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WBAI security report 7-15-01

jeannie hopper
Security System Irony
Sun Jul 15 20:27:33 2001

When I arrived at the station to do my show Saturday I pounded on the door to get in and was told to enter from the side because the main door wouldn't open or close unless you had a regular key...not the security blah blah cards to be issued. Habte said "it's broken". When I entered master I noticed a monitor hanging from the ceiling which showed the view of the camera pointed at the front door. As my show progressed I watched Paul Williams and Habte trying to do something to the front door seemingly trying to fix it. I saw little pieces of paper land on the ground...watching this show I wondered what's going on there. When I left the station I discovered they jammed paper in the main lock so the door wasn't locked anymore. Now what are all these cameras, monitors and hi-tech B.S. for if no one's even going to watch the monitors in the first place and leave the front door wide open...HELLO!

Equipment in master is still sad. Hit two carts to play and both malfuntioned. Went to put a record on and found no stylus. Went to play a CD in CD2 and it wouldn't read it. Went to slide a fader up and heard major static in the headphones. Went to answer calls and found people are still bumped off.

The irony is that the fine new management (sarcasm) can't even keep master equipment working how can they handle maintaining a high-tech security system? Ridiculous.

I've opened the phone lines during the show and thank the wonderful callers who gave excellent concise information regarding activities to re-democratize Pacifica and WBAI.

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