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Latest spewage from "Pacifica's"
national programming director 8-3-01

Thought I'd pass along this creepy memo to Pacifica affiliates from Steve Yasko, Pacifica's national programming director and Amy Goodman's chief tormentor, preceded by an astute analysis of it by KPFA LAB Member Mark Hernandez. Let's be on guard for what Yasko seems to be subtlely threatening: a crackdown on outspoken on-air Pacifica dissidents.

Bob Lederer


Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 19:28:46 -0500 (CDT)
From: Mark Hernandez markh@repairnet.com
BSubject: Pacifica Affiliates Information (fwd)

Well...Mr. Yasko seems to be thinking a bit...with a little help from the new Pacifica attorneys, no doubt.

Examine the 'spin cycle' on this...

In the first paragraph, we are now told that the Pacifica Campaign is orchestrating violent actions.

In the second, he asks for the complainers to call; and if they do and have not been paying their affiliate fees, they will no doubt be 'reminded' that they need to be paying in order to play.

The third para is the interesting one...read it over very carefully. I think it is the opening that is intended to be used against Amy Goodman, once and for all: Conflict of Interest.

The fourth merely underlines this more clearly; Pacifica will be "reviewing" the situation with the stations and news departments, and taking action.

It would appear that they are going to try another run at making Pacifica and its stations irrelevant in political reporting, and are using a twisted set of legalisms to justify cracking down on those speaking out even more.

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Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2001 16:16:39 EDT
From: SYPACIFICA@aol.com
Reply-To: nfcb@nfcb.org
To: nfcb@nfcb.org
Subject: [NFCB] Pacifica Affiliates Information

It has come to my attention that the Pacifica Campaign has put together what it calls "A Travel Team of Activists" to go out to Pacifica Affiliates to discuss what they call "the crisis." Of course, this group will give only their side of the story and I must remind you that they inspired the brutal on-air attack of a Pacifica employee. I am always available to chat about what our shows put on the air.

My first concern is that our affiliates are happy with our programming and the content it delivers. If you are not happy with that content, I hope you will call me to discuss it.

Second, I know some of you are concerned about the "the behind the scenes" political issues that shape Pacifica. I have heard from several General Managers that the ongoing intrusion of the internal politics of Pacifica have no place on your air and endangers the carriage of our programs. I fully agree. Yet, on occasion, Pacifica as an organization is involved with bona fied news events that may rise to the level of coverage on our own air.

To that end, Don Rush is beginning a conversation with our national and station based news programs to define how Pacifica staffers cover events pertaining to the Foundation. As a related aspect, there will also be a discussion of how a reporter who actively participates in an event, or is an activist for a particular cause, should handle that association on the air. We are particluarly concerned not only with actualy conflicts of interests, but the perception of a conflict of interest.

This discussion is just beginning and as this evolves, I am sure Don will be in touch with you individually or as a group.

Steve Yasko

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Mark Hernandez
KFCF Volunteer | FFCF Member | KPFA Volunteer/LAB Member

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