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"Pacifica" National Program Director's
porn site info 9-3-01

From http://savewbai.tao.ca :

This is for real. I have spent a better part of the weekend reviewing these websites.

Yasko has operated under an internet persona "Mike Bilt" since at least 1997

Here is the internet registration:

           Stephen Yasko (MIKEBILT-DOM)
              721 Thornwood Drive
              Odenton, MD 21113

              Domain Name: MIKEBILT.COM

              Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
                 Yasko, Stephen  (SY352)  mikebilt@SMART.NET
                 721 Thornwood Drive
                 Odenton, MD 21113
                 410-519-3067 (FAX) 410-519-3067
              Technical Contact:
                 DNS Administrator  (DA21-ORG)  
                 Smartnet Internet Services, LLC
                 8562 Laureldale Drive
                 Laurel, MD 20724
                 Fax: 410-792-4571

              Record last updated on 24-Feb-2001.
              Record expires on 14-Feb-2002.
              Record created on 13-Feb-1997.
              Database last updated on 3-Sep-2001 19:00:00 EDT.

              Domain servers in listed order:



Here are the keywords entered into the source code of the home page www.mikebilt.com for use by search engine robots

<meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en-us">
<meta http-equiv="description" content="Mike Billt's Gay World.  
Everything you'll need to find gay sex in any any city like San 
Francisco, New York, Washington DC, Miami and others. Plus you 
can find sex resources like how to suck cock and get your ass 
<meta http-equiv="keywords" content="gay, san francisco, new 
york washington, dc, baltimore, dallas, seattle, los angeles, gay 
sex, gay free porn, sucking, fucking, butt fucking, mike billt, anne 
arundel county maryland, dupont circle, castro, silver lake, south 

Yasko's phone number was recently distributed for listeners to call and complain about his harassment of Democracy Now! Yasko threatened several people with reporting them to the police for calling him at home. He called me twice, threatening to place a call to my home every time a listener called his. He complained about what he considered a violation of his privacy.

Yet, this is a guy with a webcam in his home connected to his website. He turned off the camera over the weekend after the URL of this page was posted on a WBAI-related message board.

Here's some of the source code of the page with the webcam


<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-
<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="60">
<meta http-equiv="Page-Enter" 
<meta name="description" content="Watch me live on my web 
cam. Gay man who likes to get dressed around 6:45 am.">
<meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage 4.0">
<meta name="keywords" content="webcam, gay stud, web cam, 
sex, naked, sex, pictures">
<title>Mike Live</title>

Now, anyone is free to make any kind of website they want, and no doubt Yasko will stand on his "free speech rights," the same rights he has been actively working to deny to Amy Goodman and others.

Here's an example of stooopid and mysogynistic content by Yasko, this from

   <title>Evelyn & Aquanetta Go On-Line</title>
   <meta name="GENERATOR" content="Mozilla/2.01Gold 
<body text="#FFFFFF" bgcolor="#CC0000" link="#FFFF00" 
vlink="#00FFFF" alink="#00FFFF">

<h1 align=center>Evelyn & Aquanetta Go On-Line</h1>

<center><p><img src="rule18.gif" border=0 height=22 

<p>Evelyn Codry and her daughter Aquanetta Smiff are naughty. 
They love to prank. Listen in as they tease and torment their 
unfortunate victims in search of bras, panties and bingo halls!</p>

But what is really interesting to me are the "e-pinion" reviews he has written of his various travel experience that give insight into the thought processes and fiscal actvities of Pacifica management.

Some comments from his e-pinion postings


"'m in radio and the biggest feature for me is the ability to record off the built in FM tuner and then turn it into an mp3 file on my computer. If you're in radio, I strongly urge you to expense this little baby. Your job will be so much easier. In radio, we often have to air check our talent or shows. With just a click of a button, I can record what I need and play it back.

Given the FM tuner/record feature and the ability to record personal notes through its built in microphone, this is really a businessman's tool, not just a high priced replacement for gym music. I routinely record thoughts I have in the car on the way to work and then attach them to email messages. My staff, well, they don't think it's so great, but I do.



I went with the Pocket PC over Palm here since I have a lot of web sites that I need to check for work. I'm not sure if the Palm M505 will come a full browser once a modem for it is released and I kept getting the "in a couple of weeks" answer from the geeks at the stores. Speed goes to the Palm for sure, and so does simplicity of use. But all in all, I need more than just contacts, calander and to- do list. After all, if that is all you're going to use a PDA for, than stay low on the food chain. My boss has a M505 but she's really a M100 user with fetish for spending more than she as needs for. Pocket PC comes with Media players already included too. "


Looks: You know how some cars are "girls" cars? This looks like a "girls" printer. In a departure from the square design of other models, the 777 looks like the new Volkswagen Beatle (that's a girls car by sales figures by the way). There is the 777i, as in iMac with a translucent colored cover. I keep mine in cabinet, away from friend's judgmental eyes. I show them the output.


