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KPFK area town hall meeting info

From: Carl Gunther
Date: Tue Jul 30, 2002 1:36 am
Subject: Election of Program Director Search Committee and Other Reps and Program Council Forum


A coalition of KPFK listener activists, is holding a townhall meeting on Sunday, August 4th, from 1 - 5:30 pm at Loyola Law School student lounge, in L.A.

From 1 - 2:30 there will be a small group brainstorming session about the role and composition of the Program Council.

Then from 3 - 5:30, you the listeners will vote for representatives to search committees, to help in hiring the Program Director, News Director and Development Director.

If you are a KPFK subscriber or volunteer, please come to this groundbreaking event to vote and/or be a candidate for a search committee.

To run, be prepared to give a brief presentation, and please bring 100 copies of your ONE PAGE statement, to include:

- the search committee you would like to work on
- your background at KPFK, and in the community
- your vision of the role of the Program Director, News Director or Development Director
- and of the role of listeners in choosing programming direction.

For further info, please call 310-831-6023.

Loyola Law School is located at: 919 South Albany St., L.A., near James M. Wood Blvd. and Witmer St.

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