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Refuse & Resist! statement regarding Pacifica 3-19-01

Adopted by the Refuse & Resist! National Council
March 18, 2001

Whereas WBAI, KPFA and the other Pacifica network affiliate radio stations have been a consistent source of progressive news and information;

Whereas Pacifica stations have played a positive role in support of progressive and radical movements in this country for the last 50 years;

Whereas Pacifica stations and staff have come under attack for their political viewpoints by reactionaries across this country and require our support;

And whereas some members of the national Pacifica Board of Directors have elected to be a party to these political attacks and censorship of progressive and radical programming on WBAI, KPFA and other affiliates;

Be it resolved by the National Council of Refuse & Resist! that We wholeheartedly support Pacifica remaining and becoming an even stronger outlet for progressive, radical and revolutionary voices, an outlet and organizer for dissent and resistance in this country;

We stand firmly in opposition to the firings, lock-outs, bannings and censorship of WBAI staff and supporters that began in December 2000;

We further call on all progressive people to actively oppose these firings, bannings and censorship; to actively defend progressive and radical voices, program developers and producers, and, in particular, Amy Goodman and the program Democracy Now;

And to expose these reactionary attacks on progressive and radical radio as a component of the overall reactionary agenda.

"We must break the bonds that tie us to two-party politics, a vast pendulum swing that sends us from one party to the next, and never at home; never in a body that protects our interests. It's time to build the change that we want to see." -Mumia Abu Jamal

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