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Camp WBAI in Brooklyn 7-15 to 7-17-01

Emergency Effort to Stop the Election of New Board Members


Vigil in front of Andrea Cisco's home/office, from 8 PM Sun. July 15 through 8 PM Tuesday, July 17th

Where: 98 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, A train to Borough Hall and transfer to the #54 Bus to Myrtle and Vanderbilt Ave, - or - take the G trtain to Clinton and Washington Ave., walk 3 blocks to 98 Vanderbilt.


Last week, the shrinking, illegitimate majority on the Pacifica Board of Directors made another desperate attempt to forestall the inevitable restoration of Pacifica to the guidance of the listeners and other stakeholders in the network. Their lead attorney, Daly Temchine, of Epstein, Becker & Green, sent a letter to the California judge overseeing the cases, asking for an emergency meeting on Tuesday, July 17th.

The purpose of the meeting would be to nominate and elect new Directors to the Board, allowing several of the current, embattled Board majority members to resign. Temchine credited the pressure campaign underway nationally with prompting the impending resignations, while grossly misrepresenting the campaign to the judge as "unrelenting harassment." That is corporate attorney lingo for mass nonviolent, Constitutionally-protected resistance.

Wrote Temchine, "As a consequence of this campaign more directors have been forced to consider resignation. The status quo will be altered and needs to be restored...." Temchine also wrote that the five proposed new members are former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, Dick Gregory, Democratic Party mouthpiece Susan Estrich, James Ferguson and George Barnstone of Houston.

Plaintiffs in the three lawsuits against Pacifica filed a motion for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), which will be decided upon on Tuesday morning.

Andrea Cisco met with Bernard White and Bok'keem Nyerere of Community for Progressive Radio (CPR - http://activistradio.org) today, Sunday, and Cisco persisted with her mantra that she would continue to "think about resigning." Concerned listeners and supporters of WBAI/Pacifica will maintain a continuous vigil at 98 Vanderbilt Ave, Cisco's home/office.

For more info, call The Pacifica Campaign at 646-230-9588.

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