Finance Committee Resolution on WBAI Budget

From: Paul Surovell
Date: Sat Sep 25, 2004 7:27 am
Subject: NFC Resolutions 9-24-04

Resolutions Passed by the Pacifica National Finance Committee, 9-24-04

[All resolutions passed without objection]

1. Resolution on WBAI Budget

Resolved that the National Finance Committee hereby requests the Executive Director to direct the WBAI General Manager to produce the following by 9-29-04 to be disseminated by email to the PNB and NFC:

The following contingency budgets:

The first based on the original management submitted budget;

The second based on the LSB recommendations of 9-21-04, which should maximize non-salaried reductions in order to comply ,and if necessary, to include cuts in salary;

And three, should salary cuts be necessary in budget number two, a third budget incorporating maximal cuts in all areas other than salaries and adjustments in income projections to produce a balanced budget;

Further, the National Finance committee requests that all said budgets include a 1-month operating reserve, cashflow projections for any anticipated salary cuts where applicable, and agrees to revisit the adopted budget by 11-15-04.


2. Resolution on Process to Improve WBAI Fundraising

The National Finance Committee asks the Pacifica National Board to endorse a process involving the WBAI LSB and WBAI management and the Pacifica Executive Director and CFO to find ways to improve WBAI's fundraising performance.


3. Resolution to Revisit All Budgets by 12-3-04

The National Finance Committee agrees to revisit the National Office budget and all other budgets by 12-3-04.


4. The National Finance Committee recommends to the Pacifica National Board that the proposed FYR05 budget be approved once all contingencies have been fully discussed and disclosed.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Surovell
Pacifica National Finance Committee

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