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KPFA Program Council report

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KPFA Program Council report for 4/16/02
Sat Apr 20 09:08:36 2002

Repost. Report from Tracy Rosenberg. Thanks to Tracy for her and the PC's great work. gailb

A summary was given of the LAB Meeting on 4/10/02 by the Curt Gray - the Lab Rep

I - GM Report

Jim Bennett is leaving Wednesday morning to do the technical work on the 4/20 national event programming from Washington DC.

Jobs available at KPFA include the producer position for Living Room, and the P/T program coordinator position, which will remain open to new applications until Monday 4/21.

The Program Council was asked to write a statement endorsing the hire of a F/T Program Director at KPFA and send it to the I-PNB. Tracy Rosenberg agreed to tend to that task and will do it as soon as she gets over the flu. Andrea Buffa had a conversation with Dan Coughlin in which he expressed that he didnít believe such a hire was impossible and Andrea took the responsibility for getting Jim Bennett and Dan Coughlin together on the phone to clarify what the logjam is and what the next step is.

II-Middle East Extended Programming

Dennis Bernstein presented a proposal for special crisis programming on Palestine. The proposal consisted of a one-hour genocide report daily and an all-day programming focus on Thursday April 17, 2002.

The Genocide Report is airing from 11-12 (1/2 of the MOTW slot) from Friday April 18 to Friday April 25th, and may or may not continue after that pending developments.

On Thursday - all PA shows were asked to have a Middle East Focus, and all music programs between 10 am and 8 PM were exempted for Flashpoints coverage of Palestine.

The Program Council also suggested that Palestinian or Arab people host the broadcasts when possible, that pre-emption of regular programming be done with sensitivity to other programmers, and that Flashpoints collaborate and cooperate with Free Speech Radio News on Middle East coverage.

III - Community Calendar

It currently broadcasts once a day at 11:57 am. Since this is the only way to promote political actions short of begging individual programmers to make announcements (cartes are only for benefits), and the turnaround time is two weeks, it was suggested that it would be good if the turnaround time could be reduced to one week, and if the calendar could be played more than once a day, perhaps following Democracy Now!, and perhaps once in the evening so working people can hear it. This was agreed as a good idea, but the logistics of it require further discussion so it will be re-calendered next week.

IV - Fundraising

The marathon is still scheduled for May 13-22 with a goal of $550,000. Some concern has been expressed about whether that will really be enough money to maintain operations until the next scheduled fund drive, and it may be necessary to schedule another mini-drive in between.

V- Special Music programming

Ricky Vincent will be doing a special tribute to the music of James Brown to celebrate the anniversary of his birth from 10 PM on Friday May 3 to 7 PM on Saturday May 4. The programming will then shift from 7-11 PM to special Cinco De Mayo musical programming. This is a compromise between programming for two different musical tastes and ethnic communities and caused some dissension. Hopefully the compromise crafted by Programming Council will be amenable to both.

VI - LAB Show - Curtis will begin putting together the pilot program for the LAB show.

We also intended to discuss the Program Council retreat and the meetings time for Program Council, but were unable to this week due to time constraints. Re-calendered for next week. We were also unable to discuss the time slot for the Middle East Radio Project show that was recommended by the Public Affairs Sub-Committee. Re-calendered for next week.

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