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KPFA Local Advisory Board Supports
the Listeners Boycott 4-25-01

KPFA Local Advisory Board Supports the Listeners Boycott

WHEREAS, the KPFA LAB members are legal members of the Pacifica Foundation, with moral duties and responsibilities to the station and to the public to insure that KPFA and Pacifica continue to fulfill the founding purposes set forth in the Pacifica Foundation Articles of Incorporation; and

WHEREAS, we can no longer in good conscience assure ourselves or the public that the Pacifica Foundation, under the direction of its current unlawfully seated majority of the board of directors, is committed to the founding purposes of Pacifica or that funds donated by the public are being used to carry out the founding purposes of Pacifica; and

WHEREAS, the Pacifica Foundation Board of Directors has unlawfully amended the Foundation bylaws attempting to prevent us from electing and removing directors from the Pacifica Foudation board of directors, as is our right under California law; and

WHEREAS, there are now three lawsuits pending to nullify the illegal bylaws amendments and to restore our rights to elect and remove Pacifica Foundation directors;


1. The KPFA Local Advisory Board supports the listeners' boycott of Pacifica Foundation on-air fundraising at KPFA, until resignation or removal by the court of the following individuals from the Pacifica Foundation Board of Directors: David Acosta - Chair, Ken Ford - Vice Chair, Andrea Cisco - Secretary, Michael Palmer - Secretary, Robert Farrell, Wendell Johns, Karolyn van Putten, John Murdock, Bertram Lee, and Valrie Chambers.

2. The KPFA Local Advisory Board supports the creation of a trust fund where listeners may send contributions to support KPFA on the condition that no funds given to KPFA trust fund may be used for any purpose other than operating expenses, including staff salaries, of KPFA, and no portion or percentage of the funds may be used for any reason for any expenses of the Pacifica Foundation national office.

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