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From Edwin Johnston, Houston TX

Feel free to forward. Pacifica Foundation Executive Director, Bessie Wash, interrupted the regularly scheduled broadcast of Democracy Now! this morning to personally attack and libel me in regards to an incident at KPFT in Houston on Friday night. This broadcast went out nationally to all the Pacifica stations; NYC, LA, Berkeley, Washington, DC and Houston as well as many other affiliated stations across the US and over the internet worldwide.

Ms. Wash, falsely claimed that I violently assaulted KPFT employee Molly O'Brien and praised a KPFT volunteer for stepping in to help her. The fact of the matter is that O'Brien assaulted one of the protestors with me at KPFT, then her husband, Garland Ganter, who is the manager at KPFT, assaulted me twice. Then I was assaulted by the same volunteer that Ms. Walsh had praised. I was later arrested and charged with two counts of assault based on false reports to police by Ganter and O'Brien.


From: Ursula Ruedenberg
To: redlyn@loop.com
Subject: Garland Ganter, KPFT arrest listener on false charges
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 04:24:19 -0000

Houston, Texas, Friday March 23. Edwin Johnston, of the Pacifica Listeners' Union is spending the night in the Houston jail after Garland Ganter, Station Manager of Houston Pacifica station KPFT had him arrested. He.was falsely charged with assault.

Johnston and three members of the Houston Committee for People's Radio and Pacifica Listeners' Union were handing out fliers from the Pacifica Campaign to Stop the Corporate Takeover, in front of KPFT, during a party in the station's back yard for large donors.Molly O'Brian, Development Director of KPFT and Garland Ganter's wife, approached them and accousted leafletter Sheila Harris, grabbing her fliers and knocking her off balance. Johnston followed Ms. O'Brian, demanding the fliers back, and reached for them. As he reached for the.fliers, O'Brian shouted "Rape!" loudly, shocking everyone.

After Ms. O'Brian shouted "Rape!", Mr. Ganter ran to the front yard of the building and pushed Johnston..He was joined by another unidentified man,.and.both men pushed Johnston several times. Ganter called the police from a cell phone and Johnston was arrested for assault. There has been no word yet if there will be.bond set or how long Johnston will be held in the Houston jail. The.fliers were not returned to Sheila Harris, although she asked both Ms. O'Brian and the Houston Police for them repeatedly.


From: Slasher slasher_@prodigy.net
Subject: KPFT Crisis Alert!
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 22:12:39 -0600

Well it's happened again! Another arrest of a Pacifica listener at the hands of Pacifica, this time outside of KPFT!

Tonight there was a "backyard" party at KPFT for listener sponsors. There were 4 people outside KPFT passing out Pacifica Campaign flyers. Molly O'brien wife of General Manager Garland Ganter went over to Sheila Harris who had some Pacifica Campaign brochures and grabed them from her and charged back toward the door, Edwin Johnston followed and attempted to get the flyers returned to their rightfull owner. Miss O' Brien turned and scremed "RAPE" and immediately Ganter and another fellow came out to assult Edwin who was subsequently arrested for a class C assault on Miss O'Brien, a misdemeanor.

This has all the makings of a setup. Pacifica may very well have another lawsuit on it's hands as Mr Johnston has experience in a 7 year long claim against the Houston PD for assault. A suit which he won (so I am told) The people involved were Pacifica employees engaged in the business of promoting Pacifica. Edwin remains in Jail, Sheila, Shannon and Wendy are going to bail him out at 11PM. I guess KPFT management was troubled by listeners showing up in such force at the LAB meeting Wedensday. The Heat is now officially ON!


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