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Michael Parenti objects


Below is a statement from radical scholar Michael Parenti. I had been told that Michael recently appeared on Marjorie Moore's show on WBAI--he hadn't, after all, and it was apparently a tape.

--E. Sutton, Banned Reporter http://savewbai.tao.ca


I strongly disapprove of the fact that the Pacifica Bd proponents are playing my tapes on WBAI during fund raising drives. This has been a long standing practice on any number of Pacifica stations. Time and again the staffs of various stations, who normally did not give much attention to radical politics, would get very political and progressive during subscription drives and play tapes of talks by noted progressives in order to raise funds from appreciative listeners. Pacific's present use of my tapes is especially cynical, hypocritical, and opportunistic, since the management's real and ultimate goal is to silence genuinely critical and progressive voices. Michael Parenti

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