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"The Pacifica Experiment" -- schedule
Mon Mar 4 21:33:38 2002


KPFK Airs "The Pacifica Experiment" A Series to Discuss the Many Issues Facing KPFK and the Network

Join KPFK 90.7 FM on March 4 - 8, Monday - Friday, at 3 PM for a five-part series called the "Pacifica Experiment", a special program devoted to Pacifica's past, present and future.

Monday's guest will be Matthew Lasar, author of "Pacifica: The Rise of an Alternative Network." Learn about Pacifica's history, its struggles and prospects for the future.

Other programs include:

Tuesday - Hate vs. Free Speech
Wednesday - Public Affairs vs. Cultural Programming
Thursday - The role of the community in "community / public radio".

At 4 PM join KPFK interim General Manager Steven Starr in coversation with interim Pacifica National Board Chair Leslie Cagan about Pacifica's governance structure

Friday - Journalism vs. Activism; Professionalim vs. Volunteerism