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Act NOW to prevent packing of the
Pacifica Naional Board 7-16-01

7-16-01: Audio report on Democracy Now!
website http://www.webactive.com/webactive/pacifica/demnow.html


Mon Jul 16 21:05:41 2001

Hello --

Thank you for writing letters about Pacifica Radio via ProgressivePortal.org in the past.

This morning it was reported on Democracy Now! that an attempt will be made TOMORROW, Tuesday July 17, to pack the Pacifica Foundation board with more supporters of the ruling junta.

Included in the list of names they are submitting are Susan Estrich, a bigwig in the Michael Dukakis campaign; comedian-turned-activist-turned-health-nut Dick Gregory; and disgraced former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry. The list also includes a real-estate wheeler-dealer (George Barnstone) and someone named Rev. James Ferguson, about whom I have no information at present.

Some of these people will be difficult to dislodge once they are entrenched, so we must step up the pressure NOW, tonight and tomorrow.

Progressive Portal has just posted a new letter in place of the Ken Ford letter. (The Ford letter will return soon, but I didn't have time to redesign the site today to show both letters.)

PLEASE go to
and send a letter immediately.

PLEASE contact your own communities and lists, and ask them to do likewise immediately.

Because of the ongoing litigation, a judge must approve these appointments. Even if the judge does NOT approve, writing to these people now will still have a chilling effect on any subsequent attempts that may be made to pack the board, so even if you hear that the judge has ruled, up or down, please continue to send letters.

Thank you!

Your Internet Starting-Point for Progressive Activism
Steve Freedkin * Webweaver@ProgressivePortal.org

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