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Another Pacifica national hijacker wimps out

From: Deborah Speer satrngrl@p...
Date: Wed Jul 18, 2001 3:09 pm
Subject: Andrea Cisco has resigned!

Kris Welch just announced on "Living Room" that Andrea Cisco has just resigned! That makes the Pacifica National Board breakdown 6-5, a one-member margin of majority for the usurpers.

Kris is devoting her full hour to the Pacifica Crisis. Outside of the KPFA and KFCF listening areas, listen in at:


plug either of those URLS into a Real Audio, WinAmp or Windows Media Player to listen.

Woo hoo!


Wed, 18 Jul 2001 03:15:19 -0700
July 17, 2001

Dear Best Beloveds,

Today Judge Sabraw ruled for us!

He refused to permit the Pacifica Board Majority to hold an "emergency" meeting today to pack 5 more directors on the board. According to the board majority's lawyer, Daly Temchine, at least two majoirty directors will be resigning soon due to the pressure of the protesters. However, Judge Sabraw ruled that was a "personal" emergency, not an "institutional" emergency, and that no harm would come to Pacifica by some of its directors resignations. Judge Sabraw said he was enforcing the stipulation the board majority had entered into with us to give 30 days notice of any intended election to the board of directors -- not ruling on the "legality" of such elections. He said Pacifica is free to give 30 days notice of elections if they wish, and that we would then be free to seek an injunction against such elections if we wished.

We don't know whether the majority directors will give notice of any meeting to elect directors. Perhaps not, if they are going to lose their majority before then. The current make-up of the board is 7 "majority" directors and 5 "dissident" directors. So the resignations of two "majority" directors would result in a deadlocked board. Also, at today's hearing, Mr. Temchine reported that one of the proposed "nominees" -- Susan Estrich -- has declined the nomination.

Our attorneys were excellent in defending the free speech rights of the protesters.. Judge Sabraw was not impressed with Mr. Temchine's characterizations of the protesters as violent "terrorists" and "vigilantes."

Our feeling is that the tide has turned. They made a desperate move to try to maintain their board majority and lost. Their strength is waning, ours is growing. Perhaps it will not be much longer!

I cannot tell you all how grateful I am for your unwavering support these past two years, and how grateful I am also to our friends Dave Adelson, Pete Bramson, Leslie Cagan, Sherry Gendelman, Rabbi Aaron Kriegel, Barbara Lubin, Miguel Maldonado, Tomas Moran, Robbie Osman, and Rob Robinson -- the plaintiffs & clients in the 3 lawsuits that have been consolidated with our listeners' suit -- and to John Biello, Carolyn Birden, Arturo Griffifths, Kurt Guerdrum, Dick Hague, Leigh Hauter, Patty Heffley, Barbara MacQuiddy, Rick Potthoff, Chuck Scurich and Ron Swart, who joined me as plaintiffs in the "listeners' lawsuit two years ago.
Date: Wed Jul 18, 2001 4:43 pm
Subject: Slight Correction -- re: Andrea Sisco Quits Board! - Spooner et al. on KPFA/Living Room
NOW (12-1 pm Wednesday)

Pacifica board majority lawyer, Daly Temchine, notified our lawyers in writing today that Andrea Cisco has accepted the offer of the plaintiffs and cross-complainants to dismiss her from all lawsuits, and all claims against her, if she agrees to resign from the Pacifica Board. The offer was made to all 7 remaining board majority directors on July 9th and expires at 5 p.m. on July 19th. Ms. Cisco has not YET resigned, the paperwork for dismissal and waiver of claims against her must be completed and signed by all parties, first, for her resignation to be effective. However, she is now legally bound to resign, and the papers will be completed as FAST as possible. We are hoping that 2-3 more directors will accept our offer before 5 o'clock tomorrow. If that occurs, Mr. Temchine will no longer be the lawyer for the board "majority"! And champagne, dancing, and all merriment will most definitely appropriate.

--Carol Spooner
Committee to Remove the Pacifica Board
(sponsoring the "listeners' lawsuit")


Date sent: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 18:45:48 -0400
Subject: Pacifica Campaign News
From: Pacifica Campaign


Pacifica Board Secretary Andrea Cisco has resigned. She confirmed the move in a conversation this afternoon with Pacifica Campaign activist and fired WBAI Program Director Bernard White. Pacifica board majority lawyer Daly Temchine also notified lawyers for the Pacifica litigants that she was prepared to step down.

Technically, the resignation will become effective when the paperwork for a dismissal of all claims against her by the Pacifica litigants -- the Local Advisory Board members, the dissident National Board members and listeners -- has been completed. The plaintiffs from the legal actions have offered to dismiss all claims against the majority Pacifica Board members if they resign by Thursday, July 19, at 5:00 pm.

The Cisco resignation brings the number of defections from the corporate clique to five since February, when we launched our campaign. The other Pacifica board members that have resigned are: Chair David Acosta, Treasurer Micheal Palmer and members Karolyn Van Putten and Frank Millspaugh.

The Pacifica Campaign thanks Andrea Cisco for doing the right thing. We urge Pacifica board members Ken Ford, John Murdock, Bert Lee, Wendell L. Johns, Valrie Chambers and Bob Farrell to respond in kind. Please continue to write and call them. Ask them to put the interests of Pacifica Radio first. Visit: http://www.progressiveportal.org/letters/pacifica/resign/ Every day that the network's precious resources are wasted on lawyers' fees and high-powered Beltway PR firms in a fight for their untenable position is another breach of fiduciary responsibilities.

This latest resignation is a victory for people power. And as long as we stay vigilant, disciplined and united, and stick to our movement's humanistic values, we will achieve our goals. Let's keep the pressure on!!

In solidarity,

Juan Gonzalez



most of the above from the list at: http://savewbai.tao.ca

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