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California Legislature Asks
Pacifica For Records 6-1-01

The following letter was recently sent to Pacifica chair David Acosta by John Burton (D-San Francisco) , President Pro Tem of the California State Senate



Mr. David Acosta
Chair, Pacifica Foundation
2390 Champlain Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20009

Dear Mr. Acosta:

The California Legislature continues to have strong concerns about actions by Pacifica Radio and the impact of those actions on its stations and listeners.

Specifically, I am requesting information and clarification of the following situations that have been brought to the Legislature's attention:

* Pacifica's refusal to share KPFA's financial information with KPFA management;

* Pacifica's use of KPFA listener-donated money for Pacifica's own legal fees;

* Pacifica's use of funds to oppose union organizing.

On their face, none of these issues seem to be in sync with Pacifica's public broadcasting responsibility or its mission as a California non-profit corporation.

Your timely and thorough response to the above will be appreciated, and may relieve the Legislature of the need to hold a formal hearing, with all that entails, into these issues.

Peace & friendship,

John Burton

------- End of forwarded message -------


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