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TBWT: WBAI GM's former project is revitalized

From the "Goodlight" online discussion board


as wbai crashes tbwt re-emerges

Posted By: midnight sleeper (
Date: Monday, 10 November 2003, at 4:42 p.m.

In Response To: SVT: WHY wbai has no listeners (midnight sleeper (moved-gg))

from http://www.tbwt.org/ This is the same organization (formerly for profit) that Don Rojas "managed" before wbai, and before it (tbwt) went bust. Interesting that its now a non-profit, and will operate in the same was as wbai by "listener" subscriptions.


Welcome to the New TBWT!
(04 November 2003 10:02) Written by TBWT Management
Brothers, Sisters and Friends:

After a brief hiatus, as promised, TBWT is back! We are delighted to announce that The Black World Today and The Institute of the Black World 21st Century, two entities with similar and complementary missions, are merging to present the "new" TBWT online publication. We want to express our heartfelt appreciation to the countless thousands of our friends/supporters who communicated their desire that TBWT resume operations as soon as possible. Your eagerness and enthusiasm is very important to us because we will need your solid support to sustain and expand the new TBWT.Herb Boyd, one of Black America's most distinguished authors and journalists, has graciously agreed to continue to serve as managing editor of TBWT. For months our stellar corps of columnists and reporters have been chomping at the bit, eager to resume some of the most outstanding journalism, feature stories and commentaries to be found anywhere in the Black World. Indeed, it was the award winning quality of TBWT journalism that generated upwards of 10 million visits a month to our site prior to the hiatus. So we know the interest is there but given the downturn in the economy, it simply became impossible to sustain operations as a for profit venture and service. With your support, however, we have no doubt that TBWT is here to stay this time.

The new TBWT will operate as a non-profit user supported online publication modeled after community/listener sponsored radio stations like the affiliates of the Pacifica Broadcasting Network. As such we will sponsor periodic fund raising drives appealing to TBWT users to make tax deductible contributions to enable us to meet the budget and maintain operations. Based on the response during our hiatus, we are confident that there are thousands of friends/supporters among you who value TBWT and are willing to contribute to its maintenance.

In addition to providing cutting edge information and analysis of about news and events in the Black world, TBWT now has the exciting charge of becoming the communications arm of the newly emerging Institute of the Black World 21st Century (IBW) which is an outgrowth of the historic State of the Black World Conference held in Atlanta November 28-December 2, 2001.

IBW is envisioned as an "engine" for global Black empowerment. Now TBWT users from around the world will be able to instantly gain access to information about IBW's projects, programs and initiatives and receive instructions about how to plug into one of the most vital institution-building processes in the 21st Century.

As many of you are aware, IBW via the Haiti Support Project is the sponsor of the ambitious Cruising Into History/Haiti 2004 Initiative which seeks to charter a cruise ship to take hundreds of friends/supporters on a Pilgrimage to Haiti in August of 2004 to share in the commemoration of the Haitian Revolution which produced the first Black Republic in this hemisphere! Proceeds from this extraordinary journey will create a development fund for Haiti and create the financial foundation for IBW and its new partner TBWT!

It is our hope and belief that you are excited about the promise of the merger of TBWT and IBW. In combination they will be a formidable, meaningful and productive presence in the Black world. The challenge is for our many friends/supporters to help us harness the vast potential of this merger. We know we can count on you. "Up you mighty race, you can accomplish what you will." Welcome back!

Forward Ever, Backward Never,

Yours in the Struggle,

Don Rojas, Founder and former President of TBWT

Ron Daniels, Convenor Institute of the Black
World World 21st Century

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