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Another banning at WBAI 5-18-01


On the 18the of May I went to the studios of WBAI(120 wall st) to be a part of an interview with BRENDA BILLUPS the author the new novel "THE WILLOW TREE" (bg&j publishing $14.95). This being her first novel and her flying in from Las Vegas I agreed to come on at the request of Mathew Finch.(I expressed to him my reservations and my over all feelings about coming into the station. Mathew told me he did not think it would be a big deal but that we might not be able to go live because of fundraising).

When I entered the station with Ms. Billups it seemed like everyone froze. I walked to the reception desk and asked for Mathew. Fred the receptionist directed me to his office. I saw Utrice who appeared a little off balance(she was seated) but she had this strange look on here face. I nodded in her direction as a salutation and went to Mathew's office. On the way there I saw Paul Williams who stared at me as if I had three heads so I said "hey man how ya doing" and he just kept staring.I made a feeble joke sensing the tension and it had no effect so I left and entered the office. we introduced each other. I then said to mathew not to be surprised if I were tossed out. He found that to be a strange thought. Anthony Sloan was in the office and he seemed almost offended by the idea and asked if I wanted to go to the studio right now? So away we went to the studio. Before we went to the studio Utrice came in at least 3 times asking if she can speak to Mathew(each time more insistent than the l ast).

Once in the studio Anthony and Brenda continued talking and I went into the other studio to speak to Dread Scott Keys. Mathew came in and said he would be right back, Brenda and Anthony continued to talk and then...in walks Paul Williams and just leans on the door looking like he has seen a ghost. He finally ask why am I here? and the conversation declines from there. My smile drops and I tell him "if he wants to talk we can talk but don't come in here to fucking piss on me!" Dread and Anthony attempt to come between us and I don't want that because it appears that "we" are out of control and "we" were not. He was. I say to Paul...let me be crystal clear, I have no personal animosity toward you or anyone else. he then wants to know why I am here when I called for the destruction of the station. I tell him I never called for the destruction of the station and it dissolves from there.

Mathew returns at this time looking like he has seen the same ghost and is really looking like he is pain.So I ask "is this the part where I get thrown out" and he informs me that he has been informed that I am to leave the studio and wait for Brenda downstairs...I ask why? he says that it is because of the recent positions that I have taken in reference to the 'BAI issue. I ask what has that got to do with the artist being interviewed? He says Utrice is upset because I did not follow protocol. I ask what protocol? He says that I was supposed to ask her if I could come on. I ask him, why would I do that when you are the head of the arts department? He agrees. I inform him that I will leave quietly but I will not guarantee the results of what will happen if I am approached outside the studio doors. I also ask If Utrtice would come and tell me herself why I am not allowed to be here.

While I am in the studio it looks like the president just walked in with all the people quickly walking back and forth and standing in front of the window.as I leave I hear from behind me Utrice asking if she can speak to me. I walk over and she ask "what is this?" "An interview" I answer and she says "I'm trying to understand why you are here given your recent political posture(I think that is the word she used) why would you want to be here after you called for the destruction of the station?" I assured here that I had not and asked here not to try to put words in my mouth. I then told here that I was here because I was a man of my word and I set this interview up long before much of this happened. I was only keeping my word. I then asked why I was not allowed in or was being thrown out and her answer was because of my recent political positions. we bantered back and forth and it began to heat up(at least on my part) because of the arrogance of her assumed posture,whi ch I told her. she attempted walk away and I said no Utrice let's continue this conversation. she said she needed to put her positive energy toward the fund drive but she would love to continue it on monday if i approached it with respect.

let me say this in closing, I have not nor do I call for the destruction of the station. in fact I have had some serious conversations behind the scenes about the welfare of the station and it's function.

In dealing with harmonics one understands that the combination of 2 sounds can create a third. In my opinion what makes WBAI what it is is the eclectic blend of personalities and experiences combined with the adhesive of a moral posture and sense of responsibility that create an almost invisible force.This force serves as a counter to the repressive forces around the world. If one cannot see that force it is easy in the name of sanitation to remove the very ingredient that you say you value the most.


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