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New audio on-line 3-28-01

From Lyn at http://savewbai.tao.ca

Dear All,

There are quite a few new files on line. Subsequent to Pacifica CEO Wash's repeated interruption of programming on Monday, let us hope that we do not in the future hear excuses about the gag rule being in support of "good radio". Recent events have clearly made the point: the gag rule is to prevent views contradicting the management position from being aired. Period.

While producers have been compelled to do their gag rule breaking in the context of news/issues coverage, as programmatic content, no such stricture exists either on management or PNB members apparently.

Not only did the Bessie Wash interruption go out on all Pacifica stations, it went out to all affilates who take Democracy Now! and PNN. Several of them are quite angry. KFAI cancelled PNN for the day, due to the presence of the Wash statement. The station manager of WEOS in the Ithaca area has threatened to cancel the Pacifica contract entirely if this occurs again, which would be terrible because DN! is only daily show worth hearing, and desperately needed to offset all the NPR that is played there.

Here's the list. Keep em coming!



Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade 3/28 Interview with PNB Member Tomas Moran

Talkback 3/26 second hour Ganter, Wash break gag rule on WBAI

News Report 03/27/2001Wash, Johnston and Nash on KPFA

3/25/2001former PNN Director Dan Cooughlin speaks Government- Sponsored Political censorship at Pacifica

03/26/2001Bessie Wash Interrupts Democracy Now to Portray activists as violent

Al Lewis Live 3/24

03/22/2001Behind the News - Deepa Fernandez makes statement opposing bannings

Health Action 03-20-01 The Commercialization of Public Radio

The A-Infos Radio Project
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