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Pacifica Campaign Action in CA 6-8-01


On June 8, 2001, a group of six Pacifica Campaign activists met early in the morning to prepare flyers on Ken Ford and the NAHB, which were enclosed in the Vulture flyers to be passed out at the Inland Empire P.A.S.S. (Purchasing Agents and Suppliers Seminar, an extension of the BIA/SC (the Southern California affiliation of NAHB).

The organization was having a luncheon at the Double Tree Hotel in Ontario. The Luncheon and Trade Show, with about 400 attendees, started at 10:30 a.m. Five Pacifica Campaign Activists entered the ballroom close to 12:00 Noon, about 10 minutes before lunch was announced and people invited to take their seats at the round tables and one remained outside. As people were sitting down to lunch, the activists began to place flyers on almost every chair (in some cases handing them directly to the guests). One activist walked directly to the podium and started speaking over the microphone about Ken Ford and his role in the Pacifica crisis. She continued for at least a minute before the microphone was turned off, and throughout the time she was being pushed out of the room by a woman, the activist continued shouting out her message, chanting "Ken Ford must resign."

Meanwhile, the four other activists handed out flyers, in some instances speaking to the people, until three were individually told to leave, apparently by the organizers of the event. One activist was never apprehended and continued passing around the fliers until she noticed that her companions were gone and then quickly left through the nearest exit.

This action was very successful and a preliminary foray to remind the clients of the Builders Industries Association of Southern California (BIA/SC) that the Pacifica Campaign and the Free Pacifica activists will not rest until Ken Ford resigns from the Pacifica National Board.


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