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Charges Dropped Against Protestors Arrested at Epstein, Becker & Green

From John Sheridan,
Coalition for a democratic Pacifica
KPFA Steering Committee

8 Pacifica activists' charges of Trespass have been dropped in San Francisco for the January 23, 2001 demonstration and sit in at the SF offices of Epstein, Becker and Green. The 8 were to appear at the Hall of (In)justice in San Francisco on Tuesday, March 13, but word has come down to Andrea Buffa of Media Alliance that Epstein, Becker and Green are not pursuing the Citizens Arrest for Trespass which led to the arrests.

The 8 were taken into custody on January 23 when they entered the law offices of Epstein, Becker and Green - whose member John Murdock drafted bylaws changes to the Pacifica Foundation which would grease the skids for a corporate takeover the entire Pacifica National Board and control of all the Foundation's assets. The 8 stated they would not leave until EBG fax a letter of resignation to John Murdock, have him sign it and fax it back to them. The fax accused John Murdock of conflict of interest because EBG is benefitting monetarily in a number of lawsuits against the Pacifica Board, of involvement in the recent dismissal of employees and volunteers at WBAI, and the illegal rewriting of Pacifica's bylaws. The 8 offered a number of endearing - and very loud - chants and left a number of the pink slips behind them before they were finally taken away by San Francisco police officers and booked.

On the same day 9 members of the WBAI LAB and other listeners were arrested in New York when Utrice Leid denied them entry to WBAI, for a lawfully scheduled LAB meeting, for the first time in 25 years. Leid used the sit-in at Epstein, Becker and Green as an excuse for reinstating the Gag Rule at WBAI. Over the air, she and another programmer at WBAI, Clayton Riley grotesquely and purposefully misrepresented the sit-in in San Francisco as terrorizing Epstein employees, and of the protestors as pulling all the phones out of the walls and trashing the offices - none of which were true in the slightest. The misrepresentation clearly shows the agenda that Utrice Leid and certain of her allies at WBAI are carrying out - which is Pacifica's agenda and not the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the community of listeners - whose stations these are, and whose stations they will remain once the entire Pacifica Board is removed and elections are held based on principles of proportional representation from democratically elected Local Advisory Boards.

-- John Sheridan
Coalition for a democratic Pacifica
KPFA Steering Committee

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