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iPNB member Teresa Allen wronged in the courts

Edwin Johnston
Teresa Allen convicted of trespassing at KPFT
Thu Mar 14 14:57:51 2002

Teresa just called to inform me that today the jury in her case had convicted her of trespassing at KPFT.

I had attended the two day trial this week on Tuesday and Wednesday, but was unable to attend today's session where the jury had gone into deliberations. This is a terrible blow for Teresa, KPFT and the Pacifica Foundation. The conspiracy to first deny Teresa her rights under the U.S. constitution and the Pacifica Foundation by-laws back in October, and now to criminalize Teresa's acts is, IMO, fomented by people aligned with the former regime at KPFT, including staff, programmers and volunteers, the Houston police department, the Harris County, Texas district attorney's office and the presiding judge in this case.

I have little time for analysis today concerning this case, but it is clear to me that the forces of reaction in Houston have just had their way with Teresa (& the rest of us.) The story won't end there, you can be sure.

I cried in the public benches yesterday while sitting next to Lee Loe when Teresa gave her testimony on the witness stand, thinking to myself: "How can they treat this wonderful woman (who gives so much of herself) so mercilessly?" The answer is clear; because they are power-mad bullies who will stop at nothing to protect their positions of privilege and influence, and work to silence and subjugate those who want things to be otherwise. This is the lesson for Pacifica.


From: Ray Hill
Date: Thu Mar 14, 2002 4:55 pm
Subject: Re: [han-net] Teresa Allen convicted of trespassing at KPFT

Matt, The case is quite simple: In the dying days of the now defunct Garland Ganter regime at KPFT, Teresa Allen, then a member of the Local Advisory Board and now a member of Pacifica National Board came by the station on Saturday afternoon to visit with the volunteers involved with the station fundraising activities. She was blocked at the door by Molly, Ganter's former wife and former employee at the station. Molly recognized that Molly had no portfolio to prevent her entering the station so Teresa tried to outmaneuver Molly at the door which resulted in massive Molly sitting on tiny Teresa and calling the cops. The trial was a fraud:

1) Molly was not there and unavailable for a subpoena.
2) The complaining witness was Rick Gardner, a music programmer doing his show at the time, who was busy at the control board when the action took place.
3) Ganter testified that programmers had the right and authority to exclude Local Advisory Board Members from the station (not true, ever).
4) Several of us testified on Teresa's behalf but to no avail. That seems to be the problem with juries they can believe what they wish. Teresa was given a thirty day suspended sentence and 40 hours community service, which I suppose she will fulfil at KPFT.



From: Carol Spooner
Date: Thu Mar 14, 2002 3:18 pm
Subject: Fw: Teresa Allen convicted of trespassing at KPFT

This is horrible news!

Fallout from the previous hideous regime -- and their agents, doubtless, including Decision Strategies.

This is despicable and a betrayal of all Pacifica values.

I have requested that the iPNB call an emergency board meeting to:
1) approve payment of Teresa's legal defense costs (no matter WHAT we have to give up in order to pay it)
2) approve a text of an announcement to be read on KPFT and all Pacifica stations denouncing this, apologizing to Teresa on behalf of the Pacifica Foundation and praising Teresa for her work on behalf of the Pacifica Foundation
3) anything else Teresa would like us to do.

--Carol Spooner