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KPFA alert

From: Heidi Chesney heidi@m...
Date: Sat Oct 20, 2001 10:00 pm
Subject: PG&E Bill has been paid

Reported on kpfa news tonight :

PNB has sent payment due to PG&E via FedEx and should be received by Monday. Listeners were informed that the bill was only two months old and we were reminded that because PG&E is generally more lenient towards corporations and businesses than with residential, the situation was not as serious an issue as first reported. (paraphrasing)

End report....



Tomorrow, Sunday, October 21, KPFA's Sunday Salon w/Larry Bensky will feature a 30-minute Pacifica panel, convened to discuss the current KPFA crisis. The show can be streamed at www.kpfa.org.

Time: 9-9:30 a.m., repeats at 10:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., all Pacific time. So add 3 hours if yr in NYC.



Send reply to: savepacifica@peacenet.org

October 19, 2001: Pacifica Foundation officers have told KPFA management that the organization is out of money, having spent over two million dollars over the past three years on corporate law firms, security services, and public relations agencies. About 90 percent of Pacifica's funding comes from listener donations. Listeners who donated money were not told their money would be used, or was being used, for these purposes, and have sued (along with dissident national board directors) to protest Pacifica's financial and administrative practices.

KPFA now has over $100,000 in unpaid and overdue bills, including $9,400 to PG&E for electricity. The station may be off the air if the PG&E bill is not paid by Monday, October 22. This despite the fact that KPFA has exceeded all on-air fundraising goals for the past two years, and should show a surplus of over $200,000 in its accounts. But these accounts have apparently been misappropriated by Pacifica to pay its legal and other costs.

Pacifica has also ordered KPFA to undertake an immediate on-air fundraising drive, and has threatened to send in scab broadcasters to do on-air fundraising should KPFA staff refuse.

An emergency fund raising campaign has been undertaken by Friends of Free Speech Radio to keep KPFA on the air, and pay its most urgent bills! We will use part of this money immediately to pay the PG&E bill.

Please send checks in any amount , marked "KPFA Support Fund" to:

Friends of Free Speech Radio
905 Parker Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

phone: 510-548-0542 or 510-287-5551

(NOTE: This emergency donation money is NOT tax-deductible!)


Please listen closely to KPFA, 94.1 FM. Should you hear ANYONE asking you for donations to Pacifica or KPFA who is not a regular programmer, it means that Pacifica has once again turned off free speech community radio and has locked out the paid staff and volunteers. Be prepared - in the spirit of non-violent solidarity - to come to 1929 Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Berkeley and defend our precious institution!

website: www.savepacifica.net
email: savepacifica@peacenet.org

------- End of forwarded message -------



From: Leslie Cagan
Date: Fri Oct 19, 2001 10:36 pm
Subject: KPFA's financial crisis

Earlier today the memo below was sent to Bessie Wash, the executive director of the Pacifica Foundation and Bob Farrell, the chair of the Pacifica National Board, with copies sent to all of the members of the National Board. Please feel free to share this with others.

Leslie Cagan on behalf of Pete Bramson and Tomas Moran


MEMO TO: Bessie Wash, Executive Director Pacifica Foundation and
Bob Farrell, Chair of National Board Pacifica Foundation

CC: members of the Pacifica National Board

FROM: Tomas Moran, Leslie Cagan, Pete Bramson, members of the Pacifica National Board

DATE: Friday, Oct. 19, 2001

It has come to our attention that a very grave and urgent matter exists with regard to KPFA's past due bills. We need an immediate response from you to the questions below, by end of business day today. We also need some additional information by end of business day on Monday, October 22.

We have a copy of a 7-day notice on a past due bill payable to Pacific Gas & Electric, the utility that provides power to KPFA. This bill is for a total of $9476.04, and it is due on October 22 (next Monday).

Please reply by end of business day today via email to the following:

Has this bill to PG&E been paid? If not, will it be paid in full by end of business day on Monday, October 22? If not, please indicate the payment arrangements made with PG&E.

Please also send an additional communication by end of business day on Monday October 22, indicating whether in fact the bill has been paid at that time.

Additionally, we understand that there are many other past due bills for KPFA, which have been sent to the appropriate office in Pacifica, and which remain outstanding.

Please reply by end of business day on Monday, October 22, with your best estimate as to the amount of outstanding (unpaid and past due) bills relating to the KPFA unit. Please indicate if you anticipate that these bills will have been paid off by the end of the month, October 31.

Additionally, we are asking for an immediate report indicating the Foundation's cash flow status. This should include the balance in all accounts (short-term as well as investments) and the total of all amounts due in accounts payable. We are requesting this very brief summary by end of business day on Monday October 22. If this is impossible, please respond by end of business day on October 22 with the reason for the delay and with a date when we can expect this report.

Finally, we are asking you, as Executive Director and Chair of the Foundation, to provide us with the full financial information that is due for the next Board meeting. We need a full assets/liabilities statement, as well as the budget vs. actual report for the year ending September 30, 2001. We were expecting this for the Board meeting that was to have happened on October 27-28. Please reply by end of business day on Monday October 22 indicating if these reports are now available, and, if not, indicating when we may expect this crucial information.

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