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Micheal Palmer Resigns From the
Pacifica National Board 5-15-01

From the list at: http://savewbai.tao.ca

At the hearings today in Washington, DC a message was read from Pacifica Board Chair David Acosta announcing the resignation of Pacifica Board Treasurer Micheal Palmer of Houston. Palmer is known as the author of the misdirected memo that revealed Board discussions of the sale of KPFA and/or WBAI in 1999.

Palmer's resignation follows shortly after the announcement by the Pacifica Campaign of nationwide pickets of the real estate firm CB Richard Ellis where Palmer is employed.



Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 22:01:16 -0400
Subject: Pacifica Board Officer Resigns
From: Juan Gonzalez

Dear Friends,

Micheal Palmer, treasurer of the Pacifica Foundation, has resigned.

Palmer, a vice-president in the Houston, Texas, office of CB Richard Ellis, a commercial real estate firm, was one of the key figures in the group of Pacifica directors who illegally changed the Foundation's by-laws to reduce democratic accountability to listeners and who sought to stamp out dissident voices and free speech among staff. He is also the board member who proposed in a 1999 e-mail to former chairwoman Mary Frances Berry the sale of KPFA and/or WBAI.

The resignation comes just a few days after members of the Pacifica Campaign in Los Angeles visited the corporate headquarters of CB Richard Ellis and spoke with a top assistant to the Chief Executive Officer of the company about Palmer's role in Pacifica. We also mentioned to the CEO the upcoming national day of action against CB Richard Ellis, slated for May 24.

After that meeting, we were informed that the office was flooded with calls and e-mails. Yesterday, Denis Moynihan of the Pacifica Campaign, spoke with Palmer by telephone, reminding him that the Pacifica reform movement was preparing protests at CB Richard Ellis offices around the country. (Previously, the Pacifica Campaign and other groups had picketing CB Richard Ellis offices in Houston and Long Island, NY.)

Clearly, Palmer decided that his continued presence on the Pacifica Board in the face of such widespread listener opposition was no longer tenable. We applaud his decision and wish him well in his future endeavors. At the same time, we reject his contention in his resignation letter that he was being hounded by a violent "blackmail" movement. Ours is a peaceful movement to restore Pacifica to its original mission.

While Palmer's resignation is an important victory, there are still several other members on the board who stubbornly cling to power. We urge them to listen to reason and to the pleas of thousands of listeners. All those responsible for the anti-labor policies, the censorship, the climate of fear and hostility in the network, must now step aside. It is time for new leadership, one committed to Pacifica's historic mission and one democratically accountable to staff, listeners and community.

Meanwhile, he listener boycott moves into high gear this week. On May 18, the five-day a week Free Speech Radio News will begin broadcasting. This will be financed in part by the generous donations many of you have made to the Pacifica Campaign. Already, 17 community radio stations have agreed to drop the Pacifica Network News (PNN) and to replace it with Free Speech Radio News. Verna Avery-Brown, the former PNN anchor, will now be the anchor of Free Speech Radio News.

Our movement is growing. We urge Pacifica Chairman David Acosta, Vice Chair Ken Ford, John Murdock and others on the board to do the right thing -- resign now! The Pacifica Campaign will not rest until ALL the hijackers have resigned from the National Board.

Please be sure and join actively in the boycott movement and protests outside the Pacifica stations. Let us redouble our efforts. And don't give a penny to Pacifica until the rest of the board has resigned.

In struggle,