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If these are for real... 9-9-01

I can't validate the following posts from http://www.goodlight.net/wbai/,
but thought people who hadn't seen them would want to see them.

Roger M. webmaster@wbai.net

[Mark Cooper is the "Pacifica" installed "manager" at KPFK, Los Angeles]

Juli Rudeani
Repost: Marc Cooper memo to Yasko
Wed Sep 5 12:34:01 2001

Marc Cooper
repost from KPFT Board
Tue Sep 4 23:07:25 2001


From: Marc Cooper
To: Steve Yasko

Sent: Friday, August 31, 2001 8:45 PM
Subject: From Marc

Steve: I have been around Pacifica Radio for more than 20 years (most of them as an observer fortunately) and I have seen it produce a bumper crop of mediocrities and incompetents. But I have to say, your handling -- better, mishandling-- of your purview is simply breathtaking.

I think it only proper to remind you that back in the first days of February, when we met in Mark Schubb's office, already a month into Amy's signing off from the "fired and banned," I told you directly that if it continued to go on unabated it would blow up the network. Your answer was to mumble something inane about "censorship."

Well, congratulations. Here we are six months later, and you and Bessie have driven the network into the ground. I have no need here to list any of the outrages that have been created by three factors: Amy's outrageousness, your inability to manage, and the network's propensity for MIS-management when the messes it creates finally boil over. We sit in Los Angeles .. what? Some fifteen days into the latest crisis you have let spin out of control, and we get nothing, zilch, nada from you.

Try to remember that it is actually those of us with talent who pay your bills and keep you employed. But you apparently feel no need to keep us informed -- daily-- as to the progress (SIC) of what is happening. But then again, even that thought presupposes you have any sort of strategy in the first place. Instead, we get that painfully embarrassing load of crap in the Washington Post in which Bessie is quoted chiding KPFK of all places. You and Bessie have managed to destory what little support you had. When I tried to deal with you like an adult a few months ago and when I reminded you that alienating me would cost the network $350,000 a year, your terribly insulting and childish reply was that I should up take up my grievances with Amy. At least Amy earns her own way. And you? What exactly are your contributions to this network, other than your travel re-imbursement invoices? Saul Landau, who stuck his neck WAY out for Pacifica has now very wisely withdrawn his support. You guys even managed to screw up what help you had with AFTRA. After a proper agreement was struck with them, the morons who run WBAI -- with no scrutiny from Pacifica-- then went on to the air to gloat over Amy and now you have AFTRA supporting her demand to broadcast from off-site.

I am sure it makes absolutely no difference to you, but I feel compelled to let you know that it is you, Steve, and your genius boss Bessie, much more than Amy that has obligated me to cut my schedule at KPFK in half. I can't imagine that I will even maintain that schedule for much longer -- there's only so much intellectual insult anyone can take. To come back to that meeting with you last February: at the end of it, when you expressed your impotence vis a vis Amy, I told you rather angrily that you were a "dead man walking" i.e. that you had just destroyed your own chance of survival in the network. Obviously, I was correct. You have no future and you have helped make sure the network has the same dismal fate.

The least you can do at this point is resign. In fact, it is an insult to all of us that you have not yet done so. I have not publically spoken out on the issue. You and Bessie have made that impossible as I do not know a single functioning human being that wants to be associated with the toxic mess you have generated. I am sure you are busy job hunting, because even you must sense the ensuing disaster. But do us all a favor, please. Do your job search on someone else's nickel. This network has been bled dry by the antics of its own management. Have the minimal deceny, would you, to accept your responsibily in this debacle. Issue your resignation statement and allow this network to die with at least a scrap of dignity. If not, then I and others will be forced to speak out publically. And we won't be talking about Amy.

Marc Cooper


From: maudedwards@h...
Date: Sat Sep 8, 2001 1:33 pm
Subject: Re: Yasko Resignation

--- In NewPacifica@y..., Nathan Privitt msplupp@f... wrote:
> This just appeared on the WBAI forum board. Can anyone here help in
> determining its authenticity?

I cannot answer, but the following is the source for that post a la Arin's - not the same source as earlier posts which were @rcn(?) or something close to that. This time return address is sypacifica@a...

                 Bell Atlantic (NETBLK-BELL-ATLANTIC)
                    1880 Campus Commons Drive
                    Reston, VA 20191
                    Netname: BELL-ATLANTIC
                    Netblock: -
                    Maintainer: BAIS
                       Verizon Global Networks Inc.  (ZV20-ARIN)  noc@g...
                       (703) 295-4583
                    Domain System inverse mapping provided by:
                    Record last updated on 19-Jul-2001.
                    Database last updated on 7-Sep-2001 23:28:25 EDT.


Stephen Yasko
[subject] None
Sat Sep 8 10:44:56 2001

Given the unrelenting, homophobic smear campaign that has taken place in this forum, I am announcing my resignation here so the news will spread fast and you all can go on to your next activity.

Effective September 15, 2001, I will no longer be the National Program Director of Pacifica. Before you all gloat too much, I did not make this choice because of your attacks on me. I made this decision because Pacifica cannot move forward until it is free from persecution. This persecution is executed by people who say they are champions of free speech and tolerance, but use the tactics of hate and bigotry to achieve their ends. I donít know what drives you, but I choose not to be a part of it. Unfortunately, that choice means I must also not be part of an organization that has the potential to change the political discourse in this country.


[poster's info from the goodlight source code for the Yasko message:
IP address =
User Agent = Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows 98; Win 9x 4.90)]


[ this just posted on the http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NewPacifica list]

From: Frank Fitzgerald [moderater of the goodlight message board]
Date: Sun Sep 9, 2001 2:56 pm
Subject: Yasko resigning

Steve Yasko has confirmed by email to me that a post on the goodlight board stating that he is resigning - is genuine.



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