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Pacifica/Democracy Now! Protests
arround the U.S. 8-16-01



During the current crisis at Democracy Now, we are opting not to air the reruns of Democracy Now which are being offered by Pacifica. Today we plan to air two editions of FSRN in place of Democracy now. I have downloaded yesterday's FSRN, and I'm waiting for today's show to be up on the web.

Marcos Martinez



Story from the houston.indymedia.org newswire

Article by: hi
Email: hingham@igc.apc.org
Thursday 16 Aug 2001

Summary:Protestor Shoved by former Pacifica Foundation National Board Chair David Acosta

Article: August 16 (HOUSTON) - Eight activist gathered at the Gulf Interstate Engineering building, 1700 West Loop South, to hand out literature informing Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants (TSCPA) of possible un-ethical and illegal actions by Valrie Chambers. Two activists along with Sheila Harris entered the offices of the Houston Chapter of the TSCPA and found the Relations with the Taxing Authority meeting in progress. As they entered the room to hand out literature David Acosta jumped up wrapping his arms around the two men while Harris waited at the door. As the men exited the room Acosta shoved the camera into Harris' face. Her words "he shoved me.... and I have it on camera..." are clearly audible on the tape.

The two activists with Harris both verified the account as did the video portion of the tape.

Ms. Chambers, a member of TSCPA and on the faculty of TAMU- CC, is the subject of an information campaign to alert her peers of her activities on the Pacifica Foundation National Board. According to critics she has consistently voted against releasing the financial records in violation of TSCPA ehtical standards for accountants and against Texas State law. According to Pacifica Board voting records of 2000, she voted with the majority to amend the nomination process whereby members are now self selecting. This, according to Pacifica critics, is in direct violation of Pacifica\'s charter and the basis for several listener law-suits.

Chambers is a Houston CPA and an adjunct professor at Texas A&M Corpus Christi

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From:myla reson myla_reson@y...
Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2001 1:01 PM
Subject: kpfk demo report

We had a great turn out for our lively protest in front of kpfk this morning between 7 and 10 am. Over 50 listeners showed up. Some could only stay for a half hour to an hour because they were on their way to work or other commitments, but we usually had close to 30 during the 3 hr. demo. We chanted, and held signs. Photojournalists from the AP and the LA Times came by thanks to the great press work of Karen Pomer. Karen spoke to a sympathetic man at the assignment desk at Fox News who happened to have worked at KPFK as an engineer in years past. He sent the Fox News helicopter out over the demo - I don't know whether we made it on the local, live Fox news.

- myla



Wed Aug 15 12:02:32 2001

Wednesday, August 15, 2001 7:31 AM
Subject: [alliance] wpfw demonstration 8/15

About a dozen people were out in front of wpfw's offices this morning protesting the station's refusal to air democracy now. Six of the people, including a WPFW LAB member, followed staff into the station and sat down in the station manager's (Lew Hankin) office and demanded to discuss his policy concerning censorship. He refused to talk but got up out of his office and sent staff in who started screaming that the demonstrators were 'racists' After about 15 minutes the DC police arrived and ushered the demonstrators out of the station as the staff stood around and screamed 'racists, racists'

(interesting fact -the demonstrators, including the ones that entered the office, who were all woman, were a mixed, ethnically, lot).

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