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KPFK runs governance programming

The interim Pacifica National Board has mandated that, at least for the time being, all the 5 Pacifica stations carry at least 2 hours of Pacifica bylaws revision and governance program weekly. KPFK came up with their first two hours worth this past Sunday.


Dear Heidi, all:

I'm very grateful that you appreciated the hard work that went into this program.

The first 20 minute documenatary style production was the work of Dave Adelson, who did all the hard work of finding the clips, recording the voice over, writing the script and digitally editing the final result. I am very pleased ( proud, really) to have done the voice work for this fine production, and to have offered edits to the script.

Dave and I were in a small production room in the KPFK newsroom about 3 or 4 AM on Saturday doing this work, and it was a fine, and for me, even moving experience. We mutually understood that the production we were making was saying things that had never been said on KPFK's airwaves before, and we were deeply focused on making this the best it could be. The mutual confidence with which we approached this was, for me, palable, and the great ease I felt in doing the work was acompanied , again for me, with a sense of an almost solemn joy.

I want to offer my personal thanks to Dave for his splendid work and for the selfless spirit in which he approached it.

This was the first time for me, in many years, to sit behind a microphone at a Pacfifica station. It's an experience I won't forget. My time with David Adelson in that small production room was the very best of it.

Rafael Renteria

--- In freekpfk@y..., heidichesney@a... wrote:
> Rafael,
> 20 Minutes into this program and it's BY FAR the VERY BEST program of
> Pacifica Matters Yet!!!! It should be aired on ALL FIVE STATIONS POST
> HASTE!!!
> Congratulations for getting this on KPFK.
> ~Heidi


From: Loraine Mirza
To: freepacifica@recordist.com
Sent: Monday, July 15, 2002 1:50 PM
Subject: FYI KPFK Matters

The iPacifica National Board mandated 2 hours a week over the next three months of programming at all the stations, about the process of creating bylaws for Pacifica. The kpfk's bylaws subcommittee then elected a group to produce and conduct these programs. That was how I came on board, and yesterday (Sunday) July 14, 2002, between 10:00AM and 12:00 PM the first in the series was aired.

I'll leave it to those who listened to the broadcast critique it and judge the merits of the first program in the series. If you missed the program it was web cast, and I understand, sometimes this week, it will also be replayed/encored at another time to be decided by the station manager this week. Correct me if I'm wrong, I understand the program also aired on kpfa.

But some interesting things happened in the background that listeners would not be aware of, that I would like to share. The time slot the first program aired brought about an interesting potential controversy. My understanding was that David Fertig made the suggestion to Eva Georgia about that particular time slot for the following reasons, which to me made sense. It is a two hour public affairs slot, which would mean their aduience is basically interested in public affairs programs. The programs, Marc Cooper's "Radio Nation," and Ian Master's "Background Briefing," both have encore airings so their programs would be available to those who want to hear them. And also and very important, the hosts and therefore the audience of these two programs were solidly in Schubb's camp, and since they will also be voters in any election that will select our LAB and PNB, this may be information this audience has not heard from a different spin, so therefore they will have more information to make decisions about. Finally, the pre-emption will only take place on the one Sunday, as our vision was that the program will be aired at all different time slots during the three months so various listeners will have access to the information.

Roy Hurst and Esther Manilla did try to change that time slot for the first show to 5:00 PM on Sunday but we objected after showing them that this time slot is rated as the lowest listernship in kpfk's entire schedule so if the purpose is to give information on the bylaws process, putting it in that time slot defeats the whole intend in mandating the programs. It also conflicted with a scheduled kpfk/pacifica related event scheduled for that time.

So reason prevailed and the 10:00 Sunday 2-hour original time slot was agreed upon.

During the program, we didn't receive protest calls for pre-empting Cooper's program, but we did receive one from someone who identified her name as Susan and described herself as a staunch supporter of Ian Masters, while I was in the control room. She called early and was irate. She was the first call to be put on the air and was given ample time to have her say, though she never once spoke about the bylaws, which was the purpose of the show. Later on in the control room, Ian Masters himself called in, throwing a royal temper tantrum, screaming and cursing. That did not go on the air!


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