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reports from Houston
info regarding activities surrounding the Pacifca national board meeting in Houston, TX March 2-4, 2001

Dear friends,

Here is a recap for March 2-4:
- Events and locations (+ speakers? please consider the fllowing as a request-invitation)
- Transportation (bus routes + volunteers)
- Housing (coordinator + volunteer beds)

IMPORTANT: Houston is hosting the Rodeo now till mid-March. The town gets very busy, accommodations scarce
- book in advance.

IMPORTANT: we suggest one or two coordinators per listener area to be in touch with us, not individual visitors. Here is the info we need from you ASAP:
- Number of people (especially for host housing)
- Arrival and departure times (to coordinate transportation)
- IMPORTANT: we will order food (vegetarian) for the social on Friday evening and we need an approximate head count as soon as possible.
- IMPORTANT 2: Lee Loe has produced an outstanding 8 page newspaper with background and current information on the struggle (with features from Lasar, Buffa, producers, Verna Avery-Brown, Ed Herman, Amy Goodman, Lynn Gerry, etc.). It is excellent to get the word out. We need to reprint them
- please let us know how many you would like to take with you to distribute in your area. They cost us 15 c/copy approx. (ie $150/1000)
- Any special accommodations or requests.


Friday March 2:
MECA: 1900 Kane
* Afternoon: The MECA center auditorium is available to us that afternoon for people to congregate if needed (please let us know if you want the space that afternoon. It is a large room and we can rearrange the chairs)
* Evening: informal social meeting for activists from different areas to meet and exchange ideas. Entertainment by the MECA youth Mariachi to be confirmed (they are awesome). Vegetarian food and drink provided at cost (please confirm attendance)
* NOTE: we were suggested to organize a Super LAB meeting, for LAB members to met each other. We will not be able to organize such an event, but Friday could serve that purpose

Friday, March 2, 7:30pm
Forum on the Crisis at Pacifica and Community Free- Speech Media
MECA Cultural Center
1900 Kane (Cross St.)

Award-winning journalists, Amy Goodman, host of the daily grassroots news magazine Democracy Now! and Juan Gonzalez, from the New York Daily News and former co-host of Democracy Now! will be joined by Bernard White, 20-year veteran of WBAI 99.5 fm in New York City and former program manager and co-host of WBAI's Wake-Up Call, who was fired and banned during the Christmas Coup of 2000. They will discuss the current crisis at WBAI, Pacifica, censorship, and ramifications for community, activist media.

For Information, contact Nathali Parzacini 713-880-9929

Saturday March 3:
Pacifica committee meetings
Doubletree Hotel
2001 Post Oak Blvd
Houston, TX 77056
Phone: 713-961-9300
Fax: 713-623-6685
Unfortunately (but probably on purpose) this is not reachable by public transportation.

8-8:30 am: Doubletree Hotel 2001 Post Oak Blvd.: welcome rally

Noon-1:30 pm: Rally and demonstration in front of the Doubletree

Pacifica committee meetings: Doubletree Hotel

Saturday Evening:
1st Unitarian Universalist Church, 5200 Fannin
SUPER TOWN HALL MEETING FOCUSING ON ACTION AND ALTERNATIVES. We were thinking of the following subjects-speakers (they are being contacted now, no confirmations yet). (Exact order-topic to be reconfirmed; speaking for 10-15 min; Q&A at the end with all the speakers, please complete and send your suggestions)
1. Neil McLean: background on corporate governance, info on independent broadcasters conference this summer (Neil is coordinator of UUs for a Just Economic Community & POCLAD, San Francisco)
2. David Adelson: state of the LABs, LAB action (Chair of the KPFA LAB, and chief plaintiff-organizer of LAB lawsuit)
1. Carol Spooner: update and prospect on the lawsuits (Attorney, Relator or chief plaintiff of listener lawsuit)
2. Tomas Moran: the proposed bylaw changes, suggested revisions (Dissenting national board member)
3. Juan Gonzalez or Amy Goodman: Threats to the 1st amendment, censure
- the mission of Pacifica and how the stations are not/can fulfill that mission (Award winning co-hosts of Democracy Now)

Sunday March 4:
Pacifica National Board public meeting
Doubletree Hotel
2001 Post Oak Blvd
Houston, Houston, TX 77056
Phone: 713-961-9300
Fax: 713-623-6685


Below are some of the bus routes you need to know about. You can check for bus schedules at http://www.hou-metro.harris.tx.us. We will have a couple comprehensive route maps at MECA.
- Hobby airport-downtown: 143, 50 (also to the Heights)
- Intergalactic (intercontinental) airport-downtown: bus routes 102 and 112
- MECA, 1900 Kane (buses run on Washington): 36, 50
- 1st UU Church, 5200 Fannin: 1, 2, 4, 11
- Galleria area: several: 53, 82, 33, 285

Transportation coordinator: Tom Derrah: 713-426-2247,
The following persons have volunteered to help out (I'll have to finish this tonight)


Housing coordinator: Ivan Olsen: yapar@aol.com; 281-855-0486
- The following persons have offered host housing (I'll finish this tonight and send to Ivan)
- The following are suggested hotels and rates: I have to go to work, Lee has a list, we will post it on our webpage


Media coordinator: Mark Wilde: mwilde1050@aol.com; 713-862-1068


Nathalie Paravicini
Tel: 713-880-9929
Community Doula Program
- www.communitydoula.org (unveiling in March)
Green Party of Texas
- www.txgreens.org

Go to the local Houston SavePacifica site for the latest info:

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