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People's Music Network Statement 6-3-01

From: RBender65@aol.com
Date sent: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 11:58:10 EDT
Subject: People's Music Network Condemns Pacifica National Board Betrayal

The People's Music Network consists of people using music and culture to promote progressive ideas and values. At its semi-annual gathering, Ray Korona, Patty and Bob Bender and George Levine led a workshop on Paciifica/WBAI; the 140 participants from around the country later acclaimed the following:

Adopted by Acclamation, June 3, 2001, People's Music Network, Camp Epworth, New York

The assembled members of the Peoples Music Network condemn the bannings , firings and other acts endangering the very existence of Free Speech Radio perpetuated by The Pacifica National Board.

Pacifica, with its five stations and syndicated programming has long been a vital, often solo voice informing us of peace and social justice issues and promoting cultural and programming diversity. Now with a board expanded to include numerous corporate-minded members hostile to this mission, the board seriously threatens the continued existence of this invaluable resource. By its actions, the Board has plainly demonstrated its determination to take control of the stations away from their communities, staff and listeners. In the process, it has trampled on the union rights of station staff, apad and unpaid, as well.

We support establishing a democratic procedure to allow The Pacifica Foundation to return to Lew Hill's original mission of progressive free speech radio stations serving the communities reached by their broadcasts.

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