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An outsider's report on KPFT

Many of us outside of Houston remain confused about the situation at KPFT. Looking for an opinion from someone outside of the Pacifica community I asked a friend of mine who is a long time Houston resident and journalist what she thought. The response is posted with permission below.


Hi Roger,

Sorry I missed you while you were here.

I am listening to KPFT right this moment. I listen to it every day. It is the only sane radio voice in Houston. The rest is mindless clearchannel garbage, or mainstream propaganda.

The programing has changed drastically, for the better. Dwayne Bradley has done an excellent job in my opinion. Pacifica is once again a voice for the people in a time of crisis, instead of a friendly forum for niche music groups. Don't get me wrong...I loved the variety of music, the cultural specialization...but this is not the time. Now is a time to focus on what we have in common....to unite against the threats against our civil rights. I don't think we have any time to waste. Every moment the airwaves are not being bombarded with the truth is a moment that we slide closer to a new, and very frightening kind of slavery. Pacifica has once again stepped up to the plate.

There are probably many "insider KPFT" politics that I am not aware of... I can only say that it sounds good from here. Wrtie back if you get a chance, and let me know what you think.
[ Brenda Thompson, print journalist - Houston, TX ]


[original message:]
Roger Manning 10/20/02 12:34PM
Nice to hear from you. I had a nice time in Houston, though most of it was spent working. I sat through the entire Pacicica interim national board meeting and typed up notes to be posted on wbai.net. Just did the same in D.C. at another national meeting. They/we are trying to get through a process of Pacifica bylaws revision.

So, have you been listening to KPFT? What's your opinion as to the progress they say they've made in getting the programming more in line with the Pacifica mission?


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