Output: This is my third Epson color inject printer and every generation has been better and better. First thing I did was print a mixed document that included a photo, clip art, text, headlines, shading and other complex elements. WOW. Just perfect saturation and matching to monitor colors. Now of course I used a dirty picture.it just wouldn't be me if I didn't and frankly, the dude printed better than in a copy of Honcho!



Well, my mother in law gave me a Calphalon pizza pan for Christmas last year and it has sat in the basement ever since. **I am a traditionalist** after all. But my job has gotten so stressful, that cooking has become a chore, not an avocation. The job is so stressful, I had to promise to make pizza for my partner or risk divorce on the grounds I couldn't get my professional life in perspective.


Those are only a few of the 38 posted e-pinion reviews by Mike Bilt aka Yasko

This is the sort fool that they expect to tell Amy Goodman what ought to be on her program? Who would listen to opinions about news coverage from a person like this? Amy Goodman is a model of self-restraint. Can you imagine having a bozo like this "supervising" your program content? Futhermore, he seems to take the destruction of Pacifica he is causing, as a joke, all in a days work. It's all about status and social climbing.

Here's another review of his "work-related" expenditures at a conference paid for by listener-sponsors. No wonder they want big donors, this is how they waste the money of the hard-working and often poor people who give



The Cuban influence from its cigar factory days is evident in the thick green and brown tile work throughout the long, high ceilinged lobby. There is a long porch out front on the circular drive that serves as the perfect post-business meeting wind down and drink location. I was there for a 5 day meeting and it was a welcome space. There are also intimate nooks in the lobby to sit as well and of course there is a full bar area. The bar is located with the restaurants, which is nice so you if you want quiet space, you can have it, if you want more aggressive partying, you can have that too.

But the rooms, well one type of room, is why I will always remember and recommend this hotel. The hotel is composed of two towers and all the rooms are large and decorated tastefully. Tasteful everything is a starting point here, there is nothing you won't love. The ground floor of the south tower is comprised of what they call "garden rooms." But there are no gardens! There is, however, your own personal four person hot tub on the patio of each room! Wow! What a great thing, make some coffee, open the door, take a soak. Get back after a day of meeting, raid the wine in the mini bar, open the door, take a soak. Naked, swimsuit, alone, a party, whatever.

I will never forget conducting a presentation for some folks who missed my session in the hot tub. We suited up (it was a business meeting after all) and took a soak while sat on the edge flipping through paper copies of my Powerpoint presentation. We all had a great time.

The service here is nothing short of perfect. First class hotels of this nature have service down to an art and the Vinoy is prime example of how to keep things perfect and never let you down when you need special help. They helped me order gifts for our VIPs staying at both the Vinoy and other hotels in the area. I bought 20 gift baskets of various trinkets in 20 minutes. I just told him who drank beer, who drank wine, who didn't eat cheese, etc., and they took care of the rest. The food in this place is nothing short of perfection, no matter if you're having lunch or dinner in one of the three restaurants or setting up a lunch for 500. I bought a lot of catering for this meeting and they took such good care of us. I like to go off menu and impress our folks at this meeting. I work in public radio, full of vegetarians, vegans, and other assorted needs. They did a steamed salmon entrée that just aced the crowd. Not only that, but the black bean soup that preceded it won raves from my folks. And I like folks to rave about what I buy them.

The catering staff was perfection as well. They were sincerely interested in doing their best. At one party, we wanted frozen drinks for 500, not an easy task really, the bartender was such a pal, making everyone something special just to their taste. The room captains ran my events with skill and comfort.

Now, here is the clincher for you sports fans. The Marlin's stadium is within walking distance and the visiting baseball teams stay at the Vinoy. While I was there the New York Yankees were there (that Jose Conseco, what a macho cliché!) as well as the Cleveland Indians. My hometown Baltimore Orioles had just left. It added a special excitement to our meeting.

The facilities are just perfection. Tennis, pools, an large (but off site, served by limo transportation) first class golf course are just the start of this hotel. The weight room is better than any gym I've been in and the locker rooms are truly places to relax with steam rooms, saunas, whirlpools, televisions, and other items to pamper yourself when you can find the time. Massages, facials, and other pampering treatments are available on short notice, but require an appointment. I got a massage within two hours of thinking about it.

Oh, price. Sure it's not cheap, but it is worth it especially if work is paying. I would even try to wrangle a low rate for a personal stay too. Expect to pay $200 a night for regular room. The garden rooms are about 20% higher depending on season.

Don't grimace when the boss says the convention is in St. Pete, just stay at the Vinoy!

Have a fabu day!


Here's some "management" product by Yasko at NPR shortly before he came to Pacifica, and the response of the Car Talk people, who lampooned it

What is abundantly clear is that Yasko does not belong in his present position.




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