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The hijackers lie again. Contact them NOW

From: Bob Lederer
Subject: URGENT ACTION: Email PNB--turn over control

URGENT: The Pacifica National Board (PNB) majority, after footdragging for two weeks on its promised--but very flawed--deal for reorganizing the Board, is now blocking a final settlement of the lawsuits that would turn over genuine control to the dissidents. A final decision may be made at any moment, perhaps today.

Concerned Friends of WBAI is calling on everyone to email the Pacifica National Board (PNB) RIGHT THIS MINUTE to support a plan to reclaim our stations. Demand that the PNB dissidents immediately be given genuine control of the network. Formulations which give veto power to the old guard are unacceptable. A simple majority is all that is required by the by-laws for all decisions but by-law amendments, and that is what we demand! (SEE SAMPLE LETTER AT THE END OF THIS EMAIL.)


At the past Pacifica National Board meeting in Washington DC on November 16-18th, there was an agreement by both sides to replace the current board with a 15-member transitional board comprised of 5 hijackers, 5 dissidents and 5 local advisory board appointees (one from each of the five stations). In real-world terms, that would give dissidents a 9-6 majority--but the deal included a requirement that all decisions be made by a 2/3 vote (i.e., 10 votes out of 15). Under this rule, attempts by the transitional board to make decisions might often result in a stalemate vote. With the board unable then to pass resolutions, the Pacifica network could not move forward and would not be in the position to be reclaimed.

Since the meeting, the PNB majority has dragged its feet, refused to implement even this flawed deal, and now opened talks to not only change the Board's composition, but to also fully settle the lawsuits. In those talks, the majority is now floating another scheme to grant themselves some form of veto power over future decisions. This is the sticking point blocking a settlement.

------------------SAMPLE LETTER_____________

Dear PNB member,

The Pacifica Network urgently requires drastic changes to return to its mission. We need new leadership that is empowered to make changes. The standard for decision-making should continue to follow the by-laws: a SIMPLE MAJORITY for all but by-laws amendments.

Do the right thing. Hand over the reins of power to the dissidents with dignity. And do it now.




gbarnstone@pdq.net, RWLC@aol.com, prbram@aol.com, lesliecagan@igc.org, Valrie.Chambers@mail.tamucc.edu, valriechambers@aol.com, voterparticipate@netscape.net, dick@dickgregory.com, wendell_L_johns@fanniemae.com, harav1@aol.com, tomasmoran@aol.com, jmurdock@ebglaw.com, robrobin@erols.com, krishnaroy@aol.com, kroy@agcenter.org

Note: Bert Lee has no email. You can fax him at (202) 248-1896.

Also if you can, place calls with this demand to the offices of John Murdock (202-861-0900), the most adamant opponent of turning over power, and Bob Farrell (310-514-2052), the PNB Chair who has now twice failed to deliver on promised agreements. If you have time to make more calls, here are the nos. of other majority board members:

Wendell L. Johns, Treasurer
Fannie Mae, Washington DC

Bertram M. Lee
202-248-1896 Valrie Chambers, CPA PhD
Work tel: 361-825-6012
Fax: 361-825-2725

Marion Barry
Tel: 202-562-7564

George Barnstone
Tel: (713 ) 524-9131

James Ferguson
Congress of National Black Churches
(202) 296-5657
Fax: (202) 296-4939

Krishna Roy

Dick Gregory
Tel: 508-746-7427

